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We follow a strict concern regarding the pricing policy we have at Writing Metier. Varying in accordance to the nature and the length of the work, we assure that the customers find our prices reasonable. In addition to this, we also offer discounts. If you are coming to Writing Metier for the first time, we will give you 5% discount on the assignment you want to get done. If you trust Writing Metier and have used our services for a long period of time, we make sure that your trust and support is rewarded by giving discounts to the regular ones.

At Writing Metier, we make sure we keep you a priority.

The price is based on these factors
Academic Level
Number of Pages
Price per 275 words/page (in EUR)
Urgency/ Level High School Undergrad. (yrs 1-2) Undergrad. (yrs 3-4) Master's / IB Doctoral
5h 35 43 49 59 81
8h 30 34 38 49 66
16h 25 30 33 41 56
24h 22 27 29 37 46
2d 20 24 27 32 40
5d 17 21 24 28 33
14d 13 17 19 26 29
Type of paper needed
275 words
Academic level
Prices in Euro €
Total price:

* Estimated value only