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How to Make Your Essay Longer? Tricky Techniques!

Writing essays can be tricky, especially when a huge chunk of your academic grade depends on it. Most of the times, essays come with specific requirements. There are different types of essays that are taught at schools and colleges, serving different purposes in the academic lives of students. Each and every essay comes with certain guidelines that need to be followed. One of the most important guidelines includes the word limit requirement.

Word limit has been the requirement for written essays for a long period of time. If we look at SEO content, for example, the guidelines of SEO are strict and the word limit is an important factor. Staying between a certain word limit helps with your SEO ranking alongside the multiple other benefits as well. But anyway, this is a separate topic for a separate time.

But we won’t talk about SEO in this article, we will talk about academic writing and the ways to make an essay longer using SEVEN awesome tricks. Let’s begin!

How can I make my essay longer?

Finding the right motivation to do written assignments can be taxing. Additionally, students often struggle with making their school or college essays longer. They often think about the ways to lengthen their essays, and honestly, we understand you. Students have many assignments due in schools and colleges and sometimes giving your utmost time and attention to every detail of an assignment can be tricky. Having this said, students must be aware of some basic tricks on how they can extend the paper length without compromising on quality and their grade as well.

So, if you are wondering how to make an essay longer with words, we will help you will all the tips and techniques that you need. Be it an IB extended essay or your ToK essay, maybe you need to write a professional movie review, we have got you covered with the word limit requirement.

1. Make Sure You Have Everything Covered (literally everything!)

Before we move towards the hack, it is important that you cover the basics first without making any compromises. Go through the rubric you have formulated and make sure that you have covered every piece of information you were supposed to add. In case you forgot to add something, for example, in your five-paragraph essay, that means you easily sit yourself out of 500-600 words. Go through the rubric carefully.

2. Spell the Numbers in your Essay

Small contribution, but by writing twenty two instead of 22, you are adding one additional word. Now do this with all the numerical figures in the paper and you will have a decent contribution towards meeting the word count. And of course, if your requirement is in characters, writing a number in its full form will help you with it.

3. Keep Proofreading by Going Back to the Material

Oftentimes, you come with new ideas while going through the paper you have written. This is why you should go back to the introduction, for example, and read. For example, you can add some extra transition words to start a new paragraph or change the existing once. Proofreading will help you in correcting the mistakes you made (maybe you forgot to add a word or two) and will also allow you to see whether you left any important information or not. For example, no matter if it takes a long time to complete an extended essay, still you will need to proofread it. The same needs to be applied when reading the conclusion. Perhaps in the second time of reading, you found that the conclusion you mentioned is not sufficient.

Therefore, rereading your material is highly recommended and important.

4. Ask a Friend or a Class Fellow to Read the Assignment for you

Even when time is short and you are near the deadline, make sure you find out time for someone to read the material that you have written. It could be a parent, a sibling, or even a friend. Ask them to make sure that they critique it. Once they have analyzed the paper, work around resolving the comments they have shared. Keep revising the paper till you have earned the satisfaction you are looking for.

5. Take a Break, Come with a Fresh Mind

When you are spending a lot of time working on the same assignment over and over again, you are unable to focus on it and are unable to add something new to it. It is therefore essential that you take a little break. There are many words to make essay longer, but these words will not magically appear in your mind.

Go for a walk, eat something, watch a quick episode of FRIENDS or even talk to an actual friend. Clear your mind for a while. This will help you in getting new ideas for your assignment with a fresh mind. If your mind is not fresh and is too exhausted, you can sit in front of the laptop screen for hours and still remain stuck on the assignment.

Still not enough information on how to make an essay longer with words?

Let’s continue with some more tips that can help you get out of this situation!

6. Take Help from your Instructor

Reaching out to the person who assigned you the topic is always a good idea. The particular instructor is in good command of the topic. They will help you understand on what points you can add to increase the length of your assignment. Brainstorming is important. If your instructor is unable to tell you points directly, sit with them to discuss something new in the classrooms.

7. Be Descriptive in your Words

Writing means explaining what you are studying or thinking or want to share with someone. In other words, you need to be descriptive. It would help if you shared what you think and pen them down. This will significantly help you in increasing the word limit and also ensuring that you learn to add what it is best for you in the essay assignment.

Meeting the word limit requirement of the essay may not be as scary as one may have thought of. Making an essay long varies as well, but it is essential that whatever information you add to the essay is correct. You do not want to fill the essay guideline by stuffing friends.

Now you know how to extend an essay 😉

So, here are a few reasons to how to add more words to your essays. Follow these guidelines and trust me, you will not have any problems in the future. In case you have some other tricks, feel free to share them in the comments section below, and we might update this article with your suggestions.

From now on, the only thing you need to do is make your essay look longer using the tips we shared with you in this article.

Vasy Kafidoff

Vasy Kafidoff is an avid writer and CEO at Writing Metier. He specializes in education, technology, and marketing strategies and follows all the newest updates in these fields. He is interested in SEO and digital marketing and the ways it influences businesses and start-ups. Vasy likes to share his personal experience through his blogs. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others?

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