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Best Biology Research Paper Topics | 44+ Custom Examples

As a branch of Science, Biology deals with living organisms’ study and looks into their functions, structures, growth and evolution. Biology, as a subject, holds significant importance because of the topics it deals with. Having this said, it is important for one to always understand the topic they are fully aware of before writing a Biology research paper.

One needs to understand that Biology is the sort of subject which is centered in all sorts of things related to life. The study deals with understanding and explaining how non-living and living things interact with one another. Finally, it offers insights and perspectives on how different, diverse the forms of lives can be.

Biology also deals with the medical field, the sustainability of life, ecosystem, diseases, food quality and much more. In short, Biology continues to shape the world we live in and changes everything there is. Having this said, if you wish to conduct research on a topic in the field of Biology, you have a plethora of topics to choose from.

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When it comes to writing research, choosing the right topic is one of the most important things that require utmost attention. Like choosing a topic for your IB Bio EE, it has to be a topic that meets your interest. The sort of topic you enjoy studying, conducting research on and would want to contribute to its literature as well is something you need to keep in mind.

How to select the best biology research paper topic?

Now, to help you narrow down to selective topics, we give you 45 research topics in the subject of Biology. Choose wisely and start working on your research!

Biology Topics related to the Immune System

  1. The resistance capacity of the human immune system
  2. Immune system agents
  3. Effects of stress on immunity
  4. Immune system malfunctioning and diseases
  5. Immunotherapy and its effects
  6. Graft rejection prevention
  7. Autoimmunity and tolerance
  8. Transplantation and immunology
  9. Vaccination and society
  10. Benefits of vaccination

Biology Topics on Hormones and Behavior

  1. The importance of a certain hormone and its effects on the functions of the human body
  2. Cell structure and antibiotic resistance
  3. Human mind, hormones and behavior
  4. Hormones and depression
  5. Female Anatomy: pregnancy and hormonal changes
  6. Psychological disorders and biological basis
  7. Bipolar disorder and what does biology say about it
  8. Testosterone and Cortisol
  9. Oxytocin and fear reaction
  10. Endocrine-related illness and their effects
  11. Reproductive system and hormonal control
  12. Impact of hormonal therapy
  13. Metabolism and endocrinology
  14. Psychopathic disorders
  15. Melatonin in therapy: the pros and the cons
  16. Steroid Hormones in Cells
  17. Cardio and the influence on hormones
  18. Hormones and women’s mental health
  19. Gender and mental health

Biology Topics on Genetics, Human Cloning and Abortion

  1. Abortion laws and society
  2. Abortion and feminism
  3. Biological insights to abortion
  4. Human cloning and transplantation
  5. Cloning and its types
  6. Modern technology, genetic disorders and DNA structures
  7. History and development of human cloning science
  8. Human cloning and moral intricacies
  9. Cloning and medicine: can it be changed?
  10. Origins and development of DNA-modified organisms
  11. DNA modifications and their effects
  12. DNA and aging: can it be changed?
  13. Obesity and genetics
  14. Genetics and homosexuality
  15. Depression and genes
  16. Genetic mutations and their causes

Enough biology research topics for today?

Keep in mind that these are just a few examples of the many topics you can research for your biology research paper. In addition to this, the paper you choose to work on needs to show evidence as well.


As a tip, you need to go for a topic that presents the material in abundance, a topic on which research is already easily available. This will significantly help you in mastering the paper the topic of your choice and do well on it.

Also, check the article, if you are stuck in a rut and searching for motivation.

Please note, if you are given the liberty to choose the topic of your choice, you need to do it wisely. Like with choosing ideas for your capstone project, you have the liberty to make your own outline, choose the material you wish is the most relevant, and so on.

If you are genuinely interested in something, make sure you put in your heart, mind and all the effort to excel in it. Best of luck!

And do not forget to share your ideas in the comments section below. You’ll help others to get ideas and the best of your topics can be mentioned in our future articles.

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