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TOK Exhibition Rubric | How to Score Well? 🤩

Many students struggle when writing TOK essays. Another quite challenging part of their IB writings is TOK exhibition. They find it very hard to write essays that require them to follow an entirely different structure. They find the easy way out by seeking TOK help online for these essays. Other students decide to write them following the right rubric.

When it comes to writing TOK exhibitions, they find it even harder. They find it hard to fully comprehend what all it requires. That’s why some of the students decide to ask for professional help, and this is why WritingMetier.com is offering its services to IB students.

Get assistance with your TOK exhibition


If you also fall in the same boat, then you are not alone. They are many who struggle when writing TOK exhibitions. What is most important is that you understand the TOK exhibition marking rubric. Once you know, you can work your way through it in such a way that helps you work easily.

Before we proceed to understanding more about the marking rubric, you need to know a little more about the TOK exhibition. Firstly, you should know that this is a replacement for the TOK presentation. Secondly, it still plays a huge role in the final grading.

If you understand what is required from you in a TOK essay, then you won’t find it as challenging to work on a TOK exhibition. The main idea behind this is to help you apply the concepts you learn to your real life.

TOK exhibition rubric explained

We are sharing a basic TOK exhibition marking scheme, with you, but will stop on each point with our comments. You can simply check this table which can be also found elsewhere or continue reading expert explanations below.


Now, you can understand the TOK exhibition rubric to help you further.

Failed – 0 😥

If you score a zero, that means you failed to meet any of the requirements of the TOK exhibition. It means that your TOK exhibition was below satisfactory. It might also man that you didn’t submit the assignment at all or you didn’t meet any standards. It can also mean that the answer you provided did not answer any of the prompts that were given.

Rudimentary- 1 to 2 😶 

This means that while you have identified the three TOK exhibition objects, you haven’t identified the real world context behind these. You might even score 1 or 2 if you present generic images instead of real world objects. The link between the prompts and images can also be weak here.

From what the student writes, it might be evident that they have not been able to form their argument well, which is the main reason for the problem. The commentary might also be lacking description in certain areas this way.

Basic- 3 to 4 🙄

Those who have identified three objects but haven’t given the context for those earn 3 to 4 marks. It is important to know the context behind what you are working on. This helps you understand the work much better and also shows the examiner that you know what you are talking about.

You have probably added in the TOK commentary here, but it is only very satisfactory because you haven’t identified what exactly you have done in terms of going deeper into the details. It is a supercritical explanation which is not what was needed from you at this level.

If you score basic marks, it also indicates that there were several repetitions in the work you did. You need to show uniqueness in what you do and every point that you add needs to being in something new.

Satisfactory- 5 to 6 😌

You have identified three relevant objects but you haven’t been able to put them in real world context, which is where the examiner knows that you don’t have things very sorted.

You have even explained the link to the TOK prompt but it isn’t as concrete as what was required from you, eventually making your argument weaker. You have also shown very limited understanding, and haven’t been able to state your ideas very clearly.

Good- 7 to 8 😁

If you score a 7 or an 8, then this means that you have identified the objects, made the right connections to the prompt, explained the real-world context, and have also given the right justifications.

You’ve also added in the right references and have worked towards making all of it as relevant as you could. However, you might have missed clarity and precision in certain areas, which is why you haven’t scored excellent marks.

Excellent- 9 to 10 🤩

This is the highest score that you can get on your TOK. You have identified the right real world context, have given the right justifications and have also explained things the right way.

You have added in the references as well and have written an essay that doesn’t lack in any areas. So you have done the best job that you could.

Follow these marking criteria and score well

With ample understanding of this rubric, it can become much easier for you to work on the TOK exhibition. All you need to do is have a clear understanding of what was required from you in this TOK in terms of the highest scoring marks. Then you can work in accordance with that to get what you want.

This way, you can score very high marks, and can also write an essay that fits all of the requirements very well. So here, we can see how understanding the rubric makes things so much easier for you.

Vasy Kafidoff

Vasyl Kafidoff is a co-founder and CEO at WritingMetier. He is interested in education and the ways modern technology makes it easier. Vasy wants to bring awareness about new learning possibilities as an educational specialist. When not working, he’s found behind a drum kit.

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