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What is a White Paper in depth ?

The term white paper originated from government reports when color-coding was used. The white paper meant that it is open to the general public. 

Nowadays, however, this format is widely used by companies and industry leaders of all sizes to establish their expertise and generate leads. Basically, it is a formal document that goes in-depth into the problem, technology, mythology, etc. It can use original research, statistics, and valuable insights. In this article, I’ll go over the basics and benefits of white paper writing and why it is advantageous to hire a professional write paper writing service for a business. 

What is What Paper Writing About? 

The term is sometimes used interchangeably with ebooks in content marketing. But white papers tend to be more formal and in-depth. Usually, it is a 5-30 page guide on a specific topic, issue, product, technology, or industry report. 

Professional white paper writing service defines several types of this format, such as: 

  • Background study that explains a methodology, a product, or its benefits;
  • Solution of the specific problem of the industry; 
  • Presentation of recent research or statistics of the field; 
  • Technology presentation with its functionality and its advantages; 
  • A hybrid form is when a white paper writer combines a couple of the themes mentioned above (presentation of the technology and showcasing how it can solve a particular problem, for example).

Nowadays, it is a part of a successful content marketing strategy and a piece of everyday copywriting for a huge number of brands. Also using paraphrasing is a good tool to improve any content. 

White Paper writing service
White Paper writing service

The Purpose of White Papers

So why is this format and write paper writing service so popular? It is a perfect instrument to establish one’s expertise and industry leadership. It can be a great way to introduce the general public to a product or methodology of the company. It can also attract new customers and lead them directly to the buyer’s tunnel. 

Expert white paper writing services can create a piece that will go viral, which increases brand awareness. As a result, a company’s site gets more visitors, engagement, and sales. 

Of course, the format is a promotional and marketing tool, yet it is not a sales pitch. It should promote the company rather indirectly; otherwise, it won’t gain as much traction. 


What Companies Benefit from White Paper Writing Service? 

The short answer is all of them. Any type of business can use this powerful tool to its advantage. And an expert white paper writer is exactly the type of person that helps to become a leader of opinions and thoughts. 

White paper writing is widely used in such industries as:

  • IT and Technology use it to present their discoveries, innovations, and new products. It is a great way to showcase the benefits of a particular product as well as the ground research behind it. 
  • Financial institutions and research centers use it as a perfect way to present their findings; 
  • NGO organizations and social activists; 
  • Healthcare institutions as well as pharmaceutical producers; 
  • Marketing businesses;
  • B2B companies of all industries. 
  • Even for building your personal brand.

Overall, if your business wants to be a noticed leader with original input on the subject, it is a format to go for. 

No wonder white paper writing has taken an important place among other types of business content creation, like a speech writing service or a professional letter writing service

White Paper for your business at Writing Metier
White Paper writing service you can order at Writing Metier

How to Write White Papers

There are three things to keep in mind before you start on the actual draft. 

    1. Relevant topic. It can be by far one of the most challenging tasks. The topic of the text should be interesting to the public. And it has to lie in the area of the expertise of the business. It is something you are qualified at and have something to add to general discourse. Also, there should be a decent content gap on this topic, meaning it is not yet overdone by others. If you have nothing new to add, the topic is not relevant. 
    2. Audience. One needs to be mindful of the audience the same way you consider it when writing business letters or speeches. Who are the target readers? Is it general public or industry experts? The audience defines the tone and style of writing, as well as the choice of particular terminology. The general public might need some fundamentals explained, while experts would find it rather annoying. 

Distribution as a rule of thumb, white papers are posted on the company’s website. They can also be marketed via other channels, like social media or promotion. The main question is – is it going to be completely free or a gated piece? The first one ensures more readers, but the second one offers generation. There is also a mixed option when a couple of pages are available to read without registration, and other parts are gated. The choice depends on business objectives.

Give Value

Yes, it is a piece with the goal of promotion and raising business awareness. But it is not advertising. It has to have value to any person interested in the subject, even if they are not going to be customers. 

The more useful information, stats, or insights a white paper writer uses, the more shared the piece gets. It also builds trust with the audience and showcases your expertise. Include research, interview with professionals, stats on the product, etc. 

Create a Narrative 

The main reason why working with a white paper writing service is beneficial is that they know how to tell a story. Yes, you might be an expert, and you might have all this great data to share. But if you do it in an unreadable and boring way, no one will be able to get through it. 

A top-notch white paper writer knows exactly how to create an engaging text for any subject. It is about narration, building tension, climax, and resolution. 

White paper writing requires a specific set of skills and experience to be done correctly. So it only makes sense to delegate the task to professionals in the content creation field. 

Always Add Visuals

Nothing makes data more digestible than visuals. It is especially important when it comes to complex reports and statistics. A great white paper writing service will tell you the same – you need to provide graphs, infographics, charts, illustrations, etc. It keeps a reader entertained, helps to keep the focus and not lose attention. And it is the best way to explain even the most difficult ideas. 


It is not a great idea to advertise yourself in the body of the paper. Yet, it would be a shame not to do so in conclusion. A white paper writer needs to add a call to action or mention a relevant product of a company at the end. At least provide the contact details, so interested leads can find you. 

Decide on the Form

Usually, white paper writing is given in PDF format. It is a safe choice and the most popular one. But it is not mobile-friendly at all. PDF files do not adjust to smaller screens, and the majority of all internet traffic is mobile nowadays. Consider other forms – for example, interactive digital presentations or slides. One can also offer both options to visitors.

A white paper is a powerful tool in modern content marketing. It helps to present findings and studies, as well as products and technologies. It also helps to generate leads if you choose to gate it and acquire registration or social media login to access the full text. But most importantly, it allows establishing industry leadership and expertise. That’s why hiring a white paper writing service is a great investment for a business that wants to be seen as a credible one. 

Vitalii Anufriiev

Vitalii Anufriiev is a co-founder and marketing professional at WritingMetier. His areas of interest include digital marketing, brand strategy, and the use of social media for business growth.

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