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Why EdTech And Academic Writing Is The Same Thing 🧐

EdTech is an abbreviation for education technology. The term refers to computers, computer programs, software tools, and various systems to provide quality education. 

What is EdTech about? 

First of all, it is important to understand that it is a broad term that encompasses many things. Investopedia describes it as software and hardware designed to improve the learning experiences in the classroom and education in general. 

EdTech includes various tools, from a laptop used to create a paper to a screen used to show educational video, and up to academic writing services offering advice online. Also, it refers to such opportunities as “online learning”, “distance learning”, and “online education”.

To put it broadly, it is any situation where technology is used for educational purposes. For instance: 

  • Interactive projection screen in a classroom; 
  • Whiteboard; 
  • Tables for digital note-taking; 
  • Student response systems; 
  • Communication apps for the class and the teacher; 
  • Software designed to train particular skills; 
  • Or even online tests to evaluate knowledge. 

What is EdTech company? It is a company that focuses on developing and releasing such solutions to the public. Some good examples of such projects are the implementation of VR/AR, gamification, or mobile learning platforms. What is an EdTech company that everyone knows? For instance, there is Duolingo. It is a language learning app that almost everyone has heard about. It uses gamification and mobile apps to offer educational opportunities worldwide. 

It is a rapidly growing industry, significantly since the COVID-19 changed the way things work everywhere. The global EdTech and Smart Classroom market reached $75 billion in value in 2019. But it is not the most impressive number. The same study predicts that it will reach $234 billion by 2027. 

What is EdTech Bringing to the Table? 

Many people think of this term as a recent one. But it started quite a time ago. As early as the 1960s, computers were being used for teaching students Math and Spelling. So it is safe to say that the practice has a long run. 

But recently is tracked much more attention. Mostly, because technology is developing rapidly today and is offering more opportunities. 

This video tutorial will explain more details regarding EdTech.

What is educational technology today is much different from what it was even 20 years ago. While previously only specific software could be used for tests or training, today, scientists implement AI and Machine learning to create unique experiences. 

What is EdTech providing in terms of benefits? Here are the main ones: 

  • More interactive and diverse tools and exercises for effective learning; 
  • Diverse ways to learn information, from audio, video, or text perspective; 
  • Accessibility of education to wider groups of the population, specifically in terms of online learning opportunities; 
  • More affordable education as online courses or distance learning is much more cost-effective than traditional college tuition; 
  • Accessibility in terms of special needs. Many programs are designed for students with learning difficulties or special needs. Education is no longer about one-size-fits-all but individual approach; 
  • Self-paced learning as every student has unique dynamics; 
  • Getting to practice is a safe environment. For example, AR/VR technology allows pilots and surgeons to train their skills in a classroom. 

Overall, it is about making knowledge accessible, affordable, and personalized. 

EdTech and Academic writing is the same thing, and here is why
EdTech and Academic writing are the same direction of online learning, this article will show why

What is EdTech to Academic Writing Service?

An academic writing service is a platform that offers expert advice and help to students online. Unfortunately, there is a lot of stigma around it nowadays due to common misconceptions. 

Many people think that such platforms do papers for students. It would be cheating, and it is considered a serious offense in the academic world. In reality, the main service credible platforms offer is consultation and education. 

An academic writing service offers help to students who struggle with writing. It doesn’t write papers for students. Instead, it offers advice on editing and formatting. And it also offers academic writing examples to help students learn the structure and style of such papers. 

The goal here is to direct a student on the right path. And all the work is done by students based on consultancy from experts. So, academic writing is, in fact, one of the EdTech tools such as Common App.  Also, you can read about what is a Rolling Admission and how it works here.

It uses technology to offer more accessible educational services. 

What is educational technology providing today? Let’s say that it is even more important nowadays, in times of global pandemic. Even two years after, the world has not completely returned to the way it was before. Lockdowns are still happening all over the world. 

For students, it means that they might be studying from home. So there are fewer opportunities to communicate with professors and peers. It is not as easy to get a consultation during office hours if one has questions about the writing. And, of course, some might feel ashamed to ask something they consider stupid. 

For such cases, an academic writing platform is a safe option. It is always available from anywhere you have internet. You can ask any questions, regardless of how silly they sound in your head. And it is more accessible than peers or professors in online learning

Why EdTech and Academic Writing are the Same Thing? 

So why are those two things so deeply connected? By saying “the same thing,” I mean that one is a part of another. 

EdTech is the merge of education and technology. And the same goes for academic writing but with a specialization in writing only. 

They both use technology, namely the internet and computer tools, to provide consultancy and educational resources. On major academic writing platforms, one can always find many articles and how-to guides describing the intricacies of scholarly texts. 

Students that do not feel confident in their skills or knowledge get all the tips right from the experts. And if they struggle with structure, editing, or formatting, they can get a sample of a paper to guide them through the process. It can be a sample of any paper, be it a capstone project, research paper, simple essay, creative paper, or critical essay, you can find almost any kind of sample paper on such websites.

But they still do the actual paper independently, just base it on the knowledge acquired. That’s why a professional academic writing service is an EdTech platform. It gives the same benefits – information, accessibility, self-paced learning, affordability, and individual approach. 


The negative attention around academic writing services has to do with a common misunderstanding of what such companies do. It is not a “write my paper for me” service, but rather an EdTech platform that ensures high-quality advice and expert tips as well as templates and examples. And it is especially important in the age of distance learning and the inability to visit traditional college classrooms. 

Vitalii Anufriiev

Vitalii Anufriiev is a co-founder and marketing professional at WritingMetier. His areas of interest include digital marketing, brand strategy, and the use of social media for business growth.

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