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Perfect Online Plagiarism Checkers for your Writings in 2023

Currently, students write multiple kinds of essays and other papers. The length of that assignments varies from several paragraphs and up to hundreds of pages, depending upon the course requirement. Furthermore, those papers should consist of plagiarized-free content as writing original assignments from scratch is the basic need of every student. Isn’t it the reason to use one of the plagiarism checkers available on the web? Let’s figure it out.

Imagine a situation – you have spent several months writing a thesis, now you have spent several days proofreading and editing the final draft, are you ready to submit your assignment? Mmmm… but what about plagiarism? I guess it the right time to check your assignment for plagiarism, and here is where online plagiarism checkers can help.

If a teacher finds any duplicate content in a student’s assignment or essay, he/she has the complete right to take any action against them, and those actions might even ruin someone’s career. Therefore, the importance of originality is undisputable.

If you do not want to prove you didn’t plagiarize, you better check your written piece. To check the originality of the essays and assignments, students and teachers use multiple online plagiarism checking tools and in this article, I will concentrate on some of the best online plagiarism checking tools to help students and teachers find duplicate content.

Top 4 Plagiarism Checkers for Essay Writing

Checking essays for plagiarism is the most important factor before submitting them to the teachers. Many famous essay checkers are available online, and I decided not to share well-known options that you can find in many listicles online. I want to share some original and fresh options with you, friends.

The following websites provide some excellent plagiarism checkers to detect the copied text form essays and other academic documents:

1. Quetext.com


Quetext is widely famous for providing the best online plagiarism checking tool.

The plagiarism checker by Quetext uses Deep Search technology to detect duplicate content quickly.

How to use this Plagiarism Tool?

Follow these steps to use this tool:

  • Directly write or paste the text into the checker.
    • Upload a file from the system in different formats
  • Click on the ‘Check Plagiarism’ button.

The tool further uses its advanced algorithms and matches the entire file with all online resources to find the duplicate text.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Files: This online tool allows students to upload files in multiple formats, including PDF, TXT, DOC, and DOCX, etc.;
  • Deep Search Technology: It also uses deep search technology and deeply scans the document to find any plagiarized text;
  • Citation Assistant: The tool comes with the best built-in citation assistant to cite copied paragraphs;
  • Report Generation: After checking the complete document, it generates the final report and shows the percentage of plagiarized text;
  • Color Grade: This feature helps students to find the matched source quickly. It further highlights the text which matched with your file;
  • Download Report: It also provides an option to save the final result report into the system just within a single click;
  • Word Limit: This online tool allows students to check 1000 words just for 3 free queries;

To increase search queries, students have to purchase its paid version.

 2. Prepostseo.com

Prepostseo website

The website provides an incredible plagiarism checker to help several students, bloggers, and SEO experts quickly detect the copied text. It’s super simple and easy to use compared to other options available on the web.

The plagiarism checker by Prepostseo focuses on providing accurate results by using its latest deep search technology.

How to use this Plagiarism Checker?

The Prepostseo website doesn’t require any login process to detect check the originality of essays and multiple documents.

Simply follow the below steps to use this free online checker:

  • Write or paste the text directly into the input box of the checker;
  • Upload a file from the system in different file formats;
  • Press the ‘Check Plagiarism’ button to detect the plagiarized text.

The checker further scans the entire file and compares the text with all online databases and resources to quickly find the duplicate content.

Key Features:

  • Different Files: This free checker provides an option to upload files in multiple formats, including the DOCX, TXT, PDF, and TXT, etc.;
  • Exclude Links: It also allows users to check the originality of a webpage simply by pasting the link into the Exclude URL option;
  • Latest Deep Search: The best thing about this checker is that it is using excellent deep search technology to find every single piece of plagiarized text;
  • Allow Citation: The online checker provides an option for users to cite multiple phrases and paragraphs just within a single click;
  • Percentage: After generating the final report, it quickly shows the percentage of plagiarized and unique content;
  • Paraphrased Text: The checker deeply analyzes the text and highlights the paraphrased content;
  • Save Report: After generating the final report, it provides an option to save the result report into the system just within a few seconds;
  • Word Limit: This free plagiarism checker provides unlimited search queries with a 1000 word limit to check-plagiarism of several documents.

3. Plagly.com

plagly screenshot

The plagiarism checker by Plagly also provides an option to detect the copied content quickly.

This free online tool compares the given text with almost every online resource to instantly find the copied text.

How to use this Online Plagiarism Tool?

The user interface of this plagiarism detector is quite simple and easy to use.

Follow the below steps to find the copied text:

  • Simply paste or write the text into the checker;
  • Click on the ‘Check your Text’ to find the duplicate content.

The online tool further matches the given file with several online resources to find every single piece of plagiarized text.

Key Features:

  • Copy and Paste: It allows students to directly paste the essays and other documents into the checker to find the duplicate content;
  • Next Level Technology: This free online tool uses the next-level technology to detect the plagiarized content;
  • Natural Language Processing: This feature of this online tool automatically checks for grammar mistakes;
  • Word Count: It also shows the total word count of the written document;
  • Percentage: After analyzing the entire files, it quickly highlights the percentage of unique content;
  • Actual Source: It also highlights the plagiarized text and provides the actual source of the content;
  • Secure to Use: This online tool is completely secure and free to use for multiple online purposes.

4. Writer.com


One of the most recent plagiarism checkers on the market that already proved its trust.

Not only does it check your copy for plagiarism, but also provides other AI services like text clear checking, error-free check, and one of the most interesting parts – it can check your text whether it is easy to understand. A great addition to the main tool.

How to use this Online Checker:

You do not need to make an account to use this tool, just follow the steps below:
  • Click the resources tab on the right-hand side of the screen and select ‘plagiarism checker‘;
  • Click inside the box where it says “enter your text here”;
  • Write out the text or paste it directly into the checker;
  • Once you type or paste your desired text, the plagiarism checker will automatically detect the plagiarized text.

Writer’s online plagiarism checker is a simple, AI-powered assistant. It scans your text for every type of mistake, from silly punctuation errors to nuanced grammatical mistakes, irregular verb conjugations, misspelled words, and more.

Key Features:

  • Reviews Unoriginal Text: The checker shows the text that is unoriginal and provides the link to the site where the content is plagiarized from.
  • Word Limit: This free plagiarism checker provides unlimited search queries with a 2000 word limit to check the plagiarism of several documents.
  • Percentage: It shows the percentage of plagiarized and unique content immediately.
  • Paraphrased Text: The checker deeply analyzes the text and highlights the paraphrased content.
  • Technology Driven: Writer.com uses techniques from artificial intelligence, such as deep learning. Deep learning systems start out with the capacity to learn and then are trained to recognize patterns by being shown many examples.
  • Free Chrome extension: You’ll see real-time feedback on your writing across Gmail, Google Docs, and most web-based applications. With this tool, you’ll achieve consistency and clarity across all types of writing, from emails to blog posts and reports.
  • More than just a Plagiarism checker: It will also check your writing for grammar, spelling, tone, style, and more. Focus on what you want to say, and it’ll help you say it effectively.

Select the plagiarism checker that suits you best

Submitting plagiarized-free essay documents and other academic files is the need of every student. Students can use one of the mentioned above online tools to check the originality of their essays and assignments before submitting them to the schools. As someone’s said – “forewarned is forearmed!”

Originality – is what makes your paper ROCK!

All of the mentioned above plagiarism checkers come with some excellent features to quickly find the copied content. The plagiarism checking tool by Quetext can deeply analyze every single piece of the content to check the originality of the file. And the plagiarism checker by Prepostseo provides an incredible option to find plagiarized content by using its deep search feature quickly. Both of these tools support multiple file formats and quickly highlight the plagiarized text within a single click.

Still, some other checkers will be useful not only for students but for businesses. One of the business plagiarism checkers can be found in the Grammarly tools. More about Grammarly you can find in our article on how to use Grammarly for your business.

Ready to check your essay using plagiarism checkers?

Yeah, I also care about the originality of the content and each time check my final draft for plagiarism. Sometimes even custom content you have written from scratch might include some plagiarized parts and such tools can be very useful to avoid duplicating someone else’s content.

Now you are ready to check your content. Simply select the option that suits your needs and start your online check.

Good luck with your writing gigs and share your experience in the comment section below the article.

Vasy Kafidoff

Vasy Kafidoff is a co-founder and CEO at Writing Metier, who has a keen interest in the academic world and technology. He is a cryptoromantic and blockchain enthusiast for more than 4 years now, and he is excited about the way technology shapes financial and educational systems. Check his personal blog to find more tips on writing.

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