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Buy Extended Essay

Have you been searching for a place to buy an extended essay? Yes, we understand your pain, because all of us were in your shoes. Your golden years of youth are spent studying and studying. Hence this flawed system of education often robs students to develop other academic skills such as sports, contests, and any other kind of extracurricular that the pupil will be interested in. Now comes the pressure of the IB diploma, as it comprises several exams and assessment levels that are necessary for students to master.

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However, all this comes at a price; due to the nature of these exams, students are often not able to predict how well they will do. That’s the reason why students opt to buy extended essay online. And that’s why we decided to add an extended essay writing service to our academic writing list.

Buy IB extended essay from proven IB experts

IB diploma is a bit tricky and is also a very demanding diploma; hence, you will not be making it big unless you spend a good amount of time studying for it and then attempting the extended essay which is due in a week or urgently.

However, you are not alone; if you think you are struggling with your exam, you can always hire professional writers who can help you write your extended essay for the IB diploma.

Before you opt for ordering a custom IB extended essay

You should know these important points before proceeding with buying IB extended essay from someone elsewhere.

Be aware of the writing scams

There are many types of writers out there who can vouch for their brilliance and professionalism; however, there are scams in disguise; that is when we encourage students from around the world to stay vigilant and only hire from the most renowned and experienced writing agencies.

Metier Writing has been in the business for several years, and we have helped students get flying colors in their extended essays. There are reasons why we stand out from the rest of the writing agencies – we do things a bit differently, and we are proud that we flourished a community of happy clients.

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International Baccalaureate
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Buy Extended Essay
International Baccalaureate
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  • 6 and a half years of experience in writing International Baccalaureate papers
  • Master
  • Expertise - International Relations, Public Relations
  • From Dunedin, Australia
  • Native English writer from AU

You must know the requirements of EE well

Writing takes a lot of the student’s time, especially an extended essay; that is why we ensure that we handle your extended essay with the most care and precision. Accuracy, well-written and well-research extended essay is the key to owning the extended paper. Sadly, many students fail to deliver on one of these three requirements.

A student may have brilliant ideas, but they may not have the right expertise or language skills to put their research and thoughts onto the paper. Hence it is never wise to gamble with an IB exam, especially if it is an extended essay. So think about IB extended essay buy.

External Assessment

The school does not judge the essay; rather and the external body sits to adjudicate on the essay; hence it is better if you only hire professionals to help you make it big. An extended essay holds enough power to either make it or break your student career or a professional one. Hence it is the only thing that stands between you and your dreams.

That is why it becomes even more crucial that you allow a writing agency to handle your work for you. all you need to do is sit back and relax and let the professional experts do their job well – which is writing an extended essay, so buy an extended essay right away even if it’s due soon or even tomorrow!

What is an Extended Essay?

An extended essay is the biggest requirement any student taking the IB diploma needs to ace to get the certification. Hence if you don’t end up passing the extended essay, you are likely to get doomed. The paper is complex; hence there are many requirements that you need to understand before you attempt the paper, lots of people become confused as they go to attempt the extended essay without even fulfilling the basic requirements.

On top of that, your test needs to be a hundred percent well structured, so you cannot write fluff, but you must write only content relevant to your chosen topic.

One thing to note is that the extended essay holds at least one-third weight of your diploma; hence if you do not ace this part of the IB diploma, you are pretty much in the deep waters.

This is all the more reason to ensure that you hire only professional writers like Metier Writing, who have been in the business of writing extended essays for decades; hence you must not risk the paper but rather let only professionals take care of it.

What are the features of an Extended Essay?

A student must be aware of the specs of the extended essay, and these requirements are strict. Often, students don’t meet the simplest requirements because they are unaware they exist; however, you can’t just write about anything. You have to write about specific topics you like and can master the extended essay with.

  • The extended essay is very important, and you must write at least 4000 words essay for this part. Yes, you read that right, you cannot write less than 4000 and expect to pass, but the word count is an essential prerequisite to doing the paper well.
  • Then you will need to select a topic that you can write about, and most students go for history or literature. We encourage our students to think outside the box and write about different subjects; however, we also want students to write about what they are passionate about.
  • Most of the time, students are unable to identify what they want to write about in their extended essay; that is when professionals like Writing Metier come for your help. We ensure that we suggest a topic that you will love, and our experts will write a blazing extended essay that will pass with flying colors. Hence buy ib extended essay from us.

Why do You Need Writing Metier For Your Extended Essay?

Writing an extended essay is not an easy job; it requires a significant amount of time and dedication, and sometimes a student does not have the time for it.

  • An extended essay requires you to demonstrate many skills and hence can be challenging for a few students who are either working part-time or have difficulty following rules.
  • Some of the skills that a student needs to display are using good grammar and design a good research paper with in-depth knowledge and research-based evidence.
  • They are also required to choose a topic that is not too redundant or overly researched; all these requirements can seriously become difficult for a student.
  • Most students come to us overwhelmed when the extended essay is due in a few weeks, but we tell them to fret not because we are here to help them make it big. Our teams are experts and can fulfill any deadline after producing the high-quality, plagiarism-free extended essay, so fret not, and you will be in safe hands with us. So buy ib extended essay from us.

Why should you need to buy an extended essay?

There are many reasons why you should buy an extended essay from Writing Metier. We never leave our students alone when they come to us, and our students are our topmost priority when delivering them an extended essay.

buy extended essay

We provide plagiarism-free content.

Many services promise that they will produce content like no other for the extended essay; however, once the student submits the IB EE, they are in trouble with the institution for plagiarism content. So many students have ruined their academic years because of this blunder.

You should not trust just any extended essay writing service, but trust Writing Metier, which has helped many students worldwide. We only provide plagiarism-free content, and we provide you with a plagiarism report when we submit the extended essay.

Our writers are the best.

At Writing Métier, we have one of the most stringent recruitment processes. We don’t hire junior writers or amateur writers because this significantly affects the quality we produce. All our writers have been IB alumni themselves. Hence you can trust our experts with closed eyes.

We only hire the cream and ensure that our quality remains the same throughout the years of our professional IB EE writing service. Hence buy IB EE from us.


One of the biggest concerns for a student is the confidentiality part. When you come to use, we inform you that your identity will remain confidential with us, as we have maintained the secrecy of all your student clients around the world.

We also ensure that our professional extended essay writers remain anonymous for their own protection, and once an extended essay is prepared for you, it becomes your property instantly.

We never miss your deadlines.

For a student submitting the extended essay is all about timing; if you are late by 5 hours, or 1 day, you are in big trouble. Most of the time, there is no exception to the deadline; As you might know, the approximate time to write an IB extended essay is around 40-50 hours not counting the time needed for research.

Hence, we as IB experts understand the student’s pressure; we ensure that we meet your deadlines and never keep you waiting. So if you are thinking of getting an extended essay, buy from us right away.


We ensure each extended essay is custom-made to a student’s requirements. This gives us an edge over many other writing agencies. We write from scratch and do our own research, which has never been done before; hence, enjoy no plagiarism and original content at the end of the day.


Don’t waste your time by trying your luck. Buy an Ib extended essay from us right away and be sure to get custom paper written by proven IB experts.

Just place an order with us and make sure we provide qualified help.

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