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May 2022 Theory of Knowledge Essay Titles | Tips + SAMPLES

Already nervous about the BIG ToK essay? We hear ya! From finding the right ToK essay topic to making sure you cover all your basis, ToK essay can be a big deal and frankly overwhelming as well. The key here, however, is forward planning and by the looks of it, you seem to be on the right track!

IMPORTANT! These are topics for the year 2022.

Check the latest 2023 May TOK Essay Titles

Finalizing the topic for your essay is just one component of ToK but an extremely important one. According to the ToK essay core, it holds 67% weightage in the final grade. Through this essay, examiners see how coherent, critical and clear the reflection and analysis of the topic you have chosen is. And because of how essential the essay is, students often find themselves in a pickle because they are often not guided correctly on how this essay needs to be done.

The idea behind this essay is not to assess the amount of knowledge you possess regarding a subject matter, but how you explain the findings that you have. It must demonstrate your knowledge in a constructive manner and that is what helps you with this 67% of the grade.

ToK essay topics:

Now that you have landed on this page much in advance, let’s touch some base on the prescribed May 2022 theory of knowledge essay titles. Furtheremore, you will find several ToK essay 2022 samples completed by our theory of knowledge essay writers.

1. “Can there be knowledge that is independent of culture? Discuss with reference to mathematics and one other are of knowledge.” + SAMPLE

If Math as a subject is something you are passionate about, this is the perfect topic for you. Here, you need to talk about mathematics and the relation that culture has to it. The best way to explore this topic is to talk about the universality of mathematics in terms of the subject being one that is extremely objective. The same formulae are used to solve problems in mathematics world over. However, when we talk about a different area of knowledge like human sciences or art, we can explore how these are highly subjective in nature. Hence, contrasting the role of culture in these two areas of knowledge can help understand this much better.

2. To what extent do you agree with the claim that ‘there’s a world of difference between truth and facts’ (Maya Angelou)? Answer with reference to two areas of knowledge. + SAMPLE

Including two areas of knowledge may get a handful, but it’s not to say that this won’t be an interesting ToK essay because of how subjective and debatable it is. In this essay, you have to talk about the fine line of difference between truth and facts. The best approach here is through the use of examples. It can be quite difficult to understand this for someone who does not have any prior idea of the substantial difference between the two. For this reason, pick out something that you are familiar with, and then highlight how the truth and facts differ in these.

3. Is there solid justification for regarding knowledge in the natural sciences more highly than knowledge in another area of knowledge? Discuss with reference to the natural sciences and one other area of knowledge.

Science is the most important source of knowledge and information. It gives us the solutions we need in our everyday functionality and helps in unfolding the mystery of the world. If you are a science geek, this is the perfect topic for you to proceed with. If you decide to go with this topic, then it is best that you give examples from the sciences and highlight how these can be evidence based, and hence proved to be right or wrong. Contrasting this with something more subjective like the human sciences can help shed light on this in the best possible way. The point that you need to highlight here is how natural sciences as a subject is one that is highly evidence based, whereas other areas of knowledge are subjective, and different meanings can come out of those.

4. How do historians and human scientists give knowledge meaning through the telling of stories? Discuss with reference to history and the human sciences.

Storytelling is an art and historians and scientists have been doing that for decades with their findings about life on the earth. This topic requires an essential link between these two disciplines. The idea is to shed light on what storytelling mainly is, and how storytelling can help gain insightful knowledge in different situations. The idea behind using these two areas of knowledge is that these are as such that storytelling is very common in these. So give examples of how historians and human scientists have come up with evidence through the use of stories, and how it has been helpful in people understanding things in a much better way,

5. How can we distinguish between good and bad interpretations? Discuss with reference to the arts and one other area of knowledge. + SAMPLE

Gut feelings and interpretations are indeed important human fundamentals. This is a fun topic to play around with and if you wish, you can get into the depths of multicultural elements around interpretations and discuss how they vary geographically as well. The way that human beings interpret things differs greatly from situation and situation. Not just that, but there are also several other factors that affect our understanding of things, which essentially means that our interpretation will also differ.

6. If we conclude that there is some knowledge we should not pursue on ethical grounds, how can we determine the boundaries of acceptable investigation within an area of knowledge? Discuss with reference to two areas of knowledge.

This is a common debate – the correlation between law and ethics. If you like to take a controversial front in a topic, this essay topic might be the perfect fit for you! Ethics in itself is something that is so highly debatable based on the opinions and outlook of different people. So outlining your own definition and boundaries of ethics, you can talk about the role that ethics plays when it comes to knowledge. This can be a very interesting topic for you to work on if you can highlight the different role that ethics plays in different areas of knowledge based on several different schools of thought.

Previous years prompts:

Now you know about the ToK essay topics you can expect for May. Plan ahead, don’t mess with the TOK essay word count, and start doing your research.

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