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Paraphrasing Dos and Don’ts | Is it Legal to Paraphrase Copyright Material?

Are you willing to rephrase or paraphrase your content? No need to worry; we are writing this guide for making you known about the critical factors of paraphrasing.

Paraphrasing is not something you can do casually, but you need to focus on many things that can be important for the uniqueness and readability of your content. Rephrasing is not just about changing the words with their synonyms and make them unique, but readability must be your priority. According to professional bloggers, your content must the up to the 8th-grade level that means your words should be understandable by a student of 8th grade.

What is paraphrasing in actuality?

You can check the video by Smart Student that answers the question of what paraphrasing is:

Meanwhile, in my personal words – paraphrasing is a process of changing the words with their suitable synonyms, and it is mainly needed to make the content unique while keeping it meaningful. As we always have many methods to solve a problem, we can do it in two ways in paraphrasing. One is to do it manually without using any online or offline tool or the second option is to go for an online paraphrasing tool or some paid paraphrasing services available online.

Is it legal to paraphrase copyright?

Some people thought that paraphrasing is not legal or plagiarism, but it is completely wrong. You can paraphrase copyrights for sure. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to write new content on the same topic, and the preference is to stay unique.

Can we use quotations instead of paraphrasing?

Using quotations is a positive approach, and sometimes, you need to do it, but it will not free you from the charge of plagiarism. The purpose of using quotations is to give credit to the original writer, and it will indeed have a good impression on your audience. Many people may be confused about using quotations in their content, so we are here to explain this.

“You must put inverted commas and write the words in these inverted commas and write down the name of the writer outside these inverted commas”—Author

But when it comes to paraphrasing, it can free you from the charge of using plagiarized content so, using quotations cannot be an alternative to paraphrasing.

Dos of paraphrasing

As we mentioned above that there are many things to focus on while rephrasing your content, and these things are listed down:

  • Understand the content before paraphrasing
  • Take your time
  • Use authentic tools

1. Understand the content

It is one of the basic steps while doing anything related to paraphrasing, or you are doing anything, you must have a complete understanding. So, you should read the text you want to paraphrase, understand the central idea and then move ahead to rephrase it. The benefit of getting a complete understanding is, you can make your content more readable and unique. As previously mentioned that rephrasing is not all about changing words; you must consider readability as well. For this, reading and understanding the content is very important.

2. Take your time

Photo by Mitchell Hollander on Unsplash

Time management helps you to achieve what you want. Yet, sometimes, we ignore time management and start focusing on other things. Remember that impressive things take time, so we recommend you not rush on your tasks and complete them nicely. There is no difficulty in paraphrasing content, but making it impressive can somehow be a difficult task. Manage your time and rock with your words because it is something fundamental.

3. Use authentic tools

We have various tools available on the internet, and most of them are free of cost but don’t rush over free things. You need to check either this is authentic or not. Undoubtedly, the internet is beneficial, but it also has many scammers. The best way to check the accuracy and authenticity is to read the product’s reviews, and it will surely help you out. We have also shortlisted the best tools for paraphrasing in which Paraphraser.io and PrepostSeo are included. But you can also use other than these tools if you find any tool more suitable than these.

Don’ts of paraphrasing

We have some steps that must be followed while rephrasing your content, but we also have many steps that should be avoided. If you don’t avoid these steps, you’ll not achieve what you want, so the focus of both dos and don’ts.

We are going to share some of the steps you need to avoid.

  • Don’t use complex synonyms
  • Don’t avoid quotations
  • Don’t rephrase too closely

1. Don’t use difficult synonyms

Using complex synonyms can make your content difficult to understand, and it will surely decrease the readability of the text. You can use unique but straightforward words if your preference is to make them more attractive and meaningful. Sometimes, we think that using complex terms will impress our audience, but it is not valid; it will confuse them. And keep it in your mind that the confused audience will not be happy with you so, you must avoid using complex synonyms and terms.

2. Don’t avoid quotations

Photo by Hester Qiang on Unsplash

No doubt, quoting the text is also considered plagiarized content, but it is still essential, and you need to do it. It will leave a good impression on your audience but using quotations is not the only thing you need to focus on.

3. Don’t rephrase too closely

We thought that all we need is to rearrange the words, and we are all set, but it is not valid. Your responsibilities are not over here if you use a tool because making your content readable is your responsibility. We recommend you rephrase the text carefully and follow the steps discussed above;  for example, you can use such services as Grammarly to find great synonyms that will suit your context. Then, you will surely get a unique and impressive cluster of words.

Bottom line

Paraphrasing seems to be an easy task, but in actuality, it is not because it needs many things to follow and many things to avoid. But we can say that if you know about all the key factors of paraphrasing, it is easy for you to rephrase the content and make it more meaningful and readable. If you are a newbie, then this guide is for you so, have a look at them and understand what is paraphrasing is in actuality.


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