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How Recruit Top Grades from the US and European Universities 

There are many reasons why businesses and companies choose to recruit students while they are still studying. After all, it is a certain way to get access to young talent. And if you recruit students from top universities, you can hire one of the best graduates in the country. 

Recent graduates are ambitious and motivated to achieve more. They are interested in getting real-life work experience and building a career. They are tech-savvy, dynamic, and proactive. After all, they are studying in the best colleges in the world. So how can a business recruit them? Here is a guide on how to recruit students from University

Define the Requirements 

The first step in this process is to have a clear vision of who you are looking for. Of course, many companies choose to communicate with students even when they do not have an open position. It is a valid strategy to build a relationship. But the requirements mean what kind of professional you need. 

Start with drafting a list of qualities you are searching for. For example, name a degree, specialization, volunteering experience, management experience, extra curriculum activities, etc. Maybe you need a professional that can provide thesis writing help or advanced financial help. Decide what should be a desirable major or minor. Also, define soft skills and personal qualities. 

The next step is to narrow down the universities you are going to target. When you recruit students, pay attention not only to the reputation of a college but their strongest faculty. For example, there are Computer Science students at Harvard, but if you need the best in the industry, you probably need to look for Computer Science students at MIT. 

Big companies can afford to target all Ivy League schools or Europe’s best universities. But it requires much more work and personnel to do. So if you do not have huge resources, target a couple of them specifically instead of polarizing your search. 

Also, define the benefits your company has to provide to future graduates. As top students, they might receive several offers at the same time. Highlight what makes your company unique and what advantages you give, like a career path, great salary, insurance, etc. 

Establish Relationships with University’s Recruitment Office

A recruitment office is a department that helps students and employers find each other. There is such an office in any university, and you need to work directly with them. 

They can advise on how to recruit students as well as provide a platform and opportunities for that. 

Usually, every college has a website dedicated to this department that you can visit and get all the necessary information. For example, the University of Zurich career services describes every corporate service they offer, from job advertising to direct mail to students. 

Office of Recruitment in Columbia University also provides extensive information on how to contact them and establish cooperation.

As soon as you have a list of universities you are interested in, start contacting them. There is not much time to organize everything. The conditions depend on the particular school, but often there are several ways on how to recruit students from University that they give. 

How to Recruit Students on Campus 

Now, let’s talk about particular ways to reach the desired talent. A company can use one, but often it is much more effective to combine them. It helps to engage with a wider student pool. So what can a company do to recruit students

Post Job Listings and Advertisements 

This is the simplest option. There is probably a college magazine and a website, as well as a recruitment forum. Often such postings are paid for, but the cost is not very high. You can advertise the company or list positions that you are willing to fill with graduates. It is better to post them more than once, regularly. 

Participation in Career Days and Workshops 

The next dashing opportunity is to participate in planned Career Days on Campus. The recruitment office holds them, and you need to register and prepare a couple of employees to go there. Companies often prepare a stand with visuals and information on their activity. The company’s employee serves as a marketer. Students can go up to the stand and ask questions, fill in surveys, or submit resumes. 

This way, you can gather the contact information of possible employees. The only downside is that it is a bit passive as you just wait for attendees to come. 

Hosting Industry-Specific Event

Another way for a company to recruit students is to hold an on-campus event specific to your industry. For example, you can organize a lecture open for students to visit about your business and interesting aspects of production. You can engage with young professionals, answer their questions, collect their resumes, etc. 

Virtual Company Visit

Another valid option to present your company is to host a digital visit. It would help if you prepared an introduction with all the benefits of working for you. Show the office or manufacturing unit to give students an idea of the workflow. 

You can also host interviews or meet-ups with top specialists working for you that can share their experience and give some advice. Tell about career perspectives and industry insights to interest students in your employment. 

If it is possible, a company can also organize an open day for students to visit their quarters physically. Prepare strong visuals with key advantages and specifics of your business. Ask the current employees to serve as evangelists for the recruitment. After all, they have real-life experience and can share it with students. 

Follow Up

Here is a tip of how to recruit students for jobs for sure – always follow up. Any digital or physical event should have the opportunity to gather emails or resumes of potential candidates. These are students that are interested in your company. 

Please do not leave them hanging and waiting. Send out follow-up emails with information on positions or reminders where they can apply. You can also give them a link to the company’s website and page for future employees. It helps to build relationships on trust and establish your interest in them. 

What Else Can a Company Do? 

Besides the strong presence on campus and hosting events, there are other things a business can do to attract top talent after graduation. 

  1. Create a graduate career page on your website. List all the open positions and give information on other alumni hired by you. They can give their testimonials. Do not forget about the benefits of your business for young professionals. Of course, make it SEO-friendly so that future graduates can find it. You can also use a QR-code link for this page on your ads or hand-out materials during events. 
  2. Use social media promotion. Make posts on your Facebook or LinkedIn page stating that you are interested in top students for employment. List requirements for entry-level positions and give contact information for those interested. 

In Summary 

I hope these tips on how to recruit students for jobs will help you employ the best graduates from elite universities. It is all about being proactive, showing interest, caring for brand awareness, and following up. 

Vitalii Anufriiev

Vitalii Anufriiev is a co-founder and CEO at WritingMetier. His areas of interest include digital marketing, brand strategy, and the use of social media for business growth.

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