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IB (EE) Extended Essay

When it comes to the IB extended essay, understand how important yet difficult it is for the international students. The IB extended essay includes several tasks that need to be kept in mind when presenting a well-structured, complete essay for your diploma. Now, why is it so important? Because of the weight it holds. The extended essay holds one third of your overall grade needed to complete the diploma. So, can you risk it? Of course not! And as an extended essay writing service provider, Writing Metier is fully aware of this.

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You know how sometimes, as a student, one feels they get a pass at a certain course or a project because it is relatively easier than the other courses? You feel you can spend less time and effort at it and you can get a pass at it while focusing on other difficult subjects? In the International Baccalaureate program, there is nothing of such, especially not the essays.

Given the nature of its importance, adding to how difficult and stressful it can be for a student, the IB students hunt for professional writing services online. However, students might not be sure which company to choose for their crucially important extended essay. These writing services promise to provide a well-written extended essay but rarely live up to the mark. Conclusively, you may not end up with a company to buy extended essay from, which gives you the sort of results you are looking for. Here’s where Writing Metier shows to be a different, reliable choice for you.

With a representation of professional extended writing skills, Writing Metier is the perfect extended essay writing service for you and your IB. Why? Because Writing Metier is a professional EE writing service that is well-aware of the nature and the importance of your extended essay. With our understanding comes the presence of a versatile, professional writing team, adding to how the work at Writing Metier is done. Our native English speakers and writers make sure that every extended essay order we receive is treated with the utmost importance.

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“Who can write my IB extended essay for me?”

While you may find your classmates choosing their choice of topic, doing research on it and completing their IB essays on time, you might be in a different situation where you are finding it challenging to find the time and the resources for the essay. Even if the deadline is near, Writing Metier will have it all sorted out for you. If you want to buy an EE essay, you can contact our support team with “help me write my extended essay for me” request several days or even a day before your deadline, and we will have it ready for submission in no time.

Our package also includes plagiarism checking, allowing the students to be sure of what they are submitting to their diploma. With direct contact with the expert extended essay writers, you can share your queries and concerns that need to be addressed in the essay. In addition to buying IB extended essays from us, Writing Metier also provides editing and proofreading services.

Writing Metier understands how difficult it is for international students, which is why our native English experts are there to assist you with editing and proofreading as well. Furthermore, you can request for ESL writer to work on your assignment if you feel there is no need for a native writer, and it’s absolutely free of charge. If you have completed the essay on your own, our extended essay writing service Writing Metier team of professional proofreaders and editors will review the content and make sure your ideas in the essay are spread across with clarity and accuracy. In a case where you have all the information and research with you but are unable to find the time to complete the essay, the IB English extended essay expert can do the task for you based on the information you provide to them. In short, we have everything sorted out for you!

As an IB student, you must be aware of the variety of topics offered to you to choose from. In the IB extended essay, students have the choice and go with the subject they feel suits their learning the most. Doing the IB extended essay is the job of a lone wolf – the task is for students to do on an individual basis and given how vital weightage it holds, it is not an easy thing to do. You are juggling between researching, writing, editing, and proofreading initially.

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Academic Level:
Master / IB
Type of paper:
IB (EE) Extended Essay
International Baccalaureate
10 days
Writer's Short
  • 6 and a half years of experience in writing International Baccalaureate papers
  • Graduate
  • Expertise - International Relations, Public Relations
  • From Brisbane, Australia
  • Native English writer from AU

Along with this come the critical elements of the essay contributing to the dilemma of a presentable extended essay comes with the challenges of limited word count and dealing with arguments and their counter arguments related to the topic. Without scaring you any further, it is not an easy thing to do, which is essential because of the nature of the essay that requires a lot of hard work and writing and of course, how it needs to be in fluent English, which is also a difficult thing for foreign IB students.

Now you see, extended essay writing service Writing Metier understands all of this. We know that it is a difficult thing to write an extended IB essay from the scratch, which is why we offer a team of professional writers at all times. Whether you have a several hours deadline or of weeks, the essay by the Writing Metier team will be provided to you at the promised times. If you have an urgent paper, please contact our support team before buying extended essay, so we can confirm that we have found an appropriate writer for an EE.

Get extended essay help from International Baccalaureate writers!

If you are in a rush or have some other important things to do, feel free to ask for professional extended essay help. The experts in our writing team are also aware of all the required and offered citations and formatting options that are important to meet. No matter what the requirement is, our experts will be able to meet it to the fullest, leaving no stone unturned for you to receive the grade you are hoping to get on your extended essay.

Having that said, Writing Metier understands something which many companies don’t. For students, most of the time, it is a difficult task to write an extended essay from the scratch. Given how several students are juggling between part time jobs while completing their diplomas, they find it hard to find time to complete their IB extended essay. Splitting time between the assignments of IB diploma along with doing this crucial essay takes a lot of time. So, if you feel you will crack under pressure, Writing Metier is here for you.

Also, we have another option for you – if you conducted all the research and do not know how to start or where to go about it, you can provide all the research to Writing Metier, and the experts here will utilize all the information and make the extended essay for you. This meets the requirement of doing the work exactly the way you want it to be.

You can buy custom IB EE on any topic from our team of expert extended essay writers

At our extended essay writing service, we understand the process and efforts required to provide the students with an original, custom written extended essay. Our extended essay writers are experts because they know what they are doing and have all the knowledge and writing skills you are looking for. Are you ready to buy an extended essay with us? We have a team of experts who provide extended essay writing services in the following few common areas:

  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Business and Management
  • Chemistry
  • Design
  • Drama
  • Economics
  • English A
  • English Literature
  • History
  • Human Rights
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Marine Science
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • The Arts
  • Theatre
  • Visual Arts
  • World Studies

We mentioned earlier how many IB students are juggling between finishing their diploma and doing part time jobs. While that is essential for many, Writing Metier makes sure they understand the difficulties of these students. With this in mind, Writing Metier offers affordable rates for the IB extended essays, no matter if it is a Math extended essay or IB history EE. We understand how students work day and night to make their ends meet, and this why we keep our prices to the minimum.

Along with writing the extended essay, we also provide the need for editing and plagiarism option, so students can trust us completely. This assures that the students are aware of what they are getting from Writing Metier. Also, our experts are always there for you – in case you have any queries or do not understand something regarding the essay – they will be able to assist you at all times.

Writing Metier provides direct contact with the expert who is handling the extended essay. Over the email, you can share all your concerns and even share the information you want to see in your essay. This also allows us to establish trust between the company and the student, and well, we love to see that.

Still, have doubts if our IB extended essay writing service can help?

So, do you see any professional writing service offering such options and services? We bet you not. If you have a quick deadline or still have time on your hands, you have nothing to worry about. If you are seeking for IB extended essay help and need us for proofreading services or want us to write your complete extended essay from the scratch, we are here for you – offering you assistance 24/7.

Now we think that you are ready to buy extended essay because you are just a click away from the ‘order now’ option – so get on board with our extended essay writing service now!

Just place an order with us and make sure we provide qualified help.

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