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IA vs. EE. What Is the Difference Between an IA and EE?

The IB diploma is one that many students all over the world undertake. As part of this program, they must take the internal assessment and submit an extended essay. In this article, you will get to know all about what these two are and what is the significant difference between IB Internal Assessment and IB Extended essay.



What is IB Internal Assessment?

The internal assessment is an assignment marked and evaluated by your teacher. For each subject in the IB program, you have to go through an internal assessment. This can be in the form of an essay, or even an oral presentation. For example, in the IB economics IA, you might be asked to write an essay in that time frame. Most students find it easy to score in the internal assessment because their own teacher guides them through the process and also is the one to evaluate you.

What is IB Extended Essay?

The IB extended essay is an external assessment that requires independent research. The word count for this is 4000 words. You first need to select a topic to work on. This has to be one that is related to one of the six subjects that you have as part of the IB diploma program. This is directly submitted to the IB and allows you to develop your communication skills. You also become more experienced at a research when you work on this since it will enable you to evaluate different pieces of information, and then construct your assignments accordingly.

IA vs. EE. Differences and Similarities

Now that you know all about the internal assessment and the extended essay, it would be helpful to know more about the differences and similarities between these.


For the IA, your teacher is the one who will be assessing you and then grading you. after your teacher is done with their evaluation, the school will then send the IA for external examination to the IB. IB examiners are also very fair, and they try to strictly follow the rubric when marking your paper, so this is not something that you need to be worried about at all. IB examiners review all of it and then try to adjust the scores, depending on how strictly or leniently the teacher has graded you.

However, the process for the extended essay is very different. Once you have completed the extended essay, your school sends it for external moderation to the IB. based on a scale from 0 to 34, the school then grades your work, and you are then given a grade based on your work. There are mainly five bands of grading. These are A to E; A being the best work produced and E being the worst.

With the IA, like with CUEGIS essay, you generally have much more room to get help from your teacher. But for the extended essay, this isn’t the case. While your teacher can help you get in the right direction, they can’t really guarantee what you’ll end up scoring since they aren’t the ones who make the final decision.


For each of the subjects that you choose in your IB, you will have to take an internal assessment. This will help you understand the subject in a much better way. This assessment can be in the form of a research paper, a presentation or even a report. It is entirely on the discretion of your teacher. They can choose to assess you in whichever way they deem fit. So you might be writing around 6 IAs during the entire time of your course.

However, this is not the case with the extended essay. You only have to write one extended essay during the entire program. You can write in drafts and then your teacher can keep checking those drafts with you, providing you with guidance wherever they think you need it. This is the main way that you can work on your extended essay,

You have around forty hours to work on your extended essay. The extended essay also carries a significant chunk of your marks, so you must give your utmost hard work to it. You must spend ample time doing research first so that you know where you are headed, otherwise, it will be harder for you to complete a good extended essay.


The more you know about the topic, the better you can write about it. Experts recommend spending around 70% of your time researching and planning your essay. Once you have all of that sorted, you can then work out your time in a way that you begin writing.

Meanwhile, If you are thinking of a topic for your IB Internal Assessment or Extended essay, we have collected a list with different options for you. Below you will find the links:


ib ia vs. ee

Now that you know all about the IA and the extended essay and how you have to work on each of them, you surely also know that the extended essay is the one that carries the most weightage and is hence the one that you should be working the hardest on. The IA is in your teachers’ hands, so even if you don’t do too well on it, you can get a chance to work on something else later on that can help you pull your grade up. It depends entirely on how your teacher cooperates with you.

On the other hand, the extended essay is the one that has the most weightage. Not just that, but there is no way that you can make up for it either. You need to do your best, and you need to make sure that you do it in a way that makes you stand out. So how do you do that? You have to give your utmost best to the extended essay.

You have to make sure that you do your research first before you start working on it. This is very important to ensure that you ace it. If you fail the extended essay, then there is no way that you can make up for it. So you must try to pass with a D at the very least if you want to get a diploma after the two-year period.


Now the real question is the IB IA and EE word count. One of the major differences between the IA and the EE is the length.

The Internal Assessment can be in the form of a report, an essay, or a commentary, and it should not be more than 2500 words.

The extended essay is in the form of an essay and should be of 4000 words. So you can see that the one with the higher weightage also has a greater word count, which means that you are expected to research thoroughly and then start working on it, to secure a good grade.

How To Score Well on the IB IA and EE?

Now that you know all about the differences between the two, you understand the need to score well on both of them. Here are some useful tips that can help:

  • Start Early

Most students often make a mistake by waiting for the last minute to start. This is the worst thing that you can do. You must make the most of all the time you have. Spend ample time researching and planning out. This will surely increase your chances of scoring a better grade.

  • View It as an Experience

Remember that while getting good grades is very important, it is also extremely crucial that you learn. So remember that what you are studying needs to add value. Try to remember what you are working on. The idea is to educate you in a way that you become better.

  • Verify Your Sources

Whenever you are working on something, try verifying your information sources. For example, if you are getting your information from somewhere, try to find other sources where you can verify this information. This will help you understand the topic better and will also help you be at ease knowing that you used the right information.

  • Format it Well

While it is important to add in the right information, it is just as important to format your work well. So go through all the formatting guidelines well and make sure that you follow each one of them. This will allow you to showcase your discipline and your hard work.

  • Academic Honesty

I cannot stress enough how important it is, to be honest about the work that you are doing. When working on something, try to make sure that there is no real or conceptual plagiarism and that the work that you are producing is entirely your own. This is very important and reflects on you as a person and also on the work you are doing.

  • Edit

We are all human, and we can make mistakes. So after you are done, proofread your work. You will surely find many places that need editing. Go through all of that and make the final touches first before you turn it all in.

Ready to start working on your IB IA or EE?

You now know all about the IB IA, and the EE. You know their main differences and similarities and are ready to start working on your IB assignments.

Good luck with your work!




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