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How to Create Interesting Content? 🧐

It is all about the content in digital marketing and social media marketing. Whether you are hosting a personal blog, writing for a company’s website, or working on a whole digital marketing strategy – the content is the king. 

Of course, everyone knows that it needs to be relevant, informative, and helpful. But before all of that, it has to be interesting. No one is going to read and share a boring article even if it is well-researched. No one gets motivated to buy something if a product description is plain. 

Interesting content is what drives sales, attracts a loyal audience, and helps to build a self-brandHow to create interesting content? Well, that’s exactly what I want to discuss today. 

How to Create Interesting Content

It is All About Perspective when you try to create interesting content

One might say that some topics are just generally not that exciting to write about. How do you create interesting content that is engaging and about armchairs? Well, the secret in perspective you take on the matter. Or even simpler – the question you want to answer in an article. 

For instance:

  • When was the first armchair invented? 
  • What are the most extraordinary-looking armchairs in the world? 
  • What makes some armchairs comfortable and others not? 

This is just an example of how to create interesting content starting from the intent. Even if you are writing a post or an article on a topic you consider plain, try to approach it from a new perspective.

How to Find the Right Questions for Interesting Content?

Here is an issue – everyone has a tunnel vision of some sort, especially when it comes to the subjects you know well. That’s why many entrepreneurs just hire a content writing service, which has its massive benefits. But if you want to master it yourself, here are several tips on looking for the right questions:

  • Search at Quora questions regarding the topic – what are people asking about? What gaps in the knowledge do they have? 
  • Analyze search stats for this topic or LTK with one of many tools (for example, Answer the Public). Pay attention to related searches. Maybe an interesting content idea is hiding there. 
  • Another tip on how to create interesting content is to think of the topic as if you heard of it for the first time ever. Write down all questions and ideas that come to mind. There is no time to judge and edit and here is where editing tools can help. It should be a brainstorming practice. 
  • Remember to ask «what », « when », « why », « who », and « how ».

Do market research on the things people look for, the things that are overdone, and things that are not done yet. Create a content piece according to your target audience and their interests. 

Narrow the Focus Down

There is one common mistake a lot of people make in the article writing field. They want to fit as much information as they could in 3,000 words. Yes, a text should give practical tips and advice, but do not overload it and try to fit all the things in. 

Focus on one question for a post. Create a content piece that fully answers it. And if you have more ideas, just hold them to the next one. Also, some knowledge about copyright will be super useful.

Use Unique Voice 

Some might think that perfecting personal writing style is important only for self-branding. But having a distinct voice is essential for any type of business or individual that wants to create interesting content.

Why? Well, nothing is truly new and rarely unique. Probably people can find the same information elsewhere. So why should they come to your blog? Well, for your take and your personality. 

How to create interesting content that shows you behind the lines? It is not as simple as it seems and might take a while. Just be honest, open, and give your opinions. Also, write closer to the way you talk. 

And do not forget about humor – that is the advice that any professional content writing service will give you. Try to have a lightweight, rather casual, or humorous approach when it is appropriate. Such as product description that requires a lot of research and quite soft content that would be easy to understand. 

How to create interesting content if you do not know how to joke? Well, you can always add funny pictures of gifs to the post, and they’ll do everything for you. 

Tell a Story 

Storytelling is a great way to make any text more engaging. People love stories, we all do. That’s one of the oldest ways of sharing information. So try to create content in a storytelling manner. Interesting content can be some time taken from sources such as articles or blogs.

  • Think of some of your personal stories on the subject or maybe something your friends experienced; 
  • Decide on the main topic and how you want to unveil it; 
  • Choose to tell it chronologically or not; 
  • Paint a picture, make sure to use metaphors, figurative language, and description adjectives; 
  • Do not overload it with characters and plot twists; 
  • Highlight the conclusion or the lesson learned.

It can be a part of your style and make your writing stand out. 

Add Credibility 

Interesting content also needs to be trustworthy. Do your research and find relevant sources to link. It is a kind of standard practice now. And now, Wikipedia isn’t the most credible source out there. 

When you need statistics and facts, start with checking official governmental boards and their websites. Or simply add “.org” to your Google search. 

How to create interesting content with credibility? Add a little bit of spice to it. Do not stop at official stats or something plain. Look for interesting facts, humorous takes and research, and unexpected data. 

Interesting content means something is surprising or exciting. Try to find a credible source that is also original. 

Use Multiple Mediums

Another perfect way to diversify your writing is by using various mediums. It is not only how to create interesting content but also how to present it. Even White Paper requires multiple Mediums. 

The majority of people are visual learners. So if you deal with lots of data and stats, it is a great idea to add graphs and pictures. 

Using high-quality photographs and visuals is a must nowadays. But there are many ways to take a unique approach, like creating your own digital art, highlighting quotations with pictures, or incorporating videos. 

Create a content piece that incorporates multiple mediums to make it entertaining and comprehensive. 

Do Not Forget About Formatting 

This is rather a technical detail, yet it has a major impact on content’s performance in search engines. And it also can grasp attention or turn the audience away from the post. An experienced employee of a content writing service will always tell you that layout is essential to keep readers attention. 

If the page looks like a bulk of text with no stops or lists, it is just intimidating. The majority of people do not look for dissertations. 

Create a standard outline with the heading and subheadings you use. When working on a post, use it as a plan. 

Add lists, tables, and paragraphs. Use different registers or italics to highlight important words. Make it easy to read and easy to follow.  

Even if you are collecting interesting content for your YouTube blog etc., you might use a video editor to make sure that your content is formatted correctly. Formatting is important and you should try to pay attention to this step 🤓.

How to Create Interesting Content Summary

In Summary 

I hope these tips on how to create interesting content are going to be helpful. Remember that any topic can be exciting with a new perspective or surprising approach. And no subject should be given in a plain and boring way. Search for what your audience is interested in, find unusual or fascinating stats, and make it work. Let your unique writing style shine through. 

Vitalii Anufriiev

Vitalii Anufriiev is a CEO and Co-founder at Writing Metier. Sharing facts and tips in EdTech will inspire you to learn and do more.

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