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How to Write an IB Environment System and Societies IA?

The Environment System and Societies IA takes up 25% of your final ESS mark, which is why you need to put in a lot of effort into what you do. The maximum that you can score on that is 30. But the idea is to make sure that you work as hard as you can and put in all the effort that is required from your end to do a sound job with it. Before we proceed, let’s move on to learn a little more about this. 

What is IB ESS about?

The IB ESS is a very simple assignment that students are required to work on. Despite the fact that it is very easy, a lot of students struggle when trying to understand what is really required from their end. IB environmental systems and societies course is one in which there are various sciences.

You need to take into account all of those to better understand the environment and its sustainability. This has several different requirements, and you as a student need to understand each of these to be able to do justice to what is required of you. 

What should be included in ESS IA?

You should include all the important pointers that form the structure of the ESS essay, which are discussed below. 

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And now it’s time to get a better understanding of the structure of your IB ESS IA.

How do you structure an ESS essay?

There are very specific guidelines about how you should structure the ESS essay. You need to make sure that you follow the given guidelines to be able to do justice to the work that you are given. Here is how you are expected to structure it. 

Title Page 

This is where you write the header and the title. You write your individual details for identification purposes too, and after that, you start working. 


This is where you start your main work. Here, you write your research question. But bear in mind that your research question for ESS IA can change over time, and so you can easily work your way through that. you also highlight your environmental concern over here. This is where you mainly show what you believe in, and why you chose this to work on.

You need to do ample research so that you can talk about what the issue is and why you felt a certain way. You are also expected to write about the location justification here, so that you can talk about why you chose this and how this impacts the work that you are doing. 

Strategic Planning


In this section, you need to give the foundation for the rest of the research, including a table that lists down the experimental variables and the conditions. You are also expected to write about the materials that you used in this research, which can be anything from pens to calculators and so on.

Then you should also write a statement that talks about your expectations from this. Highlight any ethical concerns that might have arisen too. 


Here, you talk about the experiments and the questionnaires that you used, you also need to highlight specifically the technique that you used for this and why. That was important. 

Formulation of Questions 

Here, you need to talk about the main purpose of your survey and how you plan on tailoring the questions in a way that allow you to answer the main question that you have in mind.

You should also organize the questionnaire into parts in a way that allows you to approach things in a more systematic way. 

Discussing Participants’ Responses

You also need to shed light on how the participants responded to the study questions. Include some form of proof, like a screenshot, to make this all much easier to understand. 


You obviously made use of raw data to come to certain conclusions. You need to talk about how you made use of that raw data and what calculations you performed for that as well.

This will help make it easier to understand how you actually interpreted what you were given and how that helped you worked your way towards answering the main research question that you had formulated. 

Data Collection 

You also have to give details about how the data was collected and then how you processed the findings. With that in place, you can take the examiner through these things in much more detail, which helps you easily work through with what you want.

Recognizing Trends 

It is also important to understand these trends in the best possible way to be able to do justice to your work. 

Conclusions and Recommendations 

Towards the end, you are expected to write about the main points that you understood here. Also talk about what you recommend based on the research you did and what that made you understand. 

Is ESS a good IB subject?

It is a really good subject to opt for. You get to think in terms of the environment which is highly crucial to help you understand what your responsibility as a citizen is.

You are required to have a basic understanding of this in the best way possible for you to be able to do justice to the work that you have been given. Understand what is required of you first in terms of the format and then start working on it. You will definitely do a great job with it if you understand and have the right rationale behind things as well.

Is it easy to get a 7 in ESS?

It is very easy to get a 7 in the ESS, given that you have a sound idea of what you have to do. Understand that many students opt for this mainly because it helps them think critically and understand things from an environmental perspective.

get 7 in ess ia

Not just that, but it also allows them to approach things in a more systematic way, which eventually helps them score well. Understand that if you do a good job with undertaking the rubric and the requirements, you will be able to do a good job.

If you search online, you can easily find an ib environmental systems IA example which can further help you understand how you are supposed to approach it. With understanding of this, you can approach things in a much better way.

How can I study for ESS exam?

If you prepare well for the ESS exam, you can score well on it. So how should you study for the ESS exam? The best thing you can do is to keep in touch with the environment to have a better idea of the environmental issues that are relevant to touch upon.

Also, use the IB official guide to help you get a comprehensive idea of what is required. Try to also make review sheets after you study every topic.

When you do that, you will be able to study every topic in the best way possible and will also be able to revise everything at the end in the best possible way. If you search online, you will find many places that can also help you revise your Internal Assessment. So try to do that also. This way, you can study very well for this and score great.

Ready to write your ESS IA?

Now you are absolutely ready to write an IB Environment System and Societies IA. The only thing left is to start the work, all the rest has been covered in this article. Make sure to use these tips in order to get the best grade for your final ESS IA.

The IB EES IA is a great subject to opt for. You will learn more than you think you will and will have a better idea of the ongoing climate issues in the world. This is more important than you think, and also allows you to become a better citizen of the world. So put in the hard work that is required from you and you are sure to score well on it!

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