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How to stand out with your Common App Essay

Every year, thousands of students apply for college, the summer months are spent preparing for fall applications, and the winter months are spent preparing for spring admissions. According to Statista, it is projected that there will be around 30 million students who will apply for college in 2023, and this figure is going to increase every year. Young adults worldwide are increasingly taking education seriously and want to study at the best institutions. However, with this increased demand, each student has a challenge.

How do I stand out in my Common App Essay from the rest of the students?

Common app essay is one way to showcase your aptitude, skills, and personality to the college admission board. There is only one way you can speak to each college you want to apply for, and that is through this essay. It can change your life, as it is a make-it-or-break-it situation. You can change your fate in an instant through the common app essay. But to get this one thing right, you have to ensure you know how to write one perfectly. You can look up and follow many common essay tips to ensure that you stand out in your application. Everything you need to know about Common App Essay The common app essay is a document you submit to the college you want to apply to. It is your statement in which you tell the institute about yourself. So if you are looking to write one, you have to make an account on the Common App account. Once you make the account, you will have to click the writing tab to start your writing. So if you are wondering how to write a common app essay, you need not worry, as this guide will cover most of the common app essay tips. The first thing you need to ensure is that you do not write too much. There is no need to add fluff rather, focus on the Prompts on the account. It would help if you looked for the prompts in the common app essay app by clicking the tab " common app." Their application will produce seven prompts for you to choose from. Note that you will have to choose only one to reply to, and your common app essay word limit should be between 250 words to 650 words long. Ensure that you stick to the topic and do not exceed the word count. The prompt that you will choose will be the one that interests you the most. It could be anything ranging from your interest, passions, strength, goals, or anything related to you or something you want to do. It would be best to choose a topic you can open up deeply and relate with. It is never a good idea to write about a topic you are not interested in and only write to fill out the college application. Remember this is about your future, and you must write on a topic that comes naturally to you. You can go deeper into your interests and strength, but the main goal is to stay relevant to your selected prompt. The best thing about Common app essay is that there are no rules on how you can describe your story; hence you must not be shy and write what you feel like.

How to stand out with your Common App Essay

You must also submit the Common app essay to all the colleges to which you will apply.

However, note that some colleges might ask you to submit more supplementary essays. Things To Note About Writing Common App Essay When you apply through the Common App, there will be a box in which you will be required to write your Common App essay; however, it is always recommended that you write your essay on a google Docx instead of in the box directly as this will allow you to eliminate any grammatical or spelling errors if there are present. Common App Essay Tips If you are wondering how to write a common app essay, then some common app essay tips can benefit you in the long run. Many educationists have cracked the top common app essay tricks for students to benefit from. Don't run after the unique. Many students mistake chasing a unique topic for their common app essay. That is a mistake. Many educationists and councilors suggest that a generic topic is as good as any other topic to write on. What matters is how you write and showcase who you are as a student and an individual, and you have to think critically in a critical thinking essay. You also have to overthink the situation from another point of view, and it would help make the right decisions. There are many common app essay examples where students have picked a rare topic but had no clue how to write on them; hence many common app essay tips will inform you to write on a topic that deeply interests you, even if it is a very generic one.

This video will defenitely help to understand some tips in Common App Essay :

Pick the most relatable Common App essay prompt.

Many educationists say that students must pick a prompt after carefully reading them. Never pick the first one you see and start writing on it. Instead, evaluate which one is perfect for you. Most common app essays are generic and can accommodate many kinds of stories. So choose wisely. Use space effectively. Many students ask how to write a common app essay; the best answer is to stay relevant to the topic and use the space given efficiently. The common app essay tips recommend that you write an ideal essay length for yourself. Writing too little will seem superficial or generic. It will not allow the evaluator to get to know you, and writing too much will also not tell the perfect story. The best common app essay example is when the word count is 500. However, do not stress if you end up writing 440 words of 620 words. Give more details when answering the common app essay question adding details becomes very important. Suppose you write a generic essay and do not write any personal experience. It will reflect poorly on your application. If you want to succeed in your common app essay, you must ensure that you think of the perfect story that you want to tell people. You must approach the common app essay in steps and break down the topic into smaller subheadings in your head. One common app essay tip is to talk about some memorable moments of your life where you overcame an obstacle and outdid yourself. This way, you might end up standing out to the evaluator too.

Tips to stand out with your Common App Essay

Be authentic in your Common App Essay.

One of the best common app essay tips is that you remain original in your common app essay question. Many students mistake writing fancy words in an essay, which they have learned in their entire academic life. Remember that the common app essay is not a historical account or a literature essay where students need to use shiny grammar to impress their teacher. Instead, it is an original account of you that describes who you are. When writing the common app essay, the best advice for students is to remain neutral and use a conversational tone in their essays. The evaluator must feel as though you wrote it in your original manner rather than a formal one you learned while studying for your SATs. You must unlearn that language and write an essay as if speaking to a friend. All those tips also work for writing a supplemental essay.
Furthermore, it is advised that you refrain from any clichés such as quotes that the grass is greener on the other side. Write about something you are passionate about. If you write something you are truly passionate about, it will reflect on your writing. Your essay will shine through your words, and your excitement will clearly show. Writing about something you believe in becomes easy as it is fascinating. Your tone will not sound robotic, which can be the case if you write about something you are not passionate about. It is recommended that you write about things that are unique about you. For example, if you love skydiving or are into hunting, you can explain that in your essay. And if you want it to stand out, the best advice is that you relate your passions in line with your academic goals. Ensure that you talk about the skills and tricks you learned through it and how this will help you grow as an individual in your career and personal life.


Get Feedback Getting feedback on your common app essay is essential before you push send on the application. One common app essay tip is that you show your essay to someone who can edit and proofread it for you. Likely, you may not be able to find grammar issues, punctuation errors, and spelling mistakes yourself. It is recommended that you show your common app essay to two people. One should be your trusted school teacher who can give clear feedback on how you wrote. The other person should be the one who knows you well so they can advise you if you have written an original piece or just fluff to impress your application evaluator. That is when you are required not to spend all your time writing the common app essay, as that will waste a lot of your time. Shine bright in the common app essays by showcasing who you are and what your passions are. Therefore, it is advised that you read as many common app essay examples before you write one yourself, and you already know where to find them 😉.

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