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SEO Tools for Your Online Business

Whatever your online business is, SEO is a crucial part of its success. Search Engine Optimization has one main goal – to increase organic traffic to your website. It is done via keyword optimization, fixing website issues, optimizing page ranking, etc. 

Improving SEO is one of the top priorities for 61% of marketers. It is essential for eCommerce stores, blogs, social media, or article writing hubs. 

It has a multitude of aspects and tools to help marketers and business owners with that. And at first, it seems like a black hole of information. But it is not as scary as it might look.

There are many SEO analytical tools, both paid and free, that will help you to start or advance your SEO game. Here is the list of the most useful and comprehensive ones. 

SEO Tools for Your Online Business

Free Google SEO Tools

Google gets its own section in the article not only because it is an industry leader. But also because it offers excellent and completely free tools that are quite enough to start with. No tool can give one more essential data than Google Analytics. 

Google Analytics 

This is one of the best SEO analytical tools out there, and definitely. The most one can get for free. It gives access to all data necessary to understand and evaluate website ranking and possible sales/visits. You’ll get data on web traffic, where it comes from, and how users behave on the website. So if you leave the page fast, you’ll know that something needs to change. 

It also gives information on audience, demographics, and users flow as well as lead generation and conversion rates. Overall, all of that helps to build a marketing strategy, figure out weak spots, and optimize the website accordingly. 

Google Search Console 

This is another great one among SEO tools from Google. Its focus is page ranking and viewing. It helps to optimize the content to get more organic traffic based on the keyword ranking of the page. It also shows popular errors like keyword stuffing or broken links on the page (all of that impacts ranking). And there is an alert system – it will notify you immediately when some issue with the website occurs. There is also information of click per word if you are interested in paid promotion. 

Google My Business

It is an easy and fast solution that allows for creating a business profile online. So when customers Google you, they’ll get this listing on the search page or the map. 

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

This is one of the SEO analytical tools developed for those who plan on paying for Google Ads, But it can also be used for keyword research. You’ll know how often the particular words are searched and their performance over time. 

Google PageSpeed Insight

Yet another small but useful tool. As the name suggests, it focuses on the loading speed of a page. And it advises on how to make the page faster. Reports are available for both desktop and mobile versions of a website. 

SEO Tools for Your Online Business

All-In-One SEO Analytical Tools

In this section, I’m listing complex and professional SEO tools that are more like suites. They offer all-in-one capabilities and functions. Because of their high functionality, all of them are available for paid subscriptions. Yet, they have some free functionality and trial periods. SEMRush is considered one of the best practice SEO analytical tools in the industry. Whether it is a successful online retailer, a professional press release writing service, or a famous travel blogger – the chances are they use SEMRush. 

It gives data on everything considering SEO, content marketing, and PPC – from paid traffic to social media analysis. It helps to develop a content strategy and gives a comprehensive analysis of the website. You’ll get information on target keywords, backlinks, content gaps online, and different search intent to understand the audience better. One can find out what content is in demand and how to shape it to attract the audience. 

is another excellent one among popular all-in-one SEO tools worldwide. It does everything – from simple keyword research to planning a paid promotion campaign. It gives all essential data on your website as well as competitors’ research. The keyword tool is very helpful in planning and managing content strategy. 

MOZ Pro 
the suite has plenty of SEO tools under the blanket name. There is a page grader, a feature that explores links and keyword functionality. It gives insight into website optimization possibilities as well. MOZ local tool allows audit citations and duplicates. It also helps to keep information about your business consistent online. You’ll get an alert if Google shows incorrect data or if the information has been edited.  

Toptal Mergewords SEO
Mergewords is a free web-based tool from Toptal, a powerfully helpful and effective digital tool that effortlessly combines words for almost any purpose. It’s typically used to build links, conduct SEO research, and develop AdWords campaigns. The tool is high-speed and easy to use. You just need to type your keywords in the three boxes and press Merge! Improve your SEO efforts by adding this tool to your daily marketing activities.

Raven SEO Tools
software is available in two options – Classic and Raven Reimagined. The first one features all functions for SEO and reporting. It helps with website audit and analysis, backlinking, marketing reporting, and ranking keywords. And one can also research competitors with this software.

The new version has all the same SEO options but also adds SEM features. So it is designed for an educated approach to digital marketing. It gives the opportunity to drive leads, make business more visible, and track ranking. 

Small SEO Analytical Tools
In this part, we’ll go over small and usually one-functional tools that can be very useful. Not everyone wants to invest in an all-in-one solution, which is fine. Luckily, they can use several 
SEO analytical tools that together do a similar job. And they are mostly free. Here are my top picks.

Rank Ranger
Its prime function is to track keyword ranking and choose the best ones for SEO and PPC. And there is also a rank risk index based on SERP changes. By doing this analysis, one can see if a negative change happens because of the website or because of changes in the Google algorithm. And it also evaluates backlinks.

Screaming Frog 
It is a cool software that helps to optimize a website and eliminate any errors (404, broken links, server issues). All of these things impact Google’s ranking. You’ll be able to manage duplicates and get a great audit of the page. And it works perfectly with Google Analytics.

Keywords Everywhere 
It is a free add-in for browsers (Chrome or Firefox). And its main goal is to provide relevant information on keyword searches. You can evaluate specific words, and their cost per click, collect keys for your press release marketing campaign, or look up competitors. Another great functionality is the ability to look up what is searched on sites like Amazon, YouTube, Bing, and Google. 

Ubersuggest App
Here is another amazing and free tool for keyword research. It has a lot of data to show – from ranking to the number of hits per period. It helps to shape the content strategy according to what people are interested in.

But it is not the only cool thing about it. Ubersuggest allows competitors’ domain overviews as well. It gives content ideas and keyword suggestions according to your inquiries. Marketers can choose the specific region they are targeting.

Backlink Tool
The name says it all – this software is great for managing backlinks. Why is that so important? Well, they also influence Google’s ranking. So if many spammy sites link to your website, you can get punished by the algorithm.

Answer the Public
It is a website designed for a better understanding of searches, their intents, and what the audience is interested in. One can type in any keyword or phrase and get a massive amount of related searches and topics based on what users look up. It is a perfect visualization of content strategies. One can find topics that are not hugely covered and add them to their strategy. And it incorporates long-tail keywords that are usually easier to rank higher for.

SEO Tools for your Business

In Summary 

SEO analytical tools are necessary for any online business that wants to succeed and gain more traction. One can start with Google functionality, simple and free apps, or get a professional all-in-one suit. 


Vitalii Anufriiev

Vitalii Anufriiev is a co-founder and marketing professional at WritingMetier. His areas of interest include digital marketing, brand strategy, and the use of social media for business growth.

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