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Summer Jobs for College Students in 2022 | TOP 18 Options

Summer is just around the corner and yes, it is time to do something productive this time around. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, which continues taking the world by storm through its variants, students have already lost a lot of their valuable time and experience. On the other hand, the job market continues to be a competitive one, given how organizations lost hundreds and thousands of revenues. All in all, these tough times are not going anywhere. However, with the world reopening its doors, it is time to return to normalcy (with masks and SOPs, of course) and gets the best possible student summer jobs solutions.

In the case of youngsters, summer is a great time to get some work experience. There are numerous good summer jobs for college students where they can learn handful of experiences and skills. While the different types of summer jobs for college students serve different outcomes, one of the biggest advantages is that the youngsters get to experience what’s it like working responsibly.

It is also a great time for youngsters to get a job in summer given the extra time they have on their hands. Whether you are a college student or a high schooler, finding a flexible summer job for students can help you make some extra cash which you can spend on some hobbies or vacations with friends and family.

It is also a great way for one to learn about money management. When you work early, you realize the effort that is needed in making money and thus, you learn to value your money earned through hard work and passion. This is indeed a trait one cherishes for life.

Finally, taking a summer job also helps you get a break from your studies. It is understandable that students today undergo academic pressure from not just their families but also from institutes as well. Taking a summer job in something you are truly passionate about allows you to unwind and enjoy the time away from all the academic pressure.

Now the questions are: what are good summer jobs for college students and how can they find one? This article will share some tips and important points over easy summer jobs for college students. Even if you are searching for some options from where you will be able to get a summer internship report for your studies. Each and every job type is tailor-fit to meet different learning experiences for students, which will help them both professionally and financially.

Now, you have to keep in mind that the availability of these jobs and their pay scale may vary because it largely depends on different aspects such as:

  • Your location
  • Your current work experience
  • Your age
  • The employer
  • Child labor laws and work regulations regarding the locality

Best Summer Jobs for Students

Having that said, you need to be aware of your rights as a youngster and make sure that you are not overworked and underpaid as per the law. So, here are some of the summer jobs for college students in 2022 you might want to consider for yourself.

1. Lifeguard

lifeguard summer job

Lifeguard is one of the most common types of jobs which college-going students opt for during the summer. It is a fun and engaging job, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. To work as a lifeguard, you need to be certified. And with that, it is also a well-paying job. A good option for those students who are ready for tough and responsible jobs.

2. Pool Cleaner

Speaking of lifeguards, working as a pool cleaner is a great option for those who love to work around water and enjoy swimming in the outdoors, but do not want to pay attention on critical thinking and patience.. Now you have to keep in mind that it is not as easy or straightforward as it sounds. Pool cleaners are responsible for changing the filters, keeping the pH level in check and other technicalities around the pool. So, if this is something which interests you or you have the right knowledge about it, go for it!

3. Content Writer

With COVID-19 still not packing its bags, if you prefer going for an online summer job, it won’t bite. In fact, it might actually be one of the best experiences you can equip yourself with. At this point in your academic career, you also have sound communication skills and have already done numerous work assignments yourself to know how to create pieces.

Most of the students already work as content writers or article writers, or bloggers as these job types are flexible and support student productivity. Even our team at Writing Metier has some interns for summertime who help us with editing and simple copywriting tasks. Therefore, working as a content writer would really brush your skills, believe me.

4. Blogger

As mentioned above, you can always get into blogging and start this profession as a side gig. Most people start blogging for fun, but in this modern age and time, nothing is done without being paid for. After all, time is money and, in any job where you are devoting yourself, you need to earn something out of it.

It doesn’t mean you should post images of your cats and wait for some funds to come. As a blogger, you can work for an organization and promote their work online. At the start, this might not pay a lot unless you have an established following, but if you are associated with a brand, you will get the job done.

5. Social Media Manager

All-day long, we spend our time surfing through different social media mediums and often understand the trends and behavior. Why not use this resource and knowledge for an organization and get paid for it? The best thing about social media management is that the hours are flexible and some organizations allow part-time or remote employment as well.

Put those social media skills to good use and get hired for a job this summer to earn some extra money. After all, giving a try and make someone’s personal brand using social media is the future and we should not ignore it by any means necessary.

6. Golf Caddy

You might have spotted a lot of teens working as caddies in private and old golf courses. This is another job that is really friendly for working teens and pays well. Golf caddies are mostly paid per bag that they have to carry for the 18-holes.

7. Bagger/Grocery Stocker

Here’s another common job teens usually go for in their summer vacations. You do not need any certification whatsoever. And you can work at any superstore or supermart because it’s a norm to hear teens as baggers. You will be responsible for stocking items, helping the customers with their queries and concerns and more.

Considering that it pays per hour and most of the time, it pays well for students to manage their expenses. Why not?

8. Cashier

cashier summer job

If finance is something that interests you, working as a cashier would be a nice summer job option for you. It is only one of the most flexible summer jobs for students as most of the students opt for working in retail to manage their expenses. Cash registry is a crucial skill set they need to learn and yes, it comes with a lot of responsibility and integrity.

