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My Life Essay. How to Write an Essay About Your Life?

Writing about your life might not be as easy as it may seem. You know, one of those interview moments when you are asked, “So, tell us something about yourself,” and you are left blank. With a ‘my life essay for students’, this might be equally difficult. Some students just find it very difficult to put their life stories on paper. Be it a ‘my life essay’ 1000 words or 150 words, it might be not your cup of tea.

Now when I was told to write something about myself, I found it as one of the most difficult assignments of my life. I did not know where to start,  I have stuck in a rut, and searching for how to link the paragraphs and what is the main takeaway of the essay. It was at that point I understood that there might be a lot of people who may face the same mental barriers. My lifestyle essay, or my life vision essay, or even just the idea of my life essay writing takes a lot of effort and planning.

How to write my life essay?

Having this said, in this article, we will be sharing a few tips on how students can make the most out of their ‘my daily life essay’. Regardless of what level of academics you are in at the moment, if you are writing a common app essay or simple 700 words why essay, this article will help you understand some basics which will also help you in giving interviews with questions such as the one mentioned at the start of this article.

Let’s begin!

Take Some time to Think before Making a Final Draft

Open MS Word or take out a notepad and write some points. For now, you just need pointers. Talk about your past. What motivates you the most in your life? What gets you going, what is the source of your fuel? Do you think you have come far in life? Talk about your aspirations and all the relevant experiences.

And finally, circle back to the takeaway. Ideally, the beginning of your life essay should be the conclusion of the essay as well. Because you need to remind the readers of what you want to do in your life at the beginning and in the end of the essay.

Just Be Yourself

This is an essay about you and your life. This is your chance to speak about yourself and just yourself. The readers need to know about what drives you. The biggest mistake students make is that they start talking about the organization they are linked with. For instance, if you worked at the UN for your summer internship, you do not need to define what the UN is and what do they do. Everybody knows about that and that is what Google is for as well.

But what we need to know about is what you learnt from the experience and how did it help you achieve the goals of your life. Talk about how as a student, working at the UN was an eye-opening experience and how. Explain what you did and not what the organization made you do. Keep in mind that the ‘my life experience essay’ is about you. So, make sure you fill it with yourself and be as original as possible.

Divide the Essay into Different Parts

You might have heard this point during your English subject classes as well. For any essay, it is essential that you break the essay in different paragraphs. A 5-paragraph essay about your life seems sufficient to cover the bits and pieces you want to the readers to know. This will help you remain concise and cover different topics in one essay.

For instance, the first paragraph can be the main purpose or motivation you have in life and how did you find the calling. The second can be about your academic training so far, the third can be about professional experiences you have had so far, fourth can be what you wish to do about the motivation and a conclusion to wrap things up. Different paragraphs allow you to put different puzzles. It will also not bore the reader as an essay without paragraphs can be hard to read.

Write it and Read it and Reread it!

When you are writing an essay about yourself and your life, one go is not enough. Every time you read it again, you might remember a different point about yourself which is pertinent for the article. Each time you read it again, you might view the piece with a different outlook. Just like things did not happen in your life overnight, your life essay cannot be written in one go either. Give it time and thought. Invest some time in your essay, just as you should in your life goals.

Also, reading it repeatedly helps pointing different mistakes as well and for any essay, it is essential that it is free from mistakes. If possible, ask your trusted sibling or friend to give it a read as well. Getting a second opinion on the article will help you make the essay better as well.

Finally, what you need to do is to reread the essay after a couple of hours or a day. Give your mind a break in between, get yourself occupied in something else and then read the essay all over again. A fresher mind always works better, regardless of what the assignment is. And when it comes to my life essay, something we struggle to express, giving a break to your mind goes a long way.

Now you ready to write an essay about your life

So, it does not sound as difficult as you thought, right? Remember, the essay is about your life, your journey, and your motivations in life. There is no right and wrong answer to the article, but there sure is a way to perfect the essay, which we explained in this article.

Just remember to go in with a clear head and start penning down whatever thought you have in mind. Do not stop yourself. Keep writing. Once you are done, only then start connecting the points.

You will get there!

Vasy Kafidoff

Vasy Kafidoff is an avid writer and CEO at Writing Metier, who likes to talk about social media trends and how consumers can use them for their benefit. Aside from that, he is passionate about cooking and believes all cuisine of food are incomparable.

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