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Critical Thinking Essay Topics

As a student, you are required to write several critical thinking essays. Writing critical thinking essays allows you to sharpen your analytical skills and improve your writing skills. In addition, working on critical thinking essays allows you to understand things in so much detail and sharpens your understanding. 

When writing a critical thinking essay, you must clearly understand what you are talking about. Not just that, but you also have to gather enough information and evidence that allows you to write the essay correctly. You need to first find sources, then analyze them based on the information; you have to do justice to the task you are given. A critical thinking essay allows you to use your creativity most profitably, which is exactly what is needed from your end. The examiner wants to see what you bring to the table and how you choose to analyze different questions. In this guide, the idea is to give you a few critical thinking essay topics, alongside also helping you understand how you would approach these topics if you have to write on them. This will help you understand critical thinking essays much better, also read on how to write a college resume. Also, it will be useful to read additional info on critical thinking

Watching this video will also help you to better understand how to write a Critical Thinking Essay.

Top Critical Thinking Essay Topics for Your Next Assignment

Here are a few topics that can help you better understand how to approach critical thinking essays. These Critical Thinking topics will help you get a head start when writing these, having a better idea of how you can break these down and start organizing your ideas better. 

How have beauty ideals in society affected our body image?

This essay talks about predetermined beauty ideals in society. In the society that we live in today, beauty ideals are very strong. We need to be a certain way to be able to fit in. For this reason, we must analyze what these beauty ideals are and how they affect our body images. This essay allows us to think critically in terms of first understanding what these beauty ideals are and how they affect the way we see ourselves. This is something essential in today’s times for us to be able to sharpen our analytical skills. Always try to find some additional knowledge and read articles on relevant topics such as critical thinking essay vs. critical essay.

Analyzing Literature: How to Critically Evaluate a Book

This very open-ended critical thinking essay gives you the leverage to pick any book you like. Since you must analyze this critically, you must look at it from a broad lens. Pick up something you liked about the book and talk about it. You can also pick up something that you have a very strong opinion about concerning this book, and then you can talk about that as well. You need to demonstrate a very clear understanding of the book when you do this. You need to show the examiner that you are very well versed in what you are talking about and how this has also interested you. 

The Popularity of Talk Shows: A Critical Analysis of Contemporary Media

This is an essay in which you need to discuss what talk shows are and why they keep the viewers engaged. They have high ratings because people like to watch them. So you need to shed light on why that is the case, which also means that you need to talk about how people like to analyze things in detail, which is why talk shows are liked by most. In these talk shows, you see different people giving their viewpoints on topics of interest, which allows them to understand these well too. 

Critical Thinking Essay Topics Examples
Unleash Your Critical Thinking Skills with these Top Essay Topics

The Power of Storytelling: Why It Matters for Children and Society

In this essay, you need to talk about the importance of storytelling for young children. You need to understand how and why storytelling is important and why kids love hearing stories. In this, you need to analyze it from a critical perspective, and you also need to shed light on your personal experiences, also find the critical thinking essay outline

The Impact of Television Violence on Young Children: A Critical Perspective

This would be a very interesting topic to study, with crimes being on the rise worldwide. It helps us understand how different factors contribute to this, and one of the main reasons is the violence we see on television. This is especially true for young children who pick up on what they see very often. They mainly learn from the things they see. So when they see violence on TV, they learn from it, which tends to affect their behavior. You can also talk about the several types of research that have been done in this context that talk about how young children learn the most from what they see. So this essay also allows you to think critically since you have to understand things from several different contexts. 

The State of Education Systems around the World: A Critical Examination

This is a very broad topic that you can work on. It talks about education systems all over the world. The education systems worldwide are based on very different things and are also very different from each other. This essay also allows you to think critically. It allows you to understand what makes one education system better than the other. To do so, you must first understand these factors and how they affect education systems. Once you understand that, you can work on these in the best possible way. It is also a great idea to compare education systems worldwide to understand how they differ. So, it can be seen that you need to differentiate and evaluate. You also need to give your viewpoint on this in the best way possible relating to the topic. 

Pros and Cons of the Digital Age: A Critical Analysis of Modern Technology

This essay also gives you a free hand, allowing you to pick any movie you like and then talk about it based on how irony is used. The irony is one of the literary devices that are used. So you can first pick your movie in which you see how irony is used. Then you need to talk about the story in such a way that allows you to pick instances where you see the irony. You don’t just need to point those out; you need to clearly show the reader how you think irony is used in these. 

The Pros and Cons of the Digital Age: A Critical Analysis of Modern Technology

We live in the digital age now. While this does have many benefits, it also has its drawbacks. You need to speak about both sides by giving your analysis of the issue here. This is something fundamental that you must consider when you talk about this. Try to go in as much detail as possible since this essay requires you to explore the topic in much detail. 


Critical Thinking Essay Topics Examples

So here are a few topic ideas that can give you a better understanding of how you can explore critical thinking essay topics, if you are stuck in writing critical thinking essay writing. Remember that you need to plan your essay out correctly to make sure that you have everything sorted in the right way. Read additional info on critical thinking as much as possible and that will help you. Make sure you brainstorm first, so you have all of your ideas sorted out first. That way, you can work in a very organized way, allowing you to write well. 

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