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TOK Exhibition Objects | List of 20+ Interesting Ideas

A TOK exhibition can seem challenging to students at first. But when they clearly understand what is required of them, they can easily work towards scoring great marks on it. The idea behind the TOK exhibition is to help you understand what the concept behind these is and to help you make connections to the real world as well. Therefore, before writing your TOK exhibition commentary, make sure to select the right TOK object 😉

Choosing TOK exhibition objects

When choosing TOK objects, there are certain things that you need to be mindful of. You can only choose the right objects once you have a clear understanding of what is required of you. Selecting the proper object for your TOK exhibition is same as crucial as selecting the best combination of IB subjects. There are three things you need to be mindful of when choosing TOK objects.

  • Compatibility

Your objects need to be compatible with the TOK exhibition prompt you choose. This is what is most important for you. You need to demonstrate a clear understanding of what was required of you. To do so, you need to choose something that goes very well with the prompt. The examiner needs to understand that you were able to make the right connection.

  • Relevance

The objects also need to go with the overall theme of the TOK. There are five optional themes that you can choose to go for. These are technology, politics, religion, indigenous societies, knowledge and language. Go for what you think you have greater command over and can explain rather well.

  • Interesting

For you to be able to write on it well, you need to be interested in the objects you choose. When you show interest in those, it reflects in your writing. The examiner can clearly tell by the way you write that you were interested in what you were writing. Your writing will definitely show that.


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Michael Dunn has clearly explained the process of TOK object selection in one of his videos. You can check it before proceeding further to our examples.

Now that you know and understand how you can choose the best TOK objects, you should get a few interesting ideas to help you with it.

TOK Exhibition Object Ideas

Here is a list of ideas to help you choose the best TOK exhibition objects. We have select different options in accordance with different TOK exhibition IA prompts. Use our suggestions to select the one that suits you better.

tok exhibition objects writingmetier

Prompt: “What counts as knowledge?”

Object 1: Smartphones count as knowledge, since they are one of the main methods used today for people to communicate with each other.

Object 2: Scrolls count as knowledge, since in the early days when technology wasn’t there, people used scrolls to communicate with each other.

Object 3: Emails can also count as knowledge since they are used to pass information on from one person to another, mainly in the professional context.

Prompt: “Are some types of knowledge more useful than others?”

Object 1: Mom’s sketching pencil, since this was the first pencil that she ever used to sketch, and it was the first one she ever bought.

Object 2: Algebra textbook since this book can really help all of those who wish to pursue math as their major and plan to make a career in it.

Object 3: Scientific journal articles are very important, since they help understand how rare diseases can be treated and what the latest treatment methods are.

Prompt: “What features of knowledge have an impact on its reliability?”

Object 1: Electric vehicles since these are now taking over the world as we move towards sustainability and start making something big.

Object 2: Breath meters that instantly help check the alcohol level just by the breath of drivers which ultimately affects the safety of the drivers and also those around them.

Object 3: A transponder antenna is essential for justifying the accuracy of a Formula 1 car.

Prompt: “On what grounds might we doubt a claim?”

Object 1: Historical artifacts- while they make be accurate sometimes, they can also paint an entirely wrong picture to us, giving us a distorted view of history.

Object 2: X-ray imaging can also sometimes not be as accurate, which can negatively impact how we look at certain things.

Object 3: COVID-19 vaccine. When the vaccine came out, many people didn’t really know how they were able to come up with a vaccine so quickly and whether or not it actually worked and helped protect against this disease.

Prompt: “What counts as good evidence for a claim?”

Object 1: MRI scans are widely used in today’s day and age to diagnose many diseases. They provide very accurate evidence for things in the right way.

Object 2: Fingerprint scans for several verification procedures since fingerprints are unique to people and can help differentiate one from another.

Object 3: Eyewitness accounts are known to be great pieces of evidence since they help understand things in the best possible way. People who were present at the time something happened to know exactly what happened and they can narrate the story in a great way.

Prompt: “Can new knowledge change established values or beliefs?”

Object 1: Darwin’s theory of evolution changed the way how people thought about the way that things worked.

Object 2: The Germ Theory of Disease showed that diseases were caused by miniature microorganisms and not divine punishment as it was initially claimed.

Object 3: The theory of gravity changed the way people thought about things in terms of how people stay grounded on the floor.

Prompt: “Does some knowledge belong only to particular communities of knowers?”

Object 1: Patriotism – it is very specific to people who live in one country, and only they understand what it means to be a part of that.

Object 2: Feng Shui rings are very special to those who believe in Feng Shui and the power they have.

Object 3: Marriage cultural customers are very specific to different cultures, ideally showing what these are all about and why they came to be in the first place.

Ready to work on your TOK exhibition?

So from here, we can see how these are important and they help you come up with unique ideas. Unique object ideas are important for you if you do not want to fail your TOK exhibition and wish to earn high marks on your TOK exhibition.

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