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Business Marketing and Social Media

Social media is a crucial part of our lives and is also an essential factor of business marketing. Any business, whether it is small or huge, has to have a strong online presence. Social media content strategy is a must-have in today’s world. If you are not convinced, here are some interesting statistics to consider before hiring a social media content writing service:

48% of the world’s population are social media users (3.78 billion) – it is a huge audience;

Social media usage is different for various groups. 84% of 19-29 years old use it, as well as 81% of 30-49 years old, 73% of 50-64 years old, and 45% for 65+ age group;

73% of marketers consider a social media content strategy as effective and positive; 

54% of browses of these platforms are to research products. Half of the time of socials people are looking for brands and services; 

Instagram has the second-highest ROI among marketers.

Social media content writers know first-hand that these platforms offer a lot of benefits for any type of company that is looking for organic growth, constant feedback, and demographic insights. No wonder that 71% of buyers said that they are likely to recommend a brand if they had a positive service experience via social media. A company that wants to succeed in modern times needs a skilled social media content writing service or team as much as strong business writing. Now, let’s go over all benefits of social media content strategy for a business or individual entrepreneurs. 

Building a Brand through Social Media Content

Building a Brand

Social media content writers work together with other marketers in building a brand, telling its story, and the values around it. Combined with blogging and article writing, social media content can:

Increase brand awareness. The half of population is on social media with about 2.5 hours per day. It is the easiest way to make one’s brand noticed and well-known. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow reaching the target audience naturally and with little investment. 

83% of users discovered new products on Instagram explore page.

Humanize company 

It is easy for an individual social media content creator to keep their brand personal and human. But for companies, it is much harder. And buyers want to have more meaningful human connections rather than following a faceless corporation. 

Social media allows introducing the team behind the product or service. One can also share the experience of customers. Social media content writers help to build authenticity and stand out from the competition. Take Wendy’s Twitter as an example of one of the success stories. 

Establish leadership

When one needs a well-written presentation, they get a speech writing service. When a company wants to establish their leadership on the market, they go for social media content. It is a great way to update followers on the news, studies, insights, etc. 

Showcase your expertise so people will come to your socials as a reliable source of information. For example, LinkedIn is an extremely great place for that. 

Keep you in charts 

People log in several times a day. When they are bored, when they are waiting for something, or when avoiding saying “hi” to an old acquaintance. It would be a shame to miss the opportunity to connect with customers and followers. 

Sometimes what it takes to be on top is to be on one’s mind. Reminding about you with stories and posts is a great way to keep a digital word of mouth. 

And users will be happy to see something new in their feed. 

Growing Audience

The next beneficial aspect of social media content and platforms is that they help to grow an audience. Professional social media content writing services can help to: 

Increase site traffic

Social media content writers create texts that drive customers and visitors to your website. It is a key source of organic traffic together with SEO. When you publish a new blog post or article, you can share it via socials and increase the number of visitors tremendously. 

And if the post is good people can share it, which is a free promo. 

Generate more leads

Another focus of social media content writing services is generating leads from people that expressed interest in a product or service. For example, Facebook has a separate feature for such goal – lead ads. The best part is that even paid advertising on social is significantly cheaper than more traditional campaigns or Google Ads. 

Increase sales 

What makes social media content writers professionals is their ability to sell. Platforms like Instagram or Facebook should be a part of your selling funnel. Whether it is a paid ad or a post from the explore page – it can bring a new customer to a shopping cart in a couple of clicks. 

Partner with influencers

Influencer marketing is pretty common nowadays. Simply because it works. People are more likely to buy products that are used or recommended by the influencers they trust. Such cooperation works for all mentioned above – from attracting a new audience and up to increase of sales. 

Communicating with Audience 

SM platforms are the best way to communicate directly with your target audience. Nowadays there are no press conferences; people look for updates on socials. Social media content writing service will help a brand with:

Management of reputation 

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of reputation. People are looking not only for quality products but also for shared values and ethical producers. A social media content creator or a team managing SM help to manage the narrative. 

A brand can answer questions and comments, as well as participate in discussions about the products. If there is something negative said, it is better to address it as fast as possible. 

Do people complain about shipping delays on Twitter? Answer it! Someone is not happy with the product? Answer and propose a refund. 

Users now expect companies to react. It shows that a brand cares about customers and reputation. 

Deflecting crisis

A crisis can happen to anyone. Even if you put 120% effort into quality control, something might go wrong. And it is essential to have a strategy for such a case. The faster a company acts, the less the scandal will be. 

Your social media content creator or manager needs to have a clear policy for such events. 

Maintaining customer service 

Fast response on socials is something people kind of expect nowadays. If someone has questions, it is easier for them to reach out on Instagram rather than call customer service. 

The opportunity to use SM as another level of customer support is a great way to establish loyal customer relations. 

Audience engagement 

Why use a social media content writing service instead of just posting pictures and reposting blog articles? Because it doesn’t work. Audience engagement is what drives social media and all related benefits. And pictures or reposts do not leave a lot of options of engagement. 

On contrary, a professional content creator can write thought-provoking pieces, engage in the comments, post questions or polls. 

Deep Insight 

Social media already have huge piles of data on their users. And those are your potential customers. Access to this data allows getting more insights on demographics, pain points, motivations, possible new markets, etc. 

A company can learn more about their customers to provide an excellent customer experience, develop new products, and figure out pricing. Overall, working with this data is all about making number-based decisions instead of building a business strategy on guessing.  

And all reporting and analytics help to evaluate ROI and plan out new strategies. 

Social Media Content writing service

In Summary 

Social media content is not only necessary for business growth. It is a powerful tool in communicating with the audience, building brand awareness, increasing sales, and attracting new clients. It is an affordable way to promote one’s products or get more insights into the audience and their motivations. Well-written content can go viral and get reposted all over the internet. All of that is too good to miss out on. That’s why investing in a social media content writing service is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. 

Vitalii Anufriiev

Vitalii Anufriiev is a co-founder and CEO at WritingMetier. His areas of interest include digital marketing, brand strategy, and the use of social media for business growth.

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