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30 Different TOK Presentation Topic Ideas to Succeed in IB

Writing a TOK essay or preparing for a TOK presentation confuses most students. They find it all extra challenging and sometimes don’t understand how they should proceed with it. Given that the TOK essay’s structure and the presentation are unlike others, students can find it challenging to proceed with it. You can only do well on the TOK presentation if you have an excellent idea.

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If you decided to select a topic and complete the presentation by yourself, let us get back to the main idea of this article.

List of good TOK presentation topics

The same as with TOK exhibition, the idea you go for needs to be highly relevant to grab the reader’s attention and make sure that you add some value to their knowledge. With such a topic, your chances of doing better become much higher.

Like many other students, you should know that you are not alone if you are also struggling with the TOK presentation topic. So many students are in the same boat as you, struggling to come up with solid TOK presentation ideas.

Here are a few good TOK presentation topics that can help you, and make sure to select the one that drives you or use one as an inspiration:

1. Exercising power and how that affects others

This is a fascinating topic because it is broad. You can choose many different things you want to work with if you choose this topic. Coming up with a knowledge question for this topic is also much easier. You can choose anything that you are comfortable with, given that power can be exercised in different ways in different situations.

Knowledge question: how do social hierarchies affect the treatment of people?

Real-life situation: You can talk about bullying and its prevalence in so many cultures. You can talk about how it affects different people in relation to their behavior.

2. Child labor in low-income countries

You can talk about the harmful effects of child labor.

Knowledge question: How and why do influential companies of the world use child labor?

Real-life situation: Companies like Nike use child labor for low-cost benefits.

3. Effect of religion on our everyday lives

You can talk about how religion is a crucial aspect of people’s lives, profoundly impacting everything they do.

Knowledge question: How does religion alter our beliefs about things?

Real-life situation: So many actors have changed their approach to doing things due to religion and how their thought processes changed.

4. Political tension between countries

If you are interested in economics and politics, then this is an exciting topic that you can explore.

Knowledge question: how does politics between countries affect their relations?

Real-life situation: Economic tensions between China and the USA and how these tensions affect the whole world.

5. How greed affects our lives

Greed is one of the critical aspects of human nature, and it would be interesting to see how greed affects our lives, turning us into people we aren’t.

Knowledge question: What are the different ways our life changes due to greed?

Real-life situation: Many countries have been greedy for money and have ended up in very bad situations due to that greed. This can be touched upon.

6. Should drugs be legalized?

Drug consumption is on the rise all over the world. It would be interesting to see the different perspectives there are about drug legalization in the world.

Knowledge question: What role does ethics play in drug legalization in different parts of the world?

Real-life situation: Countries like Mexico have legalized drugs to some extent. It would be useful to see how these countries have done so from an ethical perspective.

7. Sex workers in the legal context

Sex workers exist in almost all countries. It would be interesting to see this from an ethical perspective.

Knowledge question: Are sex workers working legally?

Real-life situation: Sex workers are very common in Thailand. Exploring that from a legal context can help shed light on how things worked.

8. Athletes and their training

For people who love sports, this would be a very nice topic to work on.

Knowledge question: What kind of training do athletes need to make it big?

Real-life situation: The US has the greatest number of athletes. Using that as an example, you can talk about the kind of training methods that are used there and how that leads to great training for athletes.

9. Poverty in low-income countries

Some countries are suffering from poverty, due to which people don’t have access to proper healthcare. It would be interesting to explore why these countries have greater poverty levels than others.

Knowledge question: How does poverty affect low-income countries?

Real-life situation: In countries like Burundi, people die of malnourishment daily. You can study why these countries live below the poverty line.

10. Climate change in the world

Climate change is affecting almost all countries of the world. It would be nice to explore what we as people can do to minimize the negative impact we have on the environment.

Knowledge question: What can human beings do to minimize the impact of climate change?

Real-life situation: The lifestyles of people in Afghanistan and Bangladesh can be explored to see how they affect climate change and what learnings we as human beings can get from that.

11. Racial discrimination and how it affects us

Racial discrimination is prevalent in almost all parts of the world.

Knowledge question: How does racial discrimination affect who we are as people?

Real-life situation: People of color are discriminated by whites in the US. By looking at how they are treated, you can study how that affects them and turns them sour.

12. Gender Inequality and how that affects our lives

Gender inequality is subconsciously taught to us and is widely prevalent.

Knowledge question: How does gender equality teach us different ways of doing things?

Real-life situation: Movies like Snow White and Cinderella have been teaching us how to conform to different gender roles from a very young age. It would be interesting to explore this from the lens of these movies.

13. Education and learning disabilities

Several students have struggled with learning problems their whole lives. Yet, no matter how hard they try, something holds them back.

Knowledge question: What is being done to promote inclusive education in major world economies?

