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What is IB Learner Profile? How IBO Uses It?

Many students opt to go for the IB as part of their education, given that it is widely acclaimed, and many people have a sound idea of how to go about it. In this guide, we will learn more about the IB learner profiles and what it is all about. 

The IB programs are made in a way that allows all members of the community to learn how to respect themselves and the world around them. The idea behind these is to help students get to learn much more than just theoretical things. The idea is to develop students based on the learner profile.

Let’s move on to understand further what the IB learner profile is all about. 

So, what is the IB learner profile?

The IB Learner Profiles are a broad range of skills over and above academics that students should know about.

These are seen at different stages of their education, with the main aim being to understand what students’ needs are and what their strengths and weaknesses are so that they don’t only understand things from a theoretical perspective but also have a sound idea to develop holistically. The idea is to have a framework that allows the assessment to happen in the best possible way. 

Many ask how many IB learner profiles there are. In total, there are ten IB learner profiles. We will be discussing each of these in detail here. These are:

  1. Inquirers
  2. Knowledgeable
  3. Thinkers
  4. Communicators
  5. Principled
  6. Open-minded
  7. Caring
  8. Risk-takers
  9. Balanced
  10. Reflective

Let’s take a more detailed look at each of these IB learner profile characteristics. 


IB students are expected to be ones who develop skills for inquiry and research. They should always have questions to ask so that they understand what is required and are able and ready to go above and beyond to learn more. The idea behind this is that the learning process for a student never ends.

So students should always be the ones to ask questions and have the keen desire to keep wanting to learn more and more to increase their chances of becoming more successful. Apart from that, they are also the ones who are very enthusiastic about what they do.

Inquirers love to learn, which can be seen in how they carry out things. If students enjoy the learning process, things become much easier. 


Students are expected to have a conceptual understanding of things so that they can apply that as and when needed. They should be able to engage in things a certain way so that they know how to deal with them better.

Knowledgeable IB students should have theoretical knowledge and knowledge about current affairs that allows them to understand things of local significance as well. This is the only way they can work towards becoming better versions of themselves and succeed in life.


They should also have critical and creative thinking skills. These are important so that they can analyze situations and take risks based on what is required from them.

Thinkers should make ethical decisions and be able to evaluate pros and cons and then analyze the situation based on that. Every decision that they have should ideally be reasoned out. They should be able to explain themselves as well so that they have the right know-how about how they are supposed to ideally take things through the process that is required from them.

That being said, they should be able to rely solely on themselves to take the right decisions. 


IB students are expected to know how to communicate. They need to be able to get their thoughts to the other person in the best possible way by making the correct usage of language.

Not just that, but efficiency is required in terms of understanding what the other person is saying so that they can work towards things in the right way and then also get their point across by taking note of others.

Understanding different perspectives is equally important when doing so and allows students to work towards things in the right way as well. 


IB students are expected to have honesty and integrity at the heart of what they do. What does this mean? It means that they should understand that whatever they do has to be solely their work.

You will only be able to succeed at what you do when you are fair and bear in mind the rules of justice. You need to understand what different people’s rights are first before you work towards thinking about the consequences.

Your actions are solely your responsibility, so you must think of that first before you take any further steps. 

Open Minded 

IB students are also expected to be able to be appreciative of other cultures. That can only happen when they are open-minded and tend to understand things from multiple perspectives.

This happens when you are willing to grow from the experience and understand multiple points of view besides your way.

Apart from that, you are expected to know what others mean and what points of view they are taking into consideration as well. 


IB students are also very caring and respectful. They show empathy, compassion, and respect. This only comes from understanding things in the right way by appreciating positive differences and the lives of others around them.

Even as a human being, one of the most basic characteristics you should have is care for others around you. You can only expect others to care for you when you care for them the same way and appreciate them for who they are and how they see things. 

Risk Takers

IB students are expected to develop a mindset where they take risks as and when they come their own way. They need to have forethought and should approach things in a way that allows them to explore new ideas and also come up with innovative strategies.

