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IB Economics IA Topics | SL and HL Ideas

When working on an International Baccalaureate Internal Assessment (IA), the most important thing is to select the right topic. You can only write well when you have a topic you are interested in. Not just that, but you should also have ample information on it to be able to work. There are so many IB economics IA topics that you can choose from based on what you are good at.

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is select an article that talks about something that has recently happened. It can be anything at all that interests you and is relevant to the current times. Be it microeconomics topics or macroeconomic ones, go for the one that interests you and the one that you think you can write best about. It has to be something that you have enough material to write on and back up with your ideas.


Together with topics, its crucial to select the right article for your IB Economics IA

Once you select the topic, you need to find an article that you can analyze based on that. Then, you need to write a commentary on that. This is something that is extremely important and can help you with your topic.

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If you struggle to find the topic that suits you best, here are a few ideas that can help you choose the best one for yourself.

IB Economics IA SL Topics 🤔


Let’s start from the Standart Level topic for your Economics IA. Change in quantity demand happens when either the price of a good or service increases on goes down. Demand itself entirely changes due to other non-price factors. For this, you can use several different articles. Analyzing this topic is fairly easy since you’ll see that many articles talk about demand and analyze it in the best of ways. Currently, many articles talk about the COVID situation and how it has affected the market in many parts of the world.


Similarly, supply is also an exciting topic. In your Internal assessment, you can easily talk about how producers are willing and able to sell goods and services at a certain price across the market. For this topic also, you will see so many different articles that shed light on this.

Government intervention

In this IB SL Economics IA topic, you can talk about a lot of the different ways in which the government intervenes to be able to alter the prices, bearing in mind factors that work for the betterment of society. For those who are interested in ESS IA ideas, I have written another article with a list of great topics.


Taxes are widely studied in economics in terms of the impact that they have on several different things. When placed on certain products or things, you will see that the price of those tends to increase. The increase in price gives profit to the government that the government then uses in ways that it deems fit based on what it wants to achieve or the goals that it has for the society. This is one of the most popular economics IA ideas, since finding articles on this topic is also reasonably easy. Not just that, but analyzing this based on other factors also becomes very much possible this way.


Governments often give subsidies to producers so that they can reduce the prices of goods and services for better distribution of income in society. This is something that is really great and also works in different ways in several different societies. This also has to be studied in order to be able to analyze the situation in the right way and understand the effect that it has.

Negative externality

Oftentimes, we see that certain goods and services have a negative impact on society. This also leads to market failure. These goods and services can also be effortless to find in different markets. Economics IA articles for this topic are also straightforward to find and extremely enjoyable to write on. Economics IA writers can really go into the depth of things when working on this topic, and hence this topic is one that is ideal for them and helps them work on things in the right way.

Positive externality

economics ia idea positive impact
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

In the same way, there are some goods that have a positive effect on society. This happens mostly in the case of a subsidy where goods and services become much more reasonable. In such a case, the effect on society is extremely positive. So what we can mainly see here is that this is also something that is especially interesting for writers to work on. In the current times, a lot of governments are working towards doing what they can for different economies so that they can make the people benefit. Hence, this topic is a superb one indeed.

Production Possibility Frontier

The production possibility frontier ideally shows the amount of two goods or services that can be produced in a country, and the opportunity cost that is attached with this. This can be studied using the most important goods or services produced in the country, to analyze how the resources are put to use here.


This is one of the types of market structures in the world where a single firm dominates the market. Many articles can be found on this that talk about how this happens, what they tend to control, and how it affects societies on the whole. This is also an intriguing topic since there is a lot to write about this. A lot of companies today have monopolies in the industries that they operate in.

Perfect Competition

In the real world, perfect competition rarely ever exists. So the idea is to see how close to perfect competition a company is, and how they can benefit from that. In different economies of the world, different industries have their dynamics that they need to work on specifically. So this is also a topic that can be very interesting to work on this way. Here, the idea is to explore how prices are set in the market, how companies enter and exit the industry and what effect this has on different markets.


Many times, some firms collaborate together in an oligopolistic market structure. The way that they tend to function is seen in how they collaborate and the terms and conditions that they have for that. So this is also seen to be a great SL topic to work on.

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Economics IA HL Ideas 💡

Economic Growth

The first economics IA High-Level topic talks about growth. Countries progress in different ways based on how well they are doing in terms of several different factors. However, GDP is the one factor that is majorly used to assess the economic growth in a country. So this can also in fact be an enjoyable topic to work on. As GDP rises, it would be useful to see how the economic well-being of a country is also rising with it. Finding an article on this topic can be super useful. A lot of countries these days are progressing at their own pace, based on what they produce.


A recession is also known as negative economic growth. It can be an engaging IB IA economics topic to work on, especially given that the pandemic affected most countries of the world adversely. Due to economic activities slowing down, a lot of economies went into a recession, where many people lost their jobs, while a lot of others also had to suffer based on decreased incomes and bankruptcy. So finding an article on this topic would also be something that is very easy. It would be useful to connect unemployment and lowered incomes of people in different countries to see how different economies have thus been affected based on that.


The unemployment rate shows the number of people who are willing and able to work, but do not have a job. recently, due to the pandemic, this rate increased in most economies. A lot of businesses had to shut down, and hence a lot of employees were fired from work. It would be interesting to see the different patterns of unemployment in different countries of the world. The discussion should mainly revolve around how unemployment levels are directly related to the economic wellbeing of a country. Theory and practice could be connected here to see the real situation of several different economies.


This is also a very interesting topic to study. Many economies of the world have risen their prices due to several different reasons, and this is something that is affecting the world population in different ways. Two types of inflation can mainly be studied. These are demand-pull inflation and cost-push inflation. demand-pull inflation is when too much demand of a certain good or service leads to producers increasing their prices to earn greater profit. On the other hand, cost-push inflation is when higher costs lead to suppliers pushing their prices higher too, to earn a certain level of profit. So this is also something that can be studied. Finding an article on this topic would also be simple since the pandemic has again led to a lot of economies increasing general price levels, which has adversely affected the quality of people’s lives. A shift in the supply curves can also help understand this in a much better way.

Income Equity

income equity economics ia topic
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

Differences in income equality in different countries show how tax rates are affecting people’s incomes in different countries. This Economics IA topic can help understand how different governments are working towards lessening the gap between the rich and the poor and how that is working. Having said that, the article that you find needs to be one that you can ideally find and analyze in the right way as well.

Demand Policies

Government spending and other government policies can have a significant impact on the demand in the economy. This is also an interesting topic to study, since different economies are now coming up with different policies so that they can tackle the different problems that the countries are facing. This is also something that is intriguing to study since it can really help understand the real situation and also allow for great analysis to happen this way.

Monetary Policy

When the lending rate of the country is changed, it leads to different things happening in the economy. After the pandemic hit, a lot of governments are now changing their policies so that they can deal with the different economic problems in their own ways. This is also a very interesting HL topic to study, since it can allow for different analytical techniques to be used this way.

Economic Development

Different countries are progressing in different ways due to the different policies that governments have. Different standards of development are a result of this. This is also a fascinating topic to study that many students often opt for, due to how interesting it is.

Final Thoughts ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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