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Motivational Speech Topics

Good motivational speech topics are as important as giving the speech itself. Finding the right subject that hits close to home and dwelling on it – this is an art in itself. If you are looking for excellent motivational topics to write about, search no more– we’ve got them all here. I’ve separated the inspirational speech topics by the possible speakers, but it is a pretty thin line. If you feel like one of the motivational speech ideas from the business section is perfect for your college presentation, just go for it. Those are drafts that can be adjusted to specific needs. 

But before we’ll get to the list of motivational speech topics, let’s talk about what makes speech a great one. 

Tips for a Good Motivational Speech 

Many times speakers forget that the speech needs to bring value to the audience. It takes quite some time to master the art of public speaking and writing truly moving texts. To nail any motivational speech topics, use Monroe’s motivated sequence pattern. It goes like this:

  1. Grab Attention – show the importance of the subject and your angle on it. There is no need for a long introduction – dive right into it. 
  2. Specify the Need – what needs to be changed? Why should the audience care? Make the issue relatable to them in terms of interests, beliefs, or values.
  3. Satisfy the Need – how could this need be satisfied? Give your resolution. Use interesting facts, researchers, or statistics to illustrate the point. 
  4. Visualize it – visualization is extremely important. Use anecdotes, real-life examples, or even visuals. Visualize the benefits of your solution and how it can make one’s life better. 
  5. Call to Action – show how the audience can start today, what they can do right now. 

This approach works perfectly for all motivational speech topics, whether you are preparing it for a college or business conference. But if you still struggle to make it work, you can always ask a professional speech writing service for help. Expert writers can nail all types of motivational speech topics for students or professionals in the shortest time. All you’ll have to do next is to deliver that masterpiece to the audience. They can also help with motivation topics for speeches if you need a tailor-made solution. 

Now let’s move to the list of motivational speech topics for different situations.

Motivational Speech Topics for Students in College

  • How positive mindset shapes your academic success;
  • Surviving pandemic in college 101;
  • Finding a balance between studies and social life;
  • Your lifestyle affects cognitive performance; 
  • Organizational tips that actually work; 
  • How to manage your finances in college; 
  • A multicultural environment promotes better learning; 
  • Should higher education be free?; 
  • Making our campus more sustainable; 
  • How climate change affects our lives; 
  • A scientific approach to meditation and stress relief;
  • How breathing exercises can help you through finals; 
  • Why people are afraid of AI? ;
  • The ways technology changed education in just ten years; 
  • Solar power, environment, and profit – how they all come together. 

Hopefully, these motivational speech topics for college students will inspire you. Choose the one that is interesting for you and important for the audience. Make sure you have some expertise or experience in that. You can also find more motivational speech topics for college students further. 


Motivational Speech Topics for Students in High School

  • Can stress help to achieve your goals?;
  • How this negative experience shaped me;
  • History should be applied for solving modern problems; 
  • Addressing mental health in schools; 
  • Small everyday steps for sustainable living; 
  • Minimalism principles are helpful for academic success; 
  • Social media affects our mental health; 
  • How to get scholarships for college; 
  • Role models help to achieve goals; 
  • Is online education better for the environment?;
  • Breaking societal stereotypes promotes changes; 
  • Artists should be supported by the government; 
  • A story of failure that led to success. 
  • How to choose motivational speaking topics for class presentation.

Overall, motivational speech topics for students can cover any aspect of their lives – from school to hobbies. But it doesn’t mean that they cannot be serious. The best motivational speech topics for students usually take a closer look at societal or cultural problems of modern days. 

Motivational Speech Topics for Business

  • A company’s success starts with people; 
  • Traditional marketing and PR tools are still relevant today; 
  • How digital marketing shapes online commerce; 
  • Failure is just another step to success; 
  • Dealing with rejection effectively; 
  • Internal communication practices and company’s performance;
  • How a story can shape your brand; 
  • Finding the brand’s unique voice; 
  • The art of delegating; 
  • Putting the customer in the center of the business model; 
  • The transformative power of blockchain; 
  • Drones, AI, and package distribution – the future of delivery; 
  • How humanization of brands work; 
  • Adjusting teamwork principles to remote employment; 
  • We are choosing motivational speech topics for an industry conference.

Inspirational speech topics work perfectly for all audiences – whether they are end customers or industry colleagues. Good motivational speech topics need to also advise on some insight or problem. They have to be relevant and deal with a pending issue people face. 

General Inspirational Speech Topics

Motivational Topics for Youth

Motivational topics for youth can be as inspirational as professional ones. But they often have to do with personal experience or problems youth faces regularly. For instance, here are some interesting motivational speech topics for youth:

  • Staying healthy is fun;
  • Social stereotypes for women are outdated; 
  • Social stereotypes for men are harmful; 
  • How social media affect body image; 
  • High schools clubs can get you in college; 
  • Turn your hobby into a business; 
  • Is banning plastic bags and straws going to help? 
  • Physical exercise for stress relief and anxiety; 
  • Schools should be teaching mental health basics; 
  • My inspiring moment; 
  • One day I’ll remember forever; 
  • Is it a failure, or is it an experience? 
  • Are historical figures good role models?
  • Daily affirmations will help you with anxiety. 

When looking for motivational topics to write about, think about some experience or knowledge you can share. It needs to be valuable, helpful, and original. After that, link it to an existing issue or question. This way, you can get several motivational speech ideas to choose from. 

General Inspirational Speech Topics 

General Inspirational Speech Topics 

Here are some inspirational speech topics that can be used for all types of performances and instances. These motivation topics for speeches can be used as a draft by professionals, students, or other types of speakers: 

  • Goal setting, motivation, and scheduling; 
  • Strategies to keep your focus on point; 
  • Practical tips of life-work balance; 
  • Keeping employees motivated on remote; 
  • Are unpaid internships ethical? 
  • Time management promotes personal development; 
  • To work hard, you need to learn to relax; 
  • Preventing burnout with simple daily practices; 
  • FOMO and dealing with societal pressure for success; 
  • Define your own success story; 
  • Exercise is great, but how to keep yourself motivated?
  • Informational hygiene and dealing with fake news; 
  • Diet culture promotes an unhealthy lifestyle; 
  • Does the educational system discourage creativity? 
  • Ethics is still important in modern business; 
  • Urban planning for better living; 
  • Does free coffee at the office help to boost productivity? 
  • Living consciously means growing personally; 
  • Having fun is as important as working; 
  • The future of science is interdisciplinary.


Hopefully, these motivational speech topics are helpful. Whether you use them as inspiration or take motivation topics for speeches from this list directly – it is all good. Make sure that the subject is interesting for you and the audience and has some room for debate. Do not forget that the best motivational speaking topics always give practical value to listeners.   

Vitalii Anufriiev

Vitalii Anufriiev is a co-founder and marketing professional at WritingMetier. His areas of interest include digital marketing, brand strategy, and the use of social media for business growth.

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