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Unique IB CAS Hours Ideas 💡

As a student of IB, CAS can seem quite daunting. There is so much that you are already expected to know and do, which makes it even tougher for you to juggle between so many different things altogether. But come to think of it, CAS is a great way for you to have fun alongside also studying. You can make your experiences worthwhile if you choose the right things to showcase who you are and how you can work your way through your ideas.

Before we proceed further, it would be helpful to understand what CAS really is. CAS stands for creativity, activity and service, and the main aim behind this is to allow students to truly unleash their creativity and work towards sound what they wish to. This is also about physical exertion and makes students indulge in things that can be super exciting and a very fun experience for them.

Let’s work towards understanding a little more about a few questions people usually have about CAS.

What counts as IB CAS hours?

A project counts as CAS hours if it falls under one of the CAS strands, which are creativity, activity and service. From striking a chord in the Musical Theatre Club, to tinkling the ivories in piano lessons, putting your thoughts down on a digital canvas by writing a blog, or lending a hand by designing posters for a noble cause.

The stage is not just limited to your drama class, as participating in a scintillating school play would do the trick. And why confine your musical prowess to just your music class, when you could rock out in a band.

Finally, let your imagination run wild and create a game-changing experience for an elementary school carnival. So, what will be your next step in counting towards your CAS hours?”

cas ideas for IB students

Whatever you do, you need to make sure that you put your heart into it so that you fully well understand what is required of you and what you are submitting.

How many hours do you need for CAS?

Generally, students are expected to complete a minimum of 150 hours over the course of their high school years, with at least 50 hours in each of the three categories (Creativity, Activity, Service).

You need a minimum of 10 hours duration for your CAS. This includes planning, execution and reflection. So you need to make sure that you plan things in accordance with that. However, the specific requirements can vary depending on the school, so it’s best to check with your teacher or school coordinator for more information.

That is the only way you will be able to do justice to the work that you have been given. Understand what is required of you first, before you actually step foot into doing it.

Does IB actually check CAS?

CAS does not get formally checked by the IB, but it is a great learning experience that you should put your heart into. Understand how important it is for you to give your best to what you are doing. The learning experience overall becomes great when you put your heart and soul into it.

Not just that, but you are also required to reflect on your experiences in the DP, and are expected to show evidence of the learning outcomes as well.

Can you fail CAS in IB?

Yes, you can fail the CAS. You don’t get a numerical grade for CAS but you can very well fail it if you don’t perform well on it.

The grade you get is either a pass or a fail grade, depending on how well you perform on it.

Examples of Cool CAS Hours Ideas

To make CAS so much easier and simplified for you, we gave compiled many CAS hours ideas for you. We hope you get the right ideas to work with, and also the inspiration that can help you keep going on this.


To unleash your creativity, there is a lot that you can do. Here are a few amazing ideas for you.


If you like experimenting with different things in the kitchen, then cooking can be a great way to showcase your skills and work towards what you have in mind.


If you have a sweet tooth and like being in the kitchen, then there is nothing like baking. It keeps you occupied doing something productive. For all those who bake, you already know how interesting this can be for you.


If you are fond of curating things on your own, then you can even take up knitting. There are so many different knitting styles that you will find online. Look for something that works well for you.


If you like taking pictures, then you could even take photography. It depends entirely on what spikes your interest and makes you want to do your best. With so many photographers out there, only some can make a mark. So you need to try your luck here.


If you are a wizard of words, then you could even try poetry and see how it works for you. You could start with what comes to your mind and see how you can express yourself well using words.

Start a Club

If you are passionate about something you have in mind, you could also gather people to be a part of that with you and you could totally start a club. That could be a very interesting idea!


Playing with color is a great way to keep yourself busy. So start with something you like and then slowly work your way up. You could choose to paint on anything at all that you like. Eh only thing is that it should allow you to showcase your skills correctly.

Make Crafts

If you like curating things on your own, then you could even make crafts like clay pots and so on. It is all about what works best for you.

Make Candles

If you like scented candles, then it is also a really great idea to make candles and work your way through being ultra creative. There are so any resources online that can help get you started on this.

Play Video Games

It might sound bizarre, but this is also one of the very popular ideas that people have when it comes to unleashing your creativity.

Start Calligraphy

You could even start calligraphy to help you become more creative and showcase your skills in the best way possible.

Start a Blog

If you like making your way of doing things public, you could even start your own blog for that.


activity hours

Here are some cool CAS project ideas for activity.


Running is not only a great way to stay active, but also allows you to slowly work your way towards becoming a fitter version of yourself.


If you wish to increase flexibility and improve your posture, then a great way to do so is yoga. Yoga can help you calm your nerves too.


If you find regular workout routines boring, then you could try dancing. It is a great way to stay entertained alongside staying active too.


If you like thrill, then maybe even try skating, but make sure you don’t end up hurting yourself.


If you want to awaken the inner adventurous self, then you could also try windsurfing. It is a great way to help you slowly work your way up.

Join a gym

If you like strength training, then maybe you could also join a gym, or some cross fit classes. With a trainer, it definitely becomes easier to workout.

Horse riding

Try horse riding too if you are an animal lover and like some thrill in life.


Swimming is a great way to stay active, specially for those who like being by the water.


If you are aggressive, then boxing is also a great idea to keep active.


If you like aiming at things and then doing it, then archery is also a very great idea.


Being by the mountains can be ultra thrilling. If you like that, then definitely consider hiking.


Outdoor camping can also be great if you go with people who you genuinely enjoy being with.


If you have the chance to play golf, then definitely go for it.


If you have good stamina, then you could also go for soccer. Try to learn the rules of the game first.


For all the thrill seekers in life, then climbing can be a great idea.


What a lovely idea to enjoy the feeling of being in the air. If you like doing that, then it can surely be the best idea for you.


Cycling can also be great fun if you have people who are willing to go with you and enjoy.


service hours

Here are a few more cool CAS ideas for the part of the services for you! It’s not hours spent on a summer job for students, it’s more about helping in different meaningful ways.

Volunteer at a Club

There is nothing better than giving back to the very society that you hail from. So volunteer somewhere and have some fun.

Volunteer at a Hospital

This will help you see people’s sufferings which will make you understand how blessed you are.

Volunteer at an Old Age Home

Volunteer at a place where you can get to help people by understanding what issues they face.

Volunteer at an Orphanage

Bringing a smile to people’s faces can truly be a life changing experience.

Hold a Bake Sale

This can help you raise funds that can eventually help you with a good cause. So do something like that which helps you give back to the society.


Try to donate as much as you can. This will help you get a major sense of self fulfillment.

Organize a tree-planting event

Planting trees is great for the environment. Play your part in making the world a much better place to be in.

Organize a clean up session

You can even organize a session with many others to help clean up the area that you live in.


Try to start a recycling project that can help you do a lot of fun things together.

Start a Cause

Start a movement for a cause that you strongly believe in. This should be one that is rooted in helping you make the world a much better place to be in.

Organize a Charity Car Wash

There are many people who want to get their cars washed. Organize something like that free of cost for them.

Start your CAS hours today

With this comprehensive CAS guide, you can surely do your best. All you have to do is work towards what you want. Make sure to also go through IB CAS examples to help you through this better. With a sound idea of this, you will surely be able to do a much better job.

Remember that you need to show your creative side in what you do. This shows up on who you are as a person, which is exactly what the examiner wants to find out.

Vasy Kafidoff

Vasyl Kafidoff is the co-founder of Writing Metier. Education is his area of interest. He has been in the field for quite some time now and has talked about several educational possibilities as well to make people more aware about it all.

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