Real-life situation: Many developed economies all over the world are working towards promoting inclusive education as much as possible.

14. The use of ethics in decision making

Ethics is a very integral part of decision-making. Whenever decisions are taken, they have to be done in accordance bearing in mind what is right and what isn’t.

Knowledge question: What role does ethics play in decision-making?

Real-life situation: in many situations, we don’t see the good in things. We fail to see how we can make decisions in life, bearing in mind ethics.

15. Media consumption and its effect on behavior

The content we consume has a huge effect on the way that we behave. This is especially true for younger children.

Knowledge question: How is kids’ behavior shaped by the content they watch?

Real-life situation: Studies have shown how children who watch violence on television have greater chances of becoming violent in their lives.

16. Abortion and its justification

There are different rules and regulations concerning abortion in the world.

Knowledge question: Should abortion be legal, and under what justification?

Real-life situation: in some parts of the world, abortion is legal, whereas in others, there are different rules about it. It would be interesting to see the rationale behind each and why it exists.

17. Illegal organ trade

Organs are traded all over the world for a great price. It would be interesting to study how there are rules with regard to this in different parts of the world and what the take of morality is in this regard.

Knowledge question: To what extent do extensive amounts of money outweigh morality?

Real-life situation: There is a rise in sales of body organs all over the world. To study how and why this happens in terms of the moral aspect of things would be very interesting to see.

18. The rise in vegan culture

A lot of people all over the world are turning towards veganism.

Knowledge question: Why is there so much awareness around the wrongs of meat eating?

Real-life situation: The fact that so many people are now turning towards plant based foods.

19. Unemployment and its effect on the world

Rising unemployment has led to a lot of pressure on governments in the modern day and age.

Knowledge question: How has unemployment resulted in greater economic pressure?

Real-life situation: Ever since COVID-19, many people have become jobless, resulting in excess pressure on the governments that are trying to help people sustain themselves.

20. Lack of education and its relation to violence

There is a very low literacy rate in several parts of the world.

Knowledge question: Is there a direct relationship between low literacy rates and its relation to violence?

Real-life situation: In countries where literacy rates are low, there are high crime rates. So it would be interesting to explore how there is a correlation between the two and what can be done about it.

21. Terrorism and Legislations

I believe that there is no need to continue explaining each topic meaning, so let’s continue with RLSs and KQs.

Knowledge question: How is terrorism a result of less stringent government policies?

Real-life situation: Terrorism in many parts of the world is only seeing an upward trend. It would be interesting to see how this is related to there being a lack of rules and regulations with regard to this.

22. Pandemics and our abilities to deal with them

Knowledge situation: Are we in a position to deal with world pandemics correctly?

Real-life situation: COVID-19 showed us what it is like to live amidst a pandemic.

23. Mental health issues in the world

Knowledge question: How can we raise awareness about mental health issues worldwide?

Real-life situation: So many people are struggling with mental health issues all over the world. It would be interesting to explore this concept in further detail.

24. Substance abuse

Knowledge question: How is substance abuse destroying the youth?

Real-life situation: There is a huge rise in substance abuse rates in many parts of the world.

25. Exercising and its growing awareness

Knowledge question: What factors have led to the growing awareness about exercise all over the world?

Real-life situation: in different parts of the world, there seems to be a greater awareness in relation to physical exercise.

26. The culture of influencers

Knowledge question: How has the marketing landscape changed as a result of a rise in the number of influencers?

Real-life situation: On social media, we now see a rise in the number of influencers who have a major impact on the purchases consumers make.

27. Animal testing

Knowledge question: How are there several moral implications in relation to animal testing?

Real-life situation: we see so many people talking about how and why animal testing should now be banned.

28. Sexual harassment in the workplace

Knowledge question: how is sexual harassment harmful to mental health?

Real-life situation: the rise in number of sexual harassment cases at workplaces is only rising over time.

29. Population control

Knowledge question: should there be more awareness around population control?

Real-life situation: in many parts of the world, people don’t have as much knowledge as they should about population control.

30. Body positivity

Knowledge question: how have society’s ideals altered our beliefs about body positivity?

Real-life situation: there are so many teenagers who evaluate their self-worth based on what they see in the mirror.

Select good topics to do a presentation on

So these are a few good topics to do a presentation on. Now, select the prompt that suits you better and start working on your presentation. With these ideas in mind, you are sure to be able to impress the examiner with what you have to discuss!

Before you leave, make sure to check our recent articles where we have shared other topic ideas for IB Internal Assessments and IB Extended essays. I’m attaching a list of different articles according to the type of paper:

Good luck with your IB TOK Presentation, and should you ever seek expert assistance – Writing Metier is a place to go. Our IB writers can help you with almost any type of paper and promise to follow all the latest IB criteria or instructions provided from your side.

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