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IB Chemistry IA Topics That ROCK | 40+ Ideas for SL and HL

One of the major challenges students of International Baccalaureate is finding and selecting a topic for the essay and rightly so. It can be challenging because of the plethora of options students have. Additionally, there are different levels when it comes to doing an essay for Chemistry IA. And all we know is how hard it is when it comes to selecting IB Chemistry IA topics.

With these different levels come different subjects within the discipline. For instance, you can choose between organic Chemistry or acid and bases as the topics. While the choice for the topic is entirely up to you, it is understandable that it may be a lot to deal with. And that’s why you are here reading the article that will guide you 😉


You can request a custom suggestion of a Chemistry IA topic from our IB IA experts, or you can spend several minutes of your time, read this article and find awesome solutions for your next IA.


We are aware that getting a great score on the internal assessments is an ideal way that can boost your overall IB grade. It is therefore understandable when students take a lot of pressure when it comes to their essay. If you have selected a Chemistry from the list of subjects in the IB, you should be ready for its specifics. Students often find themselves lost when writing a lab report and choosing the topic they need to go for. Generally, the rule of thumb for Chemistry IA is that you need to measure the changing variable and its effect on another variable. This is something that remains constant in all Chemistry IA essays, despite whatever topic you go for.

Therefore, if you find yourself struggling with selecting a topic, go for the one in which altering the variables makes sense, such as concentration, surface area, temperature and such to explore the effect they may have on a variable which is dependent, something which is easy to measure, such as temperature, gas produced and ph.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that the topic needs to be demanding – it needs to meet the diploma-level and not just any high-school level topic. While the topic needs to be relevant to the syllabus of Chemistry, it has to be around something that is not just easily found in textbooks. It needs to be well-researched and essentially a topic you find yourself engaged and connected with. Because an IA essay requires to be well-researched, it needs to be on a topic you are fond of, so you do not feel mundane while doing it.

Now that we have covered some important basis regarding the importance of topic selection, it is time to discuss some of the options. There is no need to feel overwhelmed by this information as in the following article we will help you with whatever you are looking for. Lastly, like with Bio IA topics, make sure you run the topic and a rough idea by the instructor before you begin your work on it.

Depending on what topic you choose, you might have to conduct various experiments in a lab to make sure you have the proper analysis for the essay. On the other hand, most of these topics can be done by yourself, at home given that you do the required amount of study and research.

High scoring Chemistry IA topics

Before any more delays, let’s dig deep into the knowledge and find you the best Chemistry IA ideas for the essay:

  1. Explore the speed of different chemical reactions by using the spectrometer
  2. Determine the activation energy of a particular reaction
  3. Exploring the dissolved oxygen content present in the water body
  4. Denatured of lipase and the conditions
  5. Enthalpy of neutralization and enthalpy changes by using calorimetry
  6. Concentration of drugs in multiple/various tablets
  7. Content of vitamin in healthy food
  8. Gas volume and absolute zero
  9. Exploring local sources and the hardness of water
  10. Exploring juice brands and Vitamin C percentage
  11. Exploring milk brands and calcium content/percentage
  12. Exploring tea and coffee brands and caffeine percentage 
  13. CaC03 amount in white eggshells and brown eggshells
  14. Determine the chemical equilibria – Kc for reaction
  15. Investigating the activation energy of iodine-clock
  16. Exploring the percentage of chlorine in swimming pool and bleaches
  17. Electrolysis and factors that affect the process
  18. Electroplating and factors that affect the process
  19. Thermal decomposition and salt type present in the compound
  20. Electroplate metals, optimal conditions on different external factors
  21. Decomposing hydrogen peroxide and activation energy
  22. Effect of different temperature on rust on steel
  23. Effect of temperature on ferromagnet strength and weakness
  24. Explore the effectiveness of salt (different brands) and snow removal
  25. Paracetamol and synthesizing Dulcin
  26. Using UV light, speed of denaturation on animal proteins
  27. EDTA content in shower cleaners
  28. Studying the pH of soil
  29. Soil pH effect on chlorophyll in plants and leaves
  30. PH change in oxidation of coffee and tea
  31. Solubility of salts and hardness of water
  32. Testing and preparing of buffer solutions
  33. Investigating Cheetos (or any other packaged chips brand) and energy contents
  34. The effect of ionic salts on the depression of water and its freezing point
  35. Studying soaps and esterification
  36. Studying the equivalence point of strong bases/strong and weak acids
  37. Studying salts and solubility
  38. Preparing esters
  39. Studying paper chromatography and the effects of solvents
  40. Studying catalytic abilities on different metal oxides and transitions
  41. Studying the factors that affect the rate between propanone and iodine
  42. Studying the factors that affect the colors and transition on metal compounds
  43. Investing charcoal and absorption of organic acids
  44. Studying different sacrificial metals and their effect on iron rusting
  45. Studying water absorption polymers and effect on water
  46. Studying zinc ions as a dietary supplement and its concentration

After doing much research, we have formulated this list and believe that these ideally serve as high-scoring Chemistry IA topics. Again, the same as with Math IA topics, for Chemistry IA you would have to do much research on the topic you choose and make sure that you meet all the requirements for the essay. Let’s say that, for instance, you go for Chemistry IA ideas energetics.

Use these Chemistry IA ideas for your IB

Now, that would essentially require a lot of homework and perhaps work at the lab as well. So when it comes to lab work, you need to be in touch with your instructor to help you with the work and be aware of what you are doing.

All the best, you got this!

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