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Why Travel Writing is Good for Your Blog

The travel and tourism industry has slowed down in the last year due to the pandemic, but it is still growing  at a constant pace and currently gaining momentum back. And digital content related to this industry is also on the rise. There are numerous travel blogs, magazines, and other types of publications. Obviously, travel writing has a large audience, but the competition is incredibly high as well.

A great way to empower a blog is to get help from a professional travel writing service. Let’s discuss in detail why travel writing is good for your blog.

Why People Choose Professional Travel Writers?

Of course, every case is individual, and people turn to experts because of different situations. But generally, there are some major reasons why asking travel writers for help is necessary in many cases.

Travel Writing for your Blog

Your blog/brand is growing fast

Organic growth of the brand, business, or individual blog is the first cause for delegating tasks. As your subscribers’ count gets larger, there is a need to expand. For example, publish more content, explore social media, or add a podcast as well. Some content creators decide to move their main focus to YouTube, for example.

The amount of tasks is growing, and it is only natural that one needs help to deal with them without downsizing and slowing down.

Your blog is not growing at all

No, it doesn’t contradict the previous point. It addresses another factor. Maybe you’ve been writing for some time, trying new things, but nothing works. There is no organic growth, the audience isn’t coming, and you do not know what to do.

Here is where a travel writing service comes to the rescue. It can help with updating and adjusting old content to new SEO regulations or requirements. Authors can also create new content according to your needs that will gain more views. They can even help to create a YouTube video scenario if you want to transcribe personal experience to the video format.

Sometimes to grow, one needs a fresh perspective from experts.

You are not a confident writer

Travel writing is not as easy as one might think. The fact that it is so popular is what makes it even harder. When there are hundreds of thousands of blogs, how does one stand out? With some excellent pieces. After all, the countries and places have been explored before. So there are lots of similar content out there. Only the way to present your experience is what makes it different.

If you are not confident in your writing skills, it is completely normal. A person cannot be perfect at everything. Maybe your texts need some proofreading or suggestions. Or maybe an expert author can present your adventures better as if they were there with you.

You need more time

That’s the route of subcontracting or outsourcing as a whole. It doesn’t matter what you need more time for – family matters, trips, another business, or YouTube channel – it is a valid decision to delegate some things to others. This is exactly what every entrepreneur deals with.

Travel Writing for your Blog and Business

What Travel Writing Service Is About

Like any other type of professional help in the realm of content, like medical writing service or social media content, travel content writing is a way to get excellent texts with little effort. It is a part of such business practices as outsourcing or contracting.

A travel writing service creates unique and original content according to clients’ needs.

Travel writers can tackle all types of content, such as blog posts. It also includes publications for only magazines or other articles. An expert can adjust the tone and style according to the platform where it is going to be published. They also can check all the facts, details and provide necessary sources.
Texts with unique voice and branding. Professional travel writers know how important a brand or a personal voice is to the audience. That’s why they make sure to narrate the story the way you’d do.
Tourism writing. This one is a bit different as it focuses more on details and facts rather than subjective experience. Think about two posts, “My trip to Hawaii” and “Affordable accommodation options in London.” The first is more of travel content writing side. The second one is for tourists that look for specific information they can benefit from. Of course, those are related and might often be intertwined. But it is still essential to know the difference as it determines what works best for your audience.

Travel Writing for you


This aspect deals with the uniqueness of the content and SEO performance. As someone with a blog, you are probably not a newbie to the SEO world. It is not only a buzzword in digital marketing but a crucial part of any online content’s success. SEO works so that the audience can find what they need. Expert travel writers create original texts without any clichés. And they help to meet marketing goals – like reaching a new audience/market, growing the number of sales, or increasing brand awareness. Even if you are a one-person blog, you are a brand.
Research travel content writing. If you need well-done research, a travel writing service can help with that easily. Conducting research requires not only a decent amount of time but also analytical skills and a skill to find reliable sources. Even if you are an experienced traveler, it doesn’t mean that you are a great researcher. So it is only natural to delegate such pieces to specialists.
Travel stories. Such pieces need specific narration, perspective, and unique approach. Basically, they need an advanced writing skill set that not everyone has. After all, such skills come only after years of training. That’s why a professional service can do it better and faster.

Benefits of Travel Writing Service

To sum up, here are the main benefits of working with a professional travel writing service:

It is a great way to get excellent content for your blog;
It helps to expand the business and grow organically;
It gives an opportunity to add new platforms or types of content without downsizing the number of publications;
It gives one more free time to focus on other activities;
It is fast, easy, and affordable;
It helps to optimize blog performance in regards to SEO;
It allows reaching a new audience and potential customers;
It is a helping hand for those who are not confident in their writing.


Long gone are the early days of travel blogging when it was much easier to get attention. Today it is a huge and extremely competitive market. It is much harder to get out there and attract readers. Ordering texts from a professional travel writing service might just be a solution to that. Expert writers know all ins and outs of the industry and have the necessary skill set to create unique texts.

Vitalii Anufriiev

Vitalii Anufriiev is a co-founder and marketing professional at WritingMetier. His areas of interest include digital marketing, brand strategy, and the use of social media for business growth.

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