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Press Release as a Marketing Tool for Your Business

Some might think that a press release sounds like a tool from the pre-social media era. But in reality, it is as relevant as it can be. It is a perfect opportunity for a company or startup to get some mainstream media attention, announce product or service releases, and build brand awareness. 

A press release is a formal announcement of a newsworthy change about your business or company. It is usually quite straight to the point, factual, and short. It can cover a product release, important event, hiring of a new executive, opening of a new branch or office, etc. Previously, press releases were printed and sent only to journalists or media representatives. But now, a company can publish them on social media, main website, or blog. 

Benefits of Press Release for Marketing

Before we dive into the topic of how to write a press release, let’s discuss why it is an essential and beneficial tool for any business. Here are the main advantages of incorporating press release in your marketing strategy: 

  1. It is a free way to announce anything of importance. The main goal of the press release is to make the public aware of major events the company has. If you send it out to media representatives via email or different platforms, some journalists may report on it. It is a free way to get publicity and media coverage. This is especially amazing for small businesses and startups as it is harder for them sometimes to get media attention. 
  2. Control of information. Press release format allows a brand to control the message that is translated to the public. In a way, it is a proactive marketing tool. You decide what o report on, what to include in the text, and when to publish it. With a press release, a brand decides on what valuable information to give and in what form. 
  3. SEO. Another crucial feature of digital press releases is that you can optimize them for search engines. Usually, media representatives will use direct quotes or full text given by a company. It means that you can include backlinks and keywords that will increase the target audience and potentially bring new customers to your main marketing or content channel. 
  4. It builds trust. One of the main benefits of this tool is that it is viewed as a trustworthy news source. According to studies, 44% of journalists treat it as the most credible source of information. It means that they are likely to report on something relevant rather than speculation. And the same goes for consumers directly. Press release template allows building more trustful relations with the general public. In the long run, it increases the brand’s reputation. 
  5. There is a chance to go viral. Of course, it might not be the case for every press release out there. But if the news is exciting and has valuable insight, there is a chance that the information will go viral online. It is a perfect marketing opportunity to help interested audiences to keep up with the news and gain exposure to a new market. 

A press release will never disappear in digital marketing because of the power it holds. But as with any strict format, it requires skills and experience to be done right. That’s why many businesses chose to hire professionals for this matter, like professional press release writing service, for example. Others choose to work with freelancers on different platforms like  Fiverr. In any case, one needs to know when and how to write a press release


When a Business Can Issue Press Release? 

One of the main downsides of this tool is that media representatives are often bombarded by hundreds of texts per day. And the majority of them are not newsworthy. It means that they won’t get any publicity. How to deal with it? Well, one should know exactly when to issue a press release. The main things to report on are: 

  • New product launch. For example, you want to announce a new collection, revolutionizing product, or long-awaited service that wasn’t available before. 
  • Opening of new stores or international branches. 
  • Major events, like conferences, meet-ups, seminars that people can attend. 
  • Partnership with other companies to work on a new product or service.
  • Reporting on awards that your brand has gained. It is always great to share good news and add to the company’s reputation. 
  • Insightful industry information, for example, research that you’ve conducted and the results. 
  • Crisis management. A press release is an outstanding tool to manage public relations in case anything goes wrong. Any brand needs to react fast and honestly to prevent possible public outrage or disappointment. 

 Do not try to use press releases as an advertising technique. It can harm the company’s credibility in general as it is a completely different format. 

How to Write a Press Release

Now, let’s talk about practical tips on writing a press release. It is always better to have a standard practice for this tool and a consistent voice. It should be on-brand and unique so that a reader can distinguish the company from others. So you can establish a press release template that will be used in the future. Here are some other tips to consider: 

  1. Include essential parts, like the main announcement and all the related details, relevant dates (for example, if you are writing about an event or special offer), location, quotes, and contact information. Keep it short; a press release example is usually about one page in length. Start with the city and relevant date of release. 
  2. Start with an eye-catching headline. As I’ve said before, media representatives receive a lot of them, so make sure that the headline attracts attention and motivates a person to keep on reading. 
  3. Optimize the text to search engine. In your press release example, include keywords and terms that need to be used. 
  4. Focus on the main point. A press release needs to be factual and straightforward. Do not any information that is not directly related to the main message. 
  5. Use references and quotes from industry leaders, customers, or partners. This is especially important for businesses that are not well-known yet. To add credibility to your message or event announcement, quote a respected person that can recommend you or prove your expertise. 
  6. Send it out to several platforms. You can use your email list if you have it specifically collected for press releases. Otherwise, there are several platforms for that, such as: 
  • Business Wire; 
  • PR Web; 
  • Online PR News; 
  • PR.com; 
  • PR Free; 
  • PR Newswire.
  1. Please do not make it too dry. Yes, it is formal writing, but it doesn’t have to be boring. If vivid language is on-brand for your company, find an original voice for a press release. If it seems too complicated, consider partnering with professionals. For example, you can order a press release of Writing Metier to make sure that everything is at its best.

In Summary 

A press release is a dashing marketing tool that helps to manage public relationships proactively. And it is as relevant for digital marketing strategies as for traditional ones. It helps to get a brand’s name out there, attract a new audience, and control the message. 

Vitalii Anufriiev

Vitalii Anufriiev is a co-founder and marketing professional at WritingMetier. His areas of interest include digital marketing, brand strategy, and the use of social media for business growth.

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