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Referral Program from Writing Metier

We bet you are here for a special offer, are we right?

Writing Metier team has spent weeks researching to create a custom Referral program that will be interesting for both – you as a referral and the ones you refer to our service. So why is our referral program different?

Our program will help you save up to 50% of costs for your next order from Writing Metier and give a custom 10% discount for every person you refer to our copywriting service. No matter the order!

Sounds interesting? Oh yeah!

Apply for the program today, bring your friends, and get your first discounts at that very moment!

The process is pretty simple, and you can find a scheme of how it works below:

How our Referral Program works?

1st step

You sign up for our
Referral Program

2nd step

We send you a custom
code via email

3nd step

You share the custom
code with your friends

4th step

They place orders at our
website using your custom code
and get 10% OFF their orders

5th step

You earn +5% discount
for each friends' order

6th step

You collect up to 50% discount

7th step

When done, you
contact our support
team via email or using
a live chat

8th step

We count how many
percentages of discount
you have collected

9th step

We give you a SUPER
discount code
according to the
number of percentages
you have earned

10th step

You place an order and
save up to 50%


1. The Process

How to sign up?

The process is simple. You can find a Sign-Up form on the right top side of the page. Please enter your email ID and press the “Apply” button. That’s all.

Congratulations; now you have signed up for our Referral Program.

How do I get the custom code?

As soon as you have Signed-Up, our managers will get a notification and email you a customer discount code. You will be able to share this discount code with your referred friends.

What is the discount percentage I receive for referring a friend?

For each friend you refer to our service, you will get a 5% discount. The maximum percentage number you can collect for one order is 50%

How do you count the number of the discount collected by me?

As soon as all your referred friends have placed their orders using the code provided from your side, you are allowed to contact us via email at info@writingmetier.com to get a SUPER CODE from our managers. They will check how many people have already placed their orders using your referral program code and count the percentage number.

What is a SUPER discount code?

The SUPER CODE is a special custom coupon code you get from our managers when you have invited all your friends via our referral program. You will be able to use this code on our order form to get a discount for your paper up to 50% for one order.

How can I contact you?

Throughout the whole process, you will be able to contact us via email at info@writingmetier.com

Our managers will respond to all your questions and queries as soon as possible by emailing you back.

IMPORTANT! Please make sure to specify the reason for your email in the subject of your email.

2. The Policy

What is the maximum discount for one order can get?

You can collect up to 50% discount for ONE order.

In case you have referred more than 10 friends and have collected more than 50% discount, kindly contact our support team via email for further information.

How many friends can I refer?

So are you the one who have hundreds of friends?

We are glad to have you on board. Note, you can refer an unlimited number of friends to our copywriting service.

What is the discount for my friends?

The best part of our referral program is that your friends will get a 10% discount for their orders, and they can use this special promo code provided from your side for an unlimited number of orders. No matter the type or deadline. ANY!

What happened if my referred friend cancels his/her order?

In case one of your friends is canceling his order for some reason, we will not count this order as the one referred from your side.

That means that you will not get an extra percentage of discount for such an order.

What if I have collected more than 50% of a discount?

If you are the one who has invited more than 10 friends and collected more than 50% discount, first of all, we would like to say that you ROCK!

Secondly, you should consider that you can use the maximum 50% discount for one order at Writing Metier. All the rest percentages will go for your next order.

For example:

If you have collected a 75% discount by referring 15 friends to our copywriting service, you can use 50% for your first order and leave the rest 25% for your second order. You can’t use a 75% discount for your first order as it is not according to our policy.

Can I use a discount I have collected for several orders?

Yes. For example, if you have collected a 40% discount by referring 8 of your friends to our service, and want to use this discount for several orders, you can break the number into pieces and order several orders.

Let’s say you want to order 2 orders and use a 15% discount for the first one and a 25% discount for the second – you can do so.

Simply contact us with a request to break your SUPER DISCOUNT into pieces.

3. The Other

I have another question, how can I contact you?

In case you still have any additional questions regarding our referral program, kindly contact us via email at info@writingmetier.com

We will reply to all your queries ASAP.

Please know, we are open to any specific proposals and ready to find the best possible solution for everyone.