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Stuck in a Rut? How to Motivate Yourself to Write a Paper?

One of the most gratifying feelings in the world is when the thoughts in your head gush out as soon as you start writing. Do you know that feeling when you ask yourself: Oh lord, I can’t write anymore, what should I do?” – This leads to you getting the paper or the essay you want within a short span of time.

But every now and then, you will find yourself in a pit. Your mind is exhausted. Or it’s just without any thoughts. Perhaps you have burnt out. And most of the time, it seems like a normal feeling. You are tired of writing so much and at this point, you just cannot force yourself to do something you do not feel like doing.

How to Make Yourself Write?

If you are looking for tips on how to motivate yourself to write a paper, you have come to the right place. While there are numerous companies that offer their services to students on writing papers, you can always push yourself to the next step and motivate yourself.

Now let’s begin with some tips!

1. Imagine Yourself Writing

Sounds silly, right? We get you. But it works. Imagine yourself clanking your fingers on the keyboard. What this does is that it allows your mind to think that you believe in something and you will get the job done. This will instruct your brain to do the work you are thinking about. The trigger in your brain and you picturing yourself will increase your motivation and hopefully, you will get the motivation to write your paper.

2. Remind Yourself the Reason why you are Writing

Finding inspiration to write can be difficult, be it an academic assignment or something you are passionate about. Therefore, it is important for you to remind yourself what the end goal is. You are not writing because someone told you to do so. You are not writing because you are just good at it. You are also not writing because you need to get rid of your assignment.

You are writing because you are passionate about it. You are writing because you enjoy it. You are writing because you want to earn a grade and work on your transcript for future goals.

Remind yourself.

3. Stick to your Daily Goal

Be it just 250 words or one paragraph or maybe just 45 minutes a day, give yourself a daily goal and commit yourself to it. No excuses, no whining, and yes, no reason to postpone it. If you find yourself in a position where you make excuses to yourself, reduce the daily target.

4. Write Something Other than the Paper

When it comes to making yourself to write, you need to do something other than the set target. Pick up your relative’s assignment and write their speech for them. Help a friend facing love problems and write a love letter to help their situation. Doing something other than your academic assignment, for which you face motivation issues, inspires you to write again.

5. Find a Safe, Peaceful Space for Yourself

When you are feeling stuck in a rut, it is probably because mentally in the right place. You must be free from all external distractions when it comes to writing. The lesser the distractions are, the more you would be able to focus. Therefore, you need to find yourself a spot where you get to find a lot of energy, a room filled with good lighting and a place where you feel relaxed.

If you think this can be your room, choose it. If you think your favorite library is the perfect spot, then go for it.

6. Go through Old Comments

When you see yourself in a rut, you need to pull yourself out of it as well. In this case, you need to look into places where you have been encouraged and motivated. Go back and read these posts and what your markers and readers wrote about you, how they motivated you to push yourself and become a better version of yourself through your words. Read through their comments and pick up the recommendations they gave. You might find some new reasons that will motivate you to write again.

7. Reduce Your To-Do List

Something you think is not a big deal? You are wrong here. To pen down your thoughts, you need to have a clearer mind. A mind free from pending tasks and work you need to do. Look into all the pending tasks and get the extra tasks done as soon as possible. This allows your mind to be free of the extra tension with you having lesser things to worry about. Eventually, when tasks are slashed off, you will find yourself ready to start writing again.

8. Brain Storm with a Friend and Find a Topic

If you are finding it hard to, let’s say, find a topic to begin with, start talking to a friend about it. Sometimes we take the little things for granted, such as taking your friend’s opinions over a topic. Discuss your situation with a friend and you never know, you find a topic or an angle worth writing on.

9. Take Some Break

Pushing yourself may be counterproductive, especially when it’s not getting the job done. To recuperate, give yourself a break. Be it for 20 minutes or a break, JUST DO IT! No, you will not derail from the paper. You will find yourself in a better space to write.

My Personal Number One Tip if you are Feeling Stuck in a Rut – Find Inspiration to Write

10. Get a Change of Scenery

Sometimes, the environment we are staying in consumes us to the extent that we are able to focus on things that make us feel fulfilled. In this case, you need to take a breather. Travel to a different location. Meanwhile, if you are searching for inspiration in writing travel content, get help from travel content writing experts. Let’s get back to the point. Spend some time at a different place. Once you have enjoyed your stay, come back and start writing again. Do not forget to pen your thoughts whenever you get them, even when you are taking a break.

11. Do Something You Enjoy First

When you indulge in something that you thoroughly enjoy, you’ll see how easy everything becomes for you. you’ll be much more relaxed and will definitely find it very easy to work. It will help you unclog your mind of anything that is bothering you and will help you get through with your work. When you sit to write again, you’ll see how you’ll be very fresh and thoughts will flow in naturally. I cannot stress enough on the importance of feeling calm before you begin writing. When you are not stressed, you’ll see how the thoughts flow in naturally and make you feel much better.

12. Choose Simple Words

When you decide on something, it is wise that you choose simple words to work with. When you do that, you make writing easy on yourself as well as on your reader. It doesn’t put a lot of stress on you either. You can easily focus on your work. Your main motive should be able to express yourself in the right way. The use of jargon is never a great idea. It only puts you under more pressure and makes you think of harder things, which are indeed very tough to get through. So you need to understand that your main goal is to make others understand what you’re trying to say.

13. Begin With Confidence

Once you begin writing, you need to tell yourself that you can do it. It is this can-do attitude that will help you get places. Believe in yourself and your abilities and know that you are what you believe. It is this confidence that will help you understand things in a much better way, will get you out of the rut, and will give a kickstart to your writing!

I strongly advise you to get through this video podcast that will be a great addition to my article:

When looking for inspiring things to write about or finding the motivation to write again, these tips can really do the trick.

Final Thoughts

Having said that, we understand how writer’s block is something a lot of you may be suffering from. If not, you might have a lot on your plate, due to which you feel that you aren’t able to pen your thoughts down the way you want. In case that happens, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at the Writing Metier. We are here to help you with all of your writing needs. All you need to do is get in touch with us, and we’ll guide you through the process. Once you place an order with us, consider your job done!

Our expert writers will take care of your work. You just have to explain to us what you want and we will be right there to do it for you. Not only do we have expert writers who are knowledgeable in different domains, but we also ensure timely delivery with free revisions. Once you place your order with us, you don’t have to worry about it all. We will help you with it and will make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for. So, what are you waiting for then? Get in touch with us!

If you have your personal tricks to share on how to motivate yourself to write a paper, I’ll be happy to read them in the comments section below.

Have a good one & write, write, write, and write again.

Vasy Kafidoff

Vasy Kafidoff is a co-founder and CEO at Writing Metier, who has a keen interest in the academic world and technology. He is a cryptoromantic and blockchain enthusiast for more than 4 years now, and he is excited about the way technology shapes financial and educational systems. Check his personal blog (Kafidoff.com) to find more tips on writing.

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