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Does IB Diploma Help College Admission? 🤔

The college admission time for students is indeed very stressful. They have so many questions in their heads about where they will get in, the decisions they made in their student life, and all the hard work they put into this admissions process. While this can be a very daunting process, it is also very exciting to figure out where you are headed and how you can work towards what you have in mind.

Many IB students wonder whether the IB diploma will help them with college admissions or not. The truth is that the IB Diploma program is recognized both nationally as well as internationally. It is seen as a program that helps students in their college years and beyond in terms of preparing them for the challenges of real life by giving them practical and theoretical knowledge.

Does IB look good on college applications?

Colleges usually view students with an IB diploma to be very mature, curious, and creative. They know that they have worked on several different types of projects that have helped them understand things in a lot more detail. They know how much this will help them do things a certain way, so they favor these students much more. Like with Advanced Placement, they view IB Diploma students as exceptional ones who can get done with all tasks that they are given. They are seen as highly achievement-oriented people who know what they want to get done. Once they have their eyes set on their goals, they are known to work towards achieving them rightly.

World-famous universities like Michigan State University, Oakland University, Duke University, and Brown University are all known to give a lot of importance to the IB diploma program. Students from this program are highly preferred because of how skilled and well-rounded they are, and they know how to do things in the right way.

A lot of students ask does IB help you get into Harvard. Even Harvard University, which is one of the best universities in the world, is known to prefer students with the IB diploma.

“Success in an IB program correlates well with success at Harvard. We are always pleased to see the credentials of the IB Diploma Program on the transcript. GPA is not nearly as important a factor in university admission as the IB Diploma. If a student has to choose, choose the Diploma over protecting the GPA.” – says Marilyn McGrath Lewis, the Assistant Dean of Admissions

We will be talking about Harvard University and its treatment of students with an IB diploma in a later article in a lot more detail. Let’s move further to the UK universities that love IB students.

What about UK universities?

Many universities in the UK also greatly prefer the IB diploma. So if you are planning to apply to the UK and are doing your IB diploma, then you are definitely on the right track with your studies. In the UK, many universities consider the IB Diploma gold standard with post-16 education.

In the UK, universities are happy to take students who have done their IB diploma because they know how well-rounded these students are and how happy they are to take on all challenges that come their way.

does ib diploma help college admission

Several studies done in this domain have shown that students who graduate with an IB diploma have a 57% higher chance of going to one of the top 20 UK universities. The main reason for this is that it allows them to gain broad and balanced education, and that is one of the most important things there is for universities. They want IB students who are fully rounded individuals in this way.

Students don’t only have traditional knowledge, but they also have practical knowledge about things. So they want students to work towards things in the right way. They want students who can work towards polishing their skills further.

To do well on the IB Diploma you have to be very committed to what you are doing, you have to complete numerously and you also have to be very organized as well. The IB is great in that, and they are working towards doing things the right way. Students of the IB are very well prepared to transition to university because they know how they are supposed to take things further. They know how to work towards things and also give in their hundred percent to things they are doing.

Do IB students have a higher acceptance rate?

The depth and breadth of the IB Diploma are such that students get that bit extra, not only in their university but also in their future careers. They have the right skill set and are well equipped to work towards things in the right way. So this is something that we can see here. So if you are doing the IB diploma, you are on the right track and do not need to worry.

So if you ask that IB students have a higher acceptance rate, then this is the right way to go about things. Universities in the UK, European Union, and the US favor students with the IB diploma. We have already talked about why that is the case. As a student, you just need to be very hardworking, and you need to give in your hundred percent to what you do. Whatever you do, you need to put in all your heart and soul.

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At this time, when you have to apply to universities, it can indeed be a very trying time for everyone. You might feel like this time frame is such that you have much to do in a very limited time. But understand that this is one of the most rewarding times of your life too.

As an IB Diploma student, you should know that you are all set with things. Universities prefer students who do the IB Diploma because they are so well-rounded and know how to manage things well.

Good luck with this entire process! We hope you get into the university that you want to!

Vasy Kafidoff

Vasy Kafidoff is a co-founder and CEO at WritingMetier. He is interested in education and the ways modern technology makes it more accessible. He wants to bring awareness about new learning possibilities as an educational specialist. When not working, he’s found behind a drum kit.

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