9. Baby Sitting

This one is the type which we have seen in films and TV shows throughout our lives. Teens work as babysitters even while they are not on break. It is another type of flexible job and is sometimes ranked as the highest paying summer job for college students because parents pay for the protection of their child in their absence.

Having this said, they are also looking for someone who is committed and has some work experience in babysitting. So, at the start, you might not be paid as highly as you may have anticipated, but you will get there once you have some experience in the bag.

10. Tutor

Put that educational knowledge to good use and start earning some money through it by teaching other kids. For example, if you are good at a particular subject, let’s say AP or IB, Chemistry,  or Physics, you might want to start teaching students in the neighborhood. An excellent source to make money and also helps students with revising their own knowledge.

Many worldwide tutors have started their careers from summertime tutoring and have become famous and well-paid tutors. Therefore, this is not only a great opportunity as a summer job for college freshmen but also helps them to continue working throughout the years.

11. Animal Shelter

If you are empathic about animals (why shouldn’t you be?) and wish to spend some quality time with those who are displaced from their homes or have been abused, why not work at an animal shelter? An animal shelter is a great place for youngsters to work in. You are surrounded by different animals, you help people find the pet they are looking for and finally, you help an animal find their home.

Be prepared, that not all is emotionally rewarding, but animal shelters also pay a decent amount of money to the employees. At the end of the day, you will be creating a lot of memories.

12. Pet Sitter

pet sitter summer job

Again, something for those passionate about animals; looking after other people’s animals is a great way to earn some green. This sort of job usually includes taking the pet for a walk, looking after their intake, and ensuring they are looked after when the owners are not. Again, something highly recommended for those who love being around animals.

13. Car Valet

In every city/town, you will find restaurants and hotels and malls that hire car valets. For such a job, you need to be someone who, of course, knows how to drive a car. And yeah, you would need a driver’s license as well. Finally, you may also earn a little extra through tips which sometimes people give generously.

14. Car Washing

You might find yourself useful at an automobile servicing place where people bring their cars for service and wash. As a kid, we have all been the ones who had to wash the cars and bikes at home. Why not do it again, but this time get paid for it as well? This is what I personally used to do when I was younger.

But please do not be that kid, who uses a dirty rag and wipes the headlights of cars that stand in a traffic jam. Pleeeeaaase!

15. Movie Theatre Attendant

Again, a job you have seen usually done by teens in dramas and films (Hint: 13 Reasons Why). Such jobs usually have working shifts that are flexible in nature. While cleaning up the theatre can be a tough and messy job, the benefit is that you get to watch the films for free. Isn’t it lovely? So, this summer, why not take a love interest to a film after work then?

16. Fast Food Worker

A job which youngsters find themselves working for the most is working in a fast-food chain. Students in different parts of the world prefer working in these chains such as KFC, Subway and McDonalds because their average rate is higher than other types of jobs. They are also flexible with students because students highly demand employment in these places. The services usually include cleaning, taking orders prepping the food and more.

Furthermore, the majority of fast-food restaurants are also offering free food for their worker. Yes, we may question the quality of the food available, but if it’s just a case of a month, you will save some funds for food, not risking your health.

17. Waiter

waiter summer job

The difference between working as a waiter and a fast-food worker is that a waiter is involved in taking orders mostly. Meanwhile, a fast-food worker has alternative roles, as mentioned above. Also, waiters are required in restaurants and regular fast-food chains. You are also likely to receive numerous tips, which workers at fast-food chains usually don’t.

Another advantage of this kind of work is that you will get a great communication experience. However, beware that this job requires stress tolerance, as you will need to work with different people and some of them might try to “check your stability”.

18. Mover

If you feel you are strong enough to lift items and help people relocate, you might be better suited to working as a mover. It is a taxing job where a lot of strength and effort are required. Finally, you will also be responsible for making sure that the items and properties of other people are not destroyed in the process of moving.

If you have a truck at home, maybe you do not need to work for someone else and just be a mover as a freelancer. However, you have to make sure that you do not injure yourself in the process of moving.

Which summer job to choose?

So, here are the top 18 jobs you can consider going for in the summer of 2022. Remember, whichever job you go for, you will get tons of working experience and exposure to what’s it like working as a professional. While colleges prepare us academically, they often do not give us practical experiences, and working during your summer vacation can give you this sort of edge.

Keep in mind that even if we compare and contrast, there is no GOOD or BAD summer jobs; you just need to select the one that suits your needs and possibilities. Also, don’t forget, you will obviously be considered cool for standing up on your feet and taking a part-time job.

Which summer job do you think is the best for college students? Share your thoughts and experience with summer jobs in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

Vasy Kafidoff

Vasy Kafioff is a family man, a travel maniac, and co-founder of Writing Metier. He has been living half a year in Spain, so from now on he is “una persona muuuy tranquila”. As a business owner, he has an opportunity to work from any part of the world, not forgetting to share his experience with readers. Needless to say, it’s never boring!

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