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Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

Throughout your student life, you are required to write several essays. The idea behind these essays is to understand how well-versed you are with the language and also to assess your critical thinking skills. The idea is also to understand how well you can analyze several factors and then make decisions based on those factors. 

Compare and contrast essay is also one of the many that you must write as part of your student life. First, you are expected to choose a topic where you have two concepts to explore. Then you talk about these two and work your way through the similarities and differences between each. 

A good compare and contrast essay includes an in-depth analysis of different things. Not just that, but it also needs to have significant implications. This is one of the most important things there is. The discussion must be extremely meaningful, and it needs to add value to what the reader wants to know. 

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline Writing Tips

One of the most crucial things is choosing a topic you think you can work on before structuring the outline. In cases where you don’t already have a given topic, you have the leverage to pick a topic by yourself. But you need to make sure to pick something you are interested in. this is one of the most important things. You will only be able to write well when the topic is of interest to you. On the other hand, if the topic is dull and uninspiring, then it will definitely show up in your writing. 

So how do you choose a topic to work on? You first choose a category that you are going to work with. You could go for animals, education, economics, social skills, or anything that you think you can work on in the best way. You can even choose movies, books, or anything relevant to what is happening. The main idea is to choose something that works well for you. 

Once you have a sound idea of what you are doing, you can move further toward the next steps in the process. Here are a few interesting topic ideas to help get you thinking:

  • Physical learning versus e-learning 
  • Education systems in the West and education systems in Asia 
  • Traditional versus modern societies 
  • Bachelors versus Masters degrees 
  • Research reports versus academic papers 
  • Internships versus full-time jobs
  • American versus British English 

From these topics, you can see that there are some similarities between the two and also some differences. You have to be the one to pick these out and then begin working on them. Once you understand these, you can work on them in the best way. Again, go for something that engages you and makes the reader want to continue discovering what you are doing. There is a way to get compare and contrast essay writing help.

This video might help with some practical tips:

How to Start an Outline

Now that you have a topic in mind, you must decide how to work on it. The first step that you have to do here is to start brainstorming. Come up with ideas that you are going to work on here. Then, start writing them down so that you have something in front of you that you can refer back to. You can even draw a Venn diagram to be more sorted with what you are doing. Let your imagination run wild, and come up with great ideas to support your argument. You can jot your ideas down depending on how you choose to work. Say, you can work on the differences first and the similarities next. It depends entirely on how you choose to write your thoughts down. You can even write your ideas down column-wise to help you better understand what you are doing. A guide through compare and contrast essay is also a useful tool before you start working on it.

Compare and Contrast Essay Structure and Outline

Before you start writing your essay, you must draft an outline. This will help you remain on track with your essay and allow you to not forget any crucial points you have added. A very organized approach is one of the essential things to write. With a more thought-out and planned strategy, you can be more sorted with your essay. 

So how do you structure your compare and contrast essay, then? 

There are two major ways that you can structure your essay. These are the block method and the point-by-point method. Both of these are equally valid and highly useful. The one you choose to go for depends entirely on what your preference is and how you’re comfortable. In this section, let’s learn more about each of these in detail. 

Get professional compare and contrast essay help.

Block Method

The block method is where you first introduce your topic, specify your theme, and then give a thesis statement, giving the reader an overall idea about what you are saying. In this format, you first talk about one topic in great detail. Next, you explore this topic in detail in terms of all the aspects that you wish to cover. Then you move on to the other topic, and you continue to explore that one in the same way. This way, things become a lot more structured for you. The best part about this one is that it is easier in terms of allowing you to explore things in much more detail. In this one, you only do the discussion and then leave the rest to the reader. 

Point-by-Point Method 

In this one, you point out the similarities and differences for each one by one. This makes the comparison much clearer since you work towards pointing out the two side by side for each subject. This can be seemingly more challenging. 

The one you choose depends entirely on what works for you. You need to be the one to decide what is best. Once you have decided which to go for, you can draft your outline based on that. The idea is to help you through things the way you think is best. Once you have an outline ready in front of you and know how you’re supposed to progress, you can begin writing. 




One of the essential parts of your research and looking for information as well as finding compare and contrast essay tips. When you look for information, you will be able to find a lot of it. But you have to ensure that the sources you use for information purposes are authentic and genuine.  You should also cross-verify information several times to prove that it is factually right. At the end of the essay, cite all your sources. This is important for anyone who wants to go back to see where you have gotten your information. 

Once you are done with the essay, proofread it and check for any errors. When you do that, you can ensure that you are on the right track!

Laura Orta

Laura Orta is an avid author on Writing Metier's blog. Before embarking on her writing career, she practiced media law in one of the local media. Aside from writing, she works as a private tutor to help students with their academic needs. Laura and her husband share their home near the ocean in northern Portugal with two extraordinary boys and a lifetime collection of books.

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