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TOK Exhibition IA Prompts 2023/2024

The TOK exhibition is a task that confuses many students. They find it very challenging, mainly because it has a very different structure from other essays/commentaries. However, with the right understanding of how to work your way through it, you can easily get through it. All you need is to select the right TOK exhibition IA prompt and have the proper focus with determination to complete it.

The first thing you need to do when working in the TOK exhibition is to select a prompt. With several prompts given, you will have a very wide choice. You need to go with what works for you. Remember that you can only do a decent job once you select the correct prompt for your TOK exhibition in the year 2023.

Like with IB 2023 TOK essay prompts, it has to be one that you understand well and are confident about. Only then can you do justice to it. Go through all the TOK exhibition prompts first and try to understand what each requires of you. Once you know, you can decide which one you want to go with.

TOK Exhibitions prompts 2023

Here are the TOK prompts for the years 2023/2024 that you can choose from. Make sure to select wisely:

1. “What counts as knowledge?

2. Are some types of knowledge more useful than others?

3. What features of knowledge have an impact on its reliability?

4. On what grounds might we doubt a claim?

5. What counts as good evidence for a claim?

6. How does the way that we organize or classify knowledge affect what we know?

7. What are the implications of having, or not having, knowledge?

8. To what extent is certainty attainable?

9. Are some types of knowledge less open to interpretation than others?

10. What challenges are raised by the dissemination and/or communication of knowledge?

11. Can new knowledge change established values or beliefs?

12. Is bias inevitable in the production of knowledge?

13. How can we know that current knowledge is an improvement upon past knowledge?

14. Does some knowledge belong only to particular communities of knowers?

15. What constraints are there on the pursuit of knowledge?

16. Should some knowledge not be sought on ethical grounds?

17. Why do we seek knowledge?

18. Are some things unknowable?

19. What counts as a good justification for a claim?

20. What is the relationship between personal experience and knowledge?

21. What is the relationship between knowledge and culture?

22. What role do experts play in influencing our consumption or acquisition of knowledge?

23. How important are material tools in the production or acquisition of knowledge?

24. How might the context in which knowledge is presented influence whether it is accepted or rejected?

25. How can we distinguish between knowledge, belief and opinion?

26. Does our knowledge depend on our interactions with other knowers?

27. Does all knowledge impose ethical obligations on those who know it?

28. To what extent is objectivity possible in the production or acquisition of knowledge?

29. Who owns knowledge?

30. What role does imagination play in producing knowledge about the world?

31. How can we judge when evidence is adequate?

32. What makes a good explanation?

33. How is current knowledge shaped by its historical development?

34. In what ways do our values affect our acquisition of knowledge?

35. In what ways do values affect the production of knowledge?”

Each of these is very self-explanatory. However, you might have to go into further detail as you shortlist the ones you feel you can work on. Also, make sure to follow the latest rubric to score well with your TOK exhibition and get the grade you deserve.

Selecting the right topic entirely depends on how you wish to proceed with your TOK exhibition. So the decision is entirely on your shoulders.

You can also find a list of TOK essay prompts for the year 2023 by following the link here:

FAQs about the exhibition IA prompts

How many TOK exhibition prompts are there❓ There are a total of 35 of these prompts. To choose the one you want to go for, you need to go through it all in great detail, after which you can make your choice.
Can I change the wording for the prompts❓ As a student, you aren’t allowed to do that. You have to go with what you are given because there are no two ways about the situation.
How do I choose my IA prompt❓ To choose your prompt, you must go through all the given ones. After that, you can select the one that you feel works best for you. You must ensure you understand it sufficiently and that it should relate to your TOK objects if you want to work on it.

Select the topic and start working

The choice is yours, and I wish you all the best with writing your TOK exhibition. You know that you can always count on Writing Metier if you need assistance with your IB assignments. Have a chance to order a custom TOK exhibition by filling out the form that you will find by pressing the link below.


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