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by: Afra Siab

September 13th, 2021

Paraphrasing Dos and Don’ts | Is it Legal to Paraphrase Copyright Material?

Are you willing to rephrase your content? No need to worry; we are writing this guide for making you known about the critical factors of paraphrasing.

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Social Media Content

Social media content writers know first-hand that these platforms offer a lot of benefits for any type of company that is looking for organic growth, constant feedback, and demographics insights.

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How to Create Interesting Content?

It is all about the content. Whether you are hosting a personal blog, write for a company’s website, or work on a whole digital marketing strategy – the content is the king. 

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SEO Tools for Your Online Business

SEO analytical tools are necessary for any online business that wants to succeed and gain more traction. One can start with Google functionality, simple and free apps, or get a professional all-in-one suit. 

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by: Anna Stark

June 18th, 2021

Writing Metier Burgeons for Crafting Seemingly Effortless Copies: GoodFirms

Incorporated in 2018 and based in Tallinn, Writing Metier works with one motto in mind, "We write hard while you play hard!" The professionals aim to provide clients the comfort of professional writing services while they are focusing on their other curriculum activities. 

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Building a Self-Brand to Help Your Business

A personal brand is a huge part of success in the modern world. People trust personalities and connect more with entrepreneurs, professionals, and individuals that they like. This is what all the influencer market is about.

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How the Lack of the Content can Drown Your Website ?

Many companies and individuals think that having only a website with general information and product descriptions is enough. Unfortunately for them, it is not true. The constant flow of high-quality content is a key factor in any successful digital marketing strategy. 

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What Is Backstory and How It Can Help Your Brand ?

Backstory writing for business means creating a brand identity, a compelling narrative that tells customers what makes the company unique. It also helps to distinguish the business from competitors and introduce the core values and message. 

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Why You Need Business Writing Service

Business writing is the main channel of communication with partners, employees, colleagues, and clients. Business writing refers to all written communication used in a business environment. It is always purposeful, clear, and quite formal. Business writing includes everything, from a work email to a memo or case study. 

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