In the real world, it is all about taking risks and understanding how you can proceed further in social life, pushing aside all that stops you from doing so. It is important that IB students are hardworking and they fight for what comes their way to be successful at what they are doing. 


They also have to understand the importance of a balancing act. What does this mean? This means that they have to understand the intellectual, physical and emotional aspects of things in the right way.

They need to have an approach where they take all things side by side in the best way possible. In the world that we live in, interdependence is what defines how and why we do things, for which it is important to understand how to balance things the right way. 


IB students are also expected to think about things in terms of considering their own ideas and experiences. You are expected to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each so that you work towards personal development as well.

Remember that it is important to see growth in what you do, and this growth will only come when you slowly work towards what you want in life. Learning and personal development is very important in all cases. 

These are the IB learner profile definitions that you have to be very well versed with as an IB student. As a student, you can only excel when you have a sound idea of this before moving on to anything else. The IB learner profile is designed in a way that allows you to grow and excel in the right way. 

Three most important traits of an IB learner

ib learners profiles

The three most important traits of an IB learner are:

  • empathy;
  • compassion;
  • respect.

These characteristics make you a great human being. As a human being, you should know all of this and should be able to have a commitment to service.

Whatever you do, you should be able to look at things from a humane perspective. This is imperative to help you understand things in the best way possible. With these characteristics, we can have a very positive impact on all of those around us.

This is, again, very important to help change the world and make it a much better place. We are all expected to play a part in doing so. This is very important. 

5 ATL skills

Here are five categories of Approaches to Teaching and Learning skills, also commonly known as ATL skills, that you should know as an IB learner. 

Thinking skills

You should be able to think in the right direction by evaluating all alternatives and considering all important factors that help you make the right decisions. 

Communication skills 

You should communicate well with other people by focusing on what you want and getting your point across in the best manner there is. 

Self-Management skills 

You should be able to manage yourself well, given that there will be a lot that you will be expected to do as part of being an IB student. 

Research skills

You should be able to research well and understand different viewpoints when you do so. Research skills will help you add value to what you are doing. It will help you solidify your viewpoints as well. 

Social skills 

Interacting with others and knowing how to engage others in a polite manner is also something very important you should know as an IB student. 

FAQ’s regarding the learner profile

Here are a few commonly asked questions about the IB. In this guide, we have tried to answer some of these in as much detail as possible. 

What makes a good IB candidate?

A good IB candidate is one who has a sound level of engagement with the subjects that they are studying. This means that they put in massive hard work in what they are doing, with the main aim being to bring out the best. They start with having a vision for themselves, and then they try to achieve what they have in mind by making sure that they work as hard as required.

It is imperative to have a revision plan right from day one so that they understand how to go about things in the best possible way. If they have the right approach and the way of doing things is also sound, things work out best for them. 

What kind of students are suitable for IB?

Students who know how to manage stress are most suited for the IB. If you opt for the IB, you will be required to manage many things at the same time, which might require you to give your hundred percent to what you are doing. For that, you must make sure that you know how to manage stress in the right way.

ib students

Furthermore, IB student is persistent and knows what is required from them. There will be days when it will feel like too much to handle, but if you have it in you to work hard, you will be able to achieve what you have in mind. 

Apart from that, self-aware students are also great. If you know what your strengths and weaknesses are, then you can better put them to use and work in accordance with what is expected. So with your eyes set on the end goal, you can definitely achieve what you have in mind. 

What does IB look for in a student?

The International Baccalaureate assesses a student’s level of determination and dedication by evaluating their ability to stay on track and achieve the objectives they set for themselves. This indicates the student’s strength of will and level of devotion. If they succeed in showing their skill set, then they are a great match. 

What is your IB learner profile? 

With a better idea of this, you can surely do a great job with what you are doing. These IB profiles will help you work in the right direction and achieve success at what you are doing. 

If you already know your IB learner profile, share it in the comments section below, let’s see what the most common type among our readers is 😉

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