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What is IB CUEGIS Essay and How to Write It?

The IB CUEGIS is a conceptual extended response question. Students have to attempt this in section C of their Business Management Paper 2. It takes up 10% of the score. So if you do well in this essay, you have an excellent opportunity to land a good score overall. If you are an IB student confused about how to write a CUEGIS essay, continue reading!

As part of this essay, you will be given a question that you have to answer, mainly using six concepts. These are:

  1. Change;
  2. Culture;
  3. Ethics;
  4. Globalization;
  5. Innovation;
  6. Strategy.

As you may see all these six fist letters combined are making a CUEGIS name. These concepts are used as the foundation for this essay and allow students to make use of different tools and techniques. It also helps them uniquely showcase their talent by allowing them to talk about different examples using analytical techniques.

To write this essay, you must first identify real-life organizations to which you can apply these concepts. You must think of this in several ways, like cultural transformation, ethical issues, strategic management, globalization-related changes, etc. When you think about this from so many different angles, you can naturally work on this essay in a much better way and can also get to know the organization much better. The requirements of this essay are that you first select organizations and then apply two chosen concepts to them. But to score better, it is recommended that you analyze situations by applying as many concepts as possible because that allows you to showcase your analytical skills to the examiner and score much better overall.

Oftentimes, students ask how they should apply these concepts to these organizations. These concepts need to be applied by first highlighting activities that are related to these. You can even highlight activities that should ideally include these concepts but lack them. Examples given should be ones that you can support and ones that are highly unique. Only when you do can you work towards a proper analysis of these. You should use certain business tools to explain your examples in light of the chosen concepts. You can even identify other perspectives from the point of view of different stakeholders in the organization.

If you compare this essay to the TOK essay, then you can safely say that this essay will be much easier to get through if you have a sound understanding of that one. The TOK essay requires you to analyze concepts in much more detail. Not just that, but the concept is also highly different for that one. For this one, you can just simply explain real-life examples and use the right tools to score better. Your ability to relate things to the real world will be seen. So, in short, we can say that the essence of this essay is the concepts you highlight, the examples you choose, and the business tools you choose to explain your idea in a much better way.

This essay does not have a specific word or page limit. You can write as much as you think is relevant. The only idea is that you should be able to explain your point of view in the proper manner.

IB CUEGIS Essay Structure


structure of cuegis essay

Before you begin, you must clearly understand the essay question, and then you must understand the approach you are using to work on it. Remember that you need to be able to look at all sides of the business to understand how the company has been functioning over time and what concepts you can use to analyze the situations you have in mind.

Paragraph 1- Introduction

The first paragraph is one where you start off with the name of the company. You also introduce the company in terms of the work they do, the business they have, and the scale that they operate at. Then you need to define the main terms that you will be explaining here, after which you give your hypothesis, which is a single statement that gives an answer to your question.

Paragraphs 2 and 3- Body

These paragraphs are the main ones where you address the question directly and also elaborate on the points that you have in mind. You link all of this to certain examples that you have, with the main idea being first to link an experience to one concept and then to the next. You need to use at least three keywords here and then explain the effect on one stakeholder. Then you need to do the exact same things for another example and another concept. For example, you can touch upon how a company has been able to do its best and get ahead of the competition by fully taking advantage of globalization. The key terms you use here can include words relevant to your course and related business. These can have a strong impact on the examiner. For example, you can use job satisfaction, high quality, business orientation, and so on.

Paragraph 4- Conclusion

In the last paragraph, you need to address the company’s stakeholders. You can explain some conflicts and agreements between their interests. You need to do so by using very clear words so that you can make it very clear to the examiner what you are really trying to say. Then you need to summarize what you said in the main part in a very cohesive and summarized form. After that, you need to talk about the end result of the company, evaluating their success or their failure related to the concept.

IB CUEGIS Essay Concepts

Here, you can get a better idea of the concepts you have to highlight in this essay and how you can further progress with the essay by using all of these concepts better.

  • Change

Change is an inevitable part of every organization. You need to talk about how changes happen and how different organizations adjust to that change. Then you also need to talk about how your chosen organization deals with changes to keep up with the way things are going. Adequate change management then needs to be discussed to see how the change is being dealt with at different levels of the organization. A tool you can use here is Force Field analysis since it helps understand change within an organization.

  • Culture

Culture is broadly known as the way of doing things in an organization. There are several factors that affect an organization’s culture. These include the values, beliefs, norms, and so on. The culture of a company is what forms the foundation of that company and allows the company to do various different things. The idea here is to understand how a company’s culture affects the way it operates. To work on this, you need to first understand the culture of a company to be able to explain it fully well.

  • Ethics

Ethics are the moral principles that guide decision-making in an organization. Ethics is very important in the business field. All decisions need to be made bearing in mind ethical principles. Since ethics is a highly relative term, every organization has its own set of beliefs and norms that it follows. So in line with this, companies need to have this sorted first so that they can work on it accordingly. You need first to pick an organization and then understand the different ethical principles they have that guide how work is done in the organization.

  • Globalization

In the world that we live in today, most companies are working together. The world has now increasingly become borderless, which means that several different social and economic factors are now coming together. So it is due to this reason that we can see that so many companies are now working with each other. When you talk about this concept, you can talk about how your organization has greatly benefitted from globalization and how that has helped you. You can even talk about the different challenges that globalization might have posed for your organization.

  • Innovation

Innovation refers to creativity and coming up with new ways of doing things. In the world we live in today, there is a lot of competition. Like with the creativity part in the IB CAS hours, this means that we need to keep coming up with new things so that we can keep the interest of people. If you are working on this, you need to talk about the different ways that your organization is working on innovation and how it is bringing new things to the market. Innovation often leads to the creation of new markets and is hence extremely important.

  • Strategy

Strategy is essential. To gain success in any business, it is important to have a sound strategy in place that allows you to do so. Most organizations work very hard to formulate strategies that drive success. So if you choose this concept, you have to talk about the different strategies your organization has, which eventually help the organization succeed. One of the best strategies a company can have is to benchmark organizations doing very well in terms of strategy.

So before you need to start working, you need to have a few things in mind. First, you need to select your organization very carefully, bearing in mind that you might have to work through these concepts then. So given that, you need to select your concepts and then work your way through those.

To score well, you need to make sure to know your concepts well. Then, you need to make sure that you explore them in great detail. You will only be able to score well when you delve deep into the details of things and then explore examples. You also need to ensure that you write just enough and don’t go overboard. While there is no specific given word count, you need to make sure to write just enough so that you can explain your point of view in the best possible way.

Final Words About CUEGIS Essay

So, if you are also a student struggling with so many things, you can get in touch with us and order a custom CUEGIS essay as per your instructions. We will be happy to help you with whatever you need. You just need to give us your topic, and we will be there to help you with it.

We have very skilled writers, proficient in the knowledge of this essay. Writing Metier team will provide you with great quality content and will also ensure that we give you all of those within a set deadline. So all you need to do is get in touch with us, and we will be there to help you with your tasks!



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