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Product Description that work

Marketing needs to convince your target audience why they should need your products and services. 

For example, when a customer has landed on your website, now the ball is definitely in your court. You are the one who needs to convince the potential customer why your product is required and here is why you definitely need a product description template. 

And how do you do that? By the compelling product description. 

If you are writing a product description, you need to convince the stakeholders for example, of the point you are trying to make. You craft the statement carefully, choosing the right words so that the meaning is not misinterpreted. You are selling your story to the involved parties. Writing a product description is a complicated process that has a great influence on the main target, to reach the investor and a customer.

You are selling your product or service

Because when it comes to e-commerce, what matters the most is sales conversions. 

Now, writing a product description is not as simple as it sounds. There is a huge process behind it, which can be mind-numbing. And while writing a product description may sound pretty straightforward, what matters the most, in the end, is whether it is a practical product description example or not. 

This article will tell you how to write a production description and what sort of production description template you need to keep in mind.

Product description templates can be various, but all of them serve to sell the product or service. Hearing some interesting tips from the one involved in e-commerce is interesting, and here is a video 🎬.

Let’s Begin with Understanding your Target Audience

It would help if you had a defined target audience. For example, if you are a sports brand, perhaps you are reaching out to different age groups and genders, but your niche is those who play sports or are into fitness. 

As a product description writer, you need to keep the buyer persona in mind. To do so, you need to answer the following questions:

  • How would a person come to your page?
  • What would be their interests?
  • Why would they want to buy from you?
  • What features would they gain benefit from?
  • Would they talk about your product with their friends and family?

In your head, when writing a product description, think beyond the buyer persona, usually, product description writers know methods how to do that. Instead, think about why the buyer would be interested in getting the product from you. When penning down what you think, imagine that you are talking to your buyers face to face and pitching them your product in person. What would you say to them? How would you convince them to purchase your product? Having this done, now you write down your thoughts on your e-commerce platform and see if the ideas resonate online or not. There are so many comparisons and synonymous that can be used while completing your product description, such as EdTech and copywriting, for example, it means that you can use a huge number of comparisons to draw attention to your product.

Why do you need a Product Description writing service?

Of course, to sell the product to your customers. But there’s more than that. If you have optimized product descriptions, it will help you in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You need to ensure that you optimize your product description by using keywords in your descriptions. You might need a product description writer. Because this is a specialized field, you need this because you need to improve your Google page ranking. Aside from keywords, the writer may also focus on optimizing images for your products. Overall, a product description writer will help you give the results that you want concerning the descriptions and Google optimization. Also, be attentive to the grammar in the content of the product description. The product description writers at Writing Metier have a long experience and a list of successful marketing campaigns. A successful startup at Kickstarter Nuka.me was fully covered by product description writers from Writing Metier. So if you have an idea – why don’t you use a professional product description writer? Now, let’s find out some more tips.

Keep Talking about the Benefits in the Product Description

As the business owner, you need to make sure that you portray all the important qualities of your business and the products you sell. You ideally want people to know that you have the best products and offer the sort of features that your competitors don’t. So even if you are priced higher than them, you have a unique selling point with your product description.

Put the mundane details of the product aside. The buyer is probably aware of those already. What you need to focus on is what you have in a manner that benefits them.  

You need to understand that a product’s feature acts as a factual statement – you are vowing to provide everything you write in the product description to the buyers. Therefore, the product descriptions, for buyers, act as technical information. Your product description template should inform the buyer why your product will improve their lives. 

Cut short, and add key features in your product description. Discuss the cutting-edge benefits.

Be Emotional in your Product Description

There is no surprise that emotions can play a prominent role in convincing your potential audience about your product and services. By narrating a mini-background story related to your product, you connect with the buyers. 

For instance, you wish to sell coffee beans from Brazil. You need to explain to your customers why you are choosing Brazil, the significance of Brazil, and narrate the entire process of making coffee beans in Brazil. Tell them that your organization puts its heart and soul into providing you with the best coffee beans there are on the market right now. Make them emotional through your emotional story-telling in the product description. Make a list of product description examples that you can choose anytime. 

This way, you connect with the buyers other than through transactional means. They are no longer just the potential buyers – you have real, actual buyers now. The customer can be from different niches so the content should be understandable and clear, not so much complicated as medical writing 

So do not take emotions out of your product descriptions.

Keep the Product Description Natural and Real

Your product description should sound like two people having a face-to-face conversation. In a way, your friend has asked you certain questions about the product features, and you are narrating them.

Having this said, you need to put aside the computer language string of words. They sound too monotone. And frankly, no one wants that.

In Summary

If you have not written your product description so that you are talking to a friend, it’s time to rethink and rewrite it or use a product description writing service. It will help if you put some life into your words.

Your tone needs to be natural like people have an honest, real, and face-to-face conversation.

So, these are a few essential tips on how you need to write compelling product descriptions. Make sure you follow them for efficient results.

Vitalii Anufriiev

Vitalii Anufriiev is a CEO and Co-founder at Writing Metier. Sharing EdTech facts and tips will inspire you to learn and do more.

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