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100+ IB extended essay topic ideas for your ease

The International Baccalaureate is an educational foundation that has reached all over the world. It was founded in the year 1968, and ever since, it offers several different educational programs to 1.4 billion IB students all over the world. One of the very important requirements of an IB diploma is the extended essay. This really helps bring up the total score. And one problem students face here is gathering ideas for their IB extended essay. Here is some guiding information that can help with extended essay topics.



The first and the most important thing is to come up with an idea for it. When people come up with the right idea for it, they can work hard and make their way through this. The same with IA and EE – a good extended essay can only be written when the right topic is selected. If you do not select the right topic you want to focus on, the chances of failing your extended essay are way higher.

Once the topic is selected, further information can be gathered on it. However, the prompt that you are working on should be one that you are very well aware of. Not just that, but you should also be extremely interested in the topic. Only then can you work very well on this topic.

IB Extended Essay Layout

There are mainly six elements in the essay layout. The first part is the title page. Here, the research question is written, along with the subject and the category. The total word count needs to also be mentioned here. The next part is the content page. This is the one that is right at the beginning. It has all the headings along with the page numbers as well.

Then, next comes the introduction. Here, the scope and focus of the research is written. Alongside that, the sources that are used and the main argument that is going to be presented is also written. Next comes the main part of the essay, which is the body of the essay. This is the part where the research and the analysis s done. The evaluation also comes here, where the student is supposed to give his own viewpoint here. The argument should be developed in a coherent fashion here. Everything should be in the right order as well here.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in writing IB extended essay, please check the article that describes in detail how long it takes to write an IB EE. And never forget that an extended essay should be up to 4000 words, around 14-15 pages of content.

After this is done, the conclusion part comes. Here, the argument is summarized. Not just that, but any limitations of the research and also any unsolved issues are highlighted here. Towards the end comes the bibliography of the essay. Once the student chooses the academic style of references, the references are written in the correct order.

Other sections that can be added in the essay include the methodology and the appendix. The appendix is where the extra material is written. The methodology is where the entire part of the essay that describes the way that information is gathered. According to the latest requirements, no abstract is needed.

IB Extended Essay Topics

good ee topics

Ready to get good EE topics? Here are a few ideas to work on, for all of those who are looking to get some inspiration for their IB extended essay topic.

Let’s begin with a few generic topic ideas that you can work on.

General EE topic ideas

  1. What role does culture play in shaping norms in society?
  2. How can we change the way we think and respond to different situations?
  3. How can we move from being victims of circumstance to fighters?
  4. What factors make great leaders?
  5. What is the role that leaders play in the modern day and age in shaping the world?
  6. What factors constitute good parenting?
  7. What factors affect the value of knowledge in society?
  8. How does knowledge make us better people?
  9. How does our thinking affect the way that we view others?
  10. What is the role that patriarchy plays in depriving women of their rights?
  11. What countries have the highest living standards currently and why?
  12. How can we make smooth progress in our careers?
  13. What is the key to effective relationships?
  14. What role does open communication play in our daily lives?
  15. How can we become more effective listeners?
  16. How can we motivate ourselves to work harder and do better?
  17. How can managers create synergy in work groups?
  18. What is the role of trust when it comes to team building?
  19. What is the science behind habit building?
  20. How does spirituality affect our relationship with ourselves?

Like we have mentioned previously with capstone project topics and ideas for comparison essays, here are a few specific examples of topics based on certain groups. I’ll be focusing on general IB groups of studies.

Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature Essay Topics

  1. What are the factors that affect specific political campaigns?
  2. How has the use of language been effective in feminist protests?
  3. How has media shaped the view of female beauty?
  4. How is American English different from British English?
  5. How are gender roles seen in the novel Macbeth?
  6. How are gender roles portrayed in the novel the Great Gatsby?
  7. How is Shakespeare’s style of writing different from others?
  8. How does William Wordsworth play with words?
  9. How much of the English language is borrowed from other languages?
  10. How has the portrayal of women in English literature evolved over time?

Group 2: Language acquisition, including classical languages Essay Topics

  1. How rich is Mandarin in meaning?
  2. What role does innovative technology play in the learning of new languages?
  3. How are new teaching methods being used in different stages of education?
  4. How should a modern foreign language essay work in high school?
  5. How can teaching styles differ when we talk about non native students?
  6. What can be done to make education more valuable for non native students?
  7. How can the classroom become more inclusive for non native students?
  8. What are the different teaching methods that can be used for foreign language classes?
  9. What are the modern means of teaching Mandarin at universities these days?
  10. How important is it to learn different foreign languages?

Group 3: Individuals and societies Essay Topics

  1. How has the role of women changed in society?
  2. How does mainstream society reflect patriarchy?
  3. What can women do for social mobility and why?
  4. How much of our sex affects our ability to achieve?
  5. What can be done to overcome inequality in society?
  6. What can be done to overcome corruption in society?
  7. How has criminality affected societies in the modern day and age?
  8. What are we as a society doing for sustainable development and how?
  9. How has bullying in schools become a normal culture?
  10. What measures can be taken to deal with corruption in society?

Check this article for those who are also interested in how to write an IB Environment System and Societies IA. Enjoy reading it, and now let’s get back to the article.


Group 4: The sciences Essay Topics

  1. Can the climate affect the growth of plant X?
  2. What effect does climate change have on the growth of plants?
  3. Do iron intake diets differ in different countries?
  4. How does brushing teeth affect the pH in the mouth?
  5. Can caffeine in coffee be reduced?
  6. Can caffeine in tea be reduced?
  7. What are the factors that affect iodine values in cooking oils?
  8. How does temperature affect the viscosity of Coke?
  9. What role do antioxidants play in our bodies?
  10. How does photosynthesis affect the climate?

Group 5: Mathematics Essay Topics

  1. What mathematical equations are applied in the navigation of stars?
  2. What role does geometry play in the navigation of stars?
  3. How are exponential functions used in physics?
  4. How are exponential functions used in geology?
  5. How are exponential functions used in anthropology?
  6. How are exponential functions used in demography?
  7. How is Pythagoras’s theorem applied in real world situations?
  8. How does the Pythagoras’s theorem help the construction world?
  9. How is the exponential function used in age and growth?
  10. How does Archimedes’ calculation of circular areas work?

Group 6: The Arts Essay Topics

  1. How is technology used for different types of art forms?
  2. What are the different artistic styles of modern art?
  3. What does Picasso’s style of art say about him?
  4. How do political cartoons reflect certain ideologies?
  5. What role does globalization play in contemporary art?
  6. How to analyze abstract paintings?
  7. Do paintings really speak volumes about the painter?
  8. How does modern art differ from traditional art?
  9. How does art reflect a person’s ideology?
  10. How is activism reflected in modern art?

Group 7: Interdisciplinary Essay Topics

  1. How can dead languages be revived again?
  2. What role does anthropology play in making us understand different languages?
  3. How has our society evolved over time to become more progressive?
  4. How deep rooted is masculinity in our society?
  5. What role do gender roles play in shaping society?
  6. How can we understand the science behind class differences?
  7. Is there a relationship between human language and animal language?
  8. How does bilingualism affect our understanding of things?
  9. How can we learn living languages?
  10. How can governments play a role in reducing the social burden in society?

Group 8: History Essay Topics

  1. How can historians work on their ways of getting more authentic data?
  2. Were Hitler’s ways of doing things highly effective?
  3. How did Germany get transformed during the time of Hitler?
  4. How can we check the reliability of historic information?
  5. What are the reasons for world dominance in modern history?
  6. What do old human settlements teach us about the ways that people lived earlier on in time?
  7. What kind of a ruler was Mao Zedong?
  8. How did the partition of the subcontinent happen?
  9. Why should we rely on more than one source for historic information?
  10. How can we tell if a historical source is biased?

These are a few topic ideas that you can choose from.

Choose your IB extended topic wisely

So, if you are in one of the certified IB schools, I wish you good luck with writing your IB EE. To write an effective extended essay, make sure that you are very passionate about the topic that you choose!

Oh, almost forgot – do not hesitate to contact our team, in case you need any sort of assistance from expert IB writers with it.


Vasy Kafidoff

Vasy Kafidoff is the co-founder of the Writing Metier. Being in the education field for a very long time, his experience speaks volumes about his knowledge in the field. His aim is to make more people aware about new learning possibilities for children. You can find more information about Vasy on hispersonal blog.

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