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Using Grammarly for Your Business

Grammarly is a well-known application that helps to produce error-free and well-written texts. You’ve probably heard of it, as it has grown significantly in recent years in the number of customers. 

A lot of people think that it is useful only for students of professional writers, but Grammarly can be helpful for almost any business. After all, cohesive writing is used in all official corporate communication, whether it is an email, social media post, report, or presentation. Grammarly helps to enhance writing not only by checking grammar but with relevant suggestions and many premium features. 

Whether you are running an article writing service, a digital marketing agency, an eCommerce website, or have a personal blog, this software solution can be extremely beneficial for you. Let’s start with the functionality Grammarly provides. 

business women using Grammarly

The Basic Functions of Grammarly

Overall, there are two main options when it comes to this application. One can use a free version and a premium one. There is also a premium business offer, which is advantageous for those, who buy several licenses for employees. 

The main functionality of the free version of Grammarly includes: 

  • Grammar. This is the main feature that corrects all grammar mistakes. It uses AI at its core and the suggestions are pretty good. Overall, it is one of the best software when it comes to advanced proofreading;
  • Punctuation. This is a small thing a lot of people forget about. Punctuation is a pain point for many native speakers and non-English speakers;
  • Spelling. Grammarly also corrects spelling very well and makes suggestions on easier words. The main benefit is that it has different options when it comes to norms of English – Canadian English, American, British, and Australian. If you are working for different countries, this is a necessary tool because manually changing all “socialize” on “socialize” might be quite a daunting task; 
  • Writing style. Grammarly also makes suggestions on the style. The free subscription is pretty basic and highlight tautology or complex constructions; 
  • Clarity. In the free version, you can only see the general rating of the text – how clear the delivery is. It is still a good thing to keep in mind; 
  • Engagement, This feature of Grammarly evaluates how engaging the text is. Even if it is a workflow presentation, it doesn’t have to be boring. 

In general, a free version is well-designed and useful. It is great for students, bloggers, writers, or any other people dealing with content creation. But it is quite basic at the same time, there are not many advanced features, and if you really want to get all the benefits of this solution, it is worth looking into a premium subscription. 

The Premium Features of Grammarly 

So premium subscription offers the same functions and several more advanced benefits, such as:

  • Plagiarism checker. Grammarly plagiarism checker is one of the best features of the premium version. It is incredibly helpful for anyone who wants to know for sure that their text is 100% original ad unique. It is credible and easy to use ; 
  • Advanced writing style suggestion. You will not only get a score of your performance in terms of clarity and engagement but also suggestions on how to make it better. Grammarly app helps to eliminate extensive use of passive voice or prepositions; 
  • Setting goals for writing. Now, one can set the goal for every text to make proofreading even more advanced. You can choose the tone, emotion, intent, and domain – whether it is technical or business writing; 
  • Setting the intended audience. Another feature that makes your text more engaging and interesting is the option to choose the audience. It helps to adjust the writing style to the target readers; 
  • Consistency checker. This is a small but very helpful function of the Grammarly app that shows consistency through the text. For example, whether you write “10 a.m.” or “10 a.m.” It is very important for business and corporate documents as it is a sign of professionalism; 
  • Advanced suggestions and explanation of rules. Premium Grammarly check doesn’t only highlight the error but also offers a relevant explanation behind it. This is particularly good for those who know English as a second language. It helps to get better at writing and more conscious about common rules; 
  • Performance reports. I personally enjoy this option of Grammarly checks very much. It sends you reports on your performance that include interesting statistics on how much have you’ve written. But it also offers an insight into the most common mistakes and errors, which helps to get better at writing in the long run. 

Premium Grammarly online also ensures 24/7 support and more advanced security measures. It is a great investment for any company that cares about its reputation, image, and performance. After all, there is often only one chance to make a good impression. And if the letter you send to a potential client is full of errors, the impression will not be good. 

person with a laptop using grammarly

Where to Use Grammarly Check? 

One of the things that I like about Grammarly is how flexible it is when it comes to usage. It can be used as:

  • Desktop application for both Mac and Windows; 
  • Grammarly extension to almost any browser that works with Google Docs, emails, social media posts, etc. 
  • An application on the smartphone, both for iOS and Android; 
  • MS Office add-in. How to add Grammarly to Word? It is easy, and you need to download a specific file on a website and install it. Now you have Grammarly plagiarism and spell checker right in your Word Document. 

And, of course, one can use Grammarly online in a browser.

Benefits of Grammarly for Business

Whether you choose Grammarly online or a desktop app, it can be used for almost any company. The main benefit is to make your writing more cohesive and flawless. 

It can be used for employees that work with clients and partners and prepare documents. It can also be used in the marketing department, as they usually work with writing advertising and promotional content. Overall, Grammarly is incredibly helpful for both internal written communication and external communication or content creation. It is a protecting shield that makes sure that all of the texts you produce are of the highest quality. Here are the main benefits of using Grammarly for a business: 

  1. Correct writing. Written communication is one of the main forms of delivering ideas in modern business. And your texts, whether it is an email or blog post, reflect your business. Even the smallest mistake can seriously damage your reputation as it shows a lack of focus, unprofessionalism and makes the impression that you simply do not care. 
  2. Check for plagiarism. This feature of Grammarly is especially useful for content creators, academic writers, and marketers. The uniqueness of the text is one of the main factors that influence its SEO performance. Any type of copy-pasting or similarities will make the page get a lower ranking, which means lower reach and smaller business and marketing opportunities. 
  3. Get better at writing. It is a skill, after all, which means anyone can get better with some time and effort. Grammarly helps with that with its advanced suggestions on words’ use, style, tone, and clarity. And the report is great in showing the main pain point of your writing. It is equally helpful for native speakers and those who have English as their second language. After some time, you’ll learn what mistakes you usually make, understand the rule behind them, and stop making them. 
  4. It helps to adjust a text to a specific cause and audience. This premium Grammarly feature is great for content and marketing purposes. Yet, it also works just fine for business or technical writing. Every text needs to have a clear goal, message, and target audience. These factors make sure that you can communicate your idea clearly to these specific readers. And this solution helps with it, even if you have no idea about rhetorical means of persuasion or different writing styles. You just need to set goals, and Grammarly check will do it for you. 
  5. It works for emails, social media posts, and any type of writing you do in the browser. The best part is – Grammarly is GDPR compliant, which adds additional protection to your texts. 

Grammarly is a great tool that can do so much more than a simple grammar check. Its premium features can enhance your business communication, marketing, and content. 


Vitalii Anufriiev

Vitalii Anufriiev is a co-founder and marketing professional at WritingMetier. His areas of interest include digital marketing, brand strategy, and the use of social media for business growth